mullet night

So I found this on Instagram and decided to write a one shot. credit to the creator of the head canon. They came up the idea, i wrote the story.

1086 words. enjoy

Keith sits up, sweating, horrifying images still playing in his head. It’s the fifth night in a row he’s had nightmares.

He tries to calm himself down but he can’t. Too much is happening in his mind.

Keith barely realizes when he gets out of his bed until he’s standing in front of Lance’s door.

Keith contemplates knocking on the door as his breath gets more and more uneven. He always does this every time he has a nightmare. But Keith is scared Lance will think he’s weak.

Finally, he decides to go back to bed and try to calm himself down on his own.

On the other side of the door, Lance is standing there, waiting for Keith to knock. He always hears Keith get up but Keith never knocks,

Lance doesn’t know is he should just open the door.

Then, Lance hears footsteps walk away. He sighs and goes back to bed. Why can’t I just open the door? He thinks. Keith is clearly not okay.

Keith never fell back to sleep.

He stumbled through the day, occasionally almost falling asleep. Nobody seemed to notice anything.

Sometimes, he could catch Lance staring at him but when they make eye contact, Lance always looks away quickly.

Finally, it’s time to sleep. Training was brutal and since he hadn’t slept a lot the night before, Keith is exhausted. But as much as he doesn’t want to, Keith falls asleep the second his head hits the pillow.

He falls into complete darkness, hitting the ground. Someone cries out and then he hears a growl-Keith wakes up lying on the cold floor. He realizes he’s no longer in the dream but in his dimly lit room. Keith is shaking with panic. Images race through his mind.

Suddenly, there’s a noise from behind him and he shrieks and scrambles to the door, only to realize it’s just the castle.  

The nightmare he had tonight was probably the worst he’s ever had.

Still shaking, Keith walks out of his room into the dark hallway and goes to Lance’s door.

Don’t knock on his door, a little voice tells Keith. He’ll just think you’re weird. Do you really want him to see you like this? Tears form in the corners of his eyes. Should I? Keith wonders.

Lance watched Keith all day. He looked so tired and Lance knew it was all his fault. Lance should’ve let Keith in.

Lance wakes up to a faint shriek. Then footsteps in the hallway. Lance gets up and stands at his door, waiting for Keith to knock. He stands there for a few moments. He hears some quiet scuffling from outside before footsteps leave walking away.

Before he realizes it, Lance opens his door and pokes his head out into the hallway. With the light spilling out from his rom, Lance can see a shaking figure.

“Keith,” Lance calls quietly. Keith turns around and there’s tears streaming down his face. Lance opens his arms and Keith stumbles forward and crashes into Lance’s chest, sobbing. Lance is warm and it’s somewhat comforting for Keith. Lance didn’t really expect this but he still hugs Keith.

Then, Lance hears a door open from down the hall. He pulls Keith into his room and closes the door.

Keith’s sobs was somewhat stopped. “What happened?”

“I think Pidge got up,” Lance answers. “You want to sit down?”

Keith nods so Lance, arms still around Keith, pulls them down to the bed. They scoot back to the wall. Keith rests his head on Lance’s shoulder and they sit in silence for a little while. It’s calming for Keith. He knows someone is there for him, someone he likes.

“What now?” Keith asks, breaking the silence.

“We could go back to sleep,” Lance offers.

“Um…m-maybe not,” Keith says, not wanting another nightmare. But he also doesn’t want to leave Lance.

“Keith, I know you didn’t sleep at all last night,” Lance replies. He lays down, his back against the wall. “Come lay in front of me.”

Keith nervously lays down in the space in front of Lance. He flinches when Lance puts his arm around his waist and pulls him closer.

“I’ll protect you,” Lance whispers. “You’re safe here. Just sleep.”

Keith closes his eyes and falls asleep only minutes later.

Keith goes to Lance’s room about every night now. Sometimes, Keith will just go to Lance’s room even before a nightmare.

Lance is perfectly fine with it. He’s happy Keith is sleeping better. Sure, he has to wake up most nights and calm down a shaking and sobbing Keith but that just means Lance gets to cuddle with Keith.

When Lance opens his eyes, the bed is moving.

He sits up and sees Keith crawling into bed.

“Hi,” Lance whispers.

“Oh, sorry, I woke you up,” Keith replies.

Then, Lance notices Keith is in a different pajama top. “Is that my shirt?”

Keith blushes but Lance doesn’t notice because it’s dark.

“I woke up from a nightmare sweating and I needed a new shirt,” Keith explains. “I hope it’s okay.”

“Oh, that’s fine,” Lance says.

Keith smiles a little and lays back down. “Goodnight,” he mumbles.

“Night, mullet,” lance replies as his arm goes back to its normal place around Keith’s waist.

As Keith falls asleep, he thinks he feels Lance kiss the back of his head.

Keith wakes up to find himself the only one in the bright room. The castle doesn’t have clocks or anything but when it’s morning, the lights in all the rooms become brighter.

He leaves the room and goes to the kitchen. Hunk, Pidge, and Lance are all eating space goo.

“Morning,” Hunk smiles. Keith waves.

Pidge looks up at Keith and almost chokes on her breakfast.

“Keith, where did you get those pajamas?” She smirks.

Lance looks over at Keith and realizes that that’s the pajama top with a fancy LM on them. He didn’t see that in the dark last night.

“Well obviously Lance,” Hunk says, not really realizing what Pidge is thinking. Then his face falls. “Wait…”

Keith blushes and Lance is slightly panicking. Keith sleeping in Lance’s room was kind of a secret thing. They were both pretty sure no one knew it was happening.

“Should I even ask?” Pidge asks.

“Probably not,” Lance answers, hoping to change the subject.

“But it’s not what you’re thinking,” Keith says quickly. “Just, um, can we please change the subject?”

Hunk and Pidge laugh.

Keith makes sure not to sit by Lance

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klance mutual pining but both thinking they are not good enough for each other

My poor boys 

Lance stared at the boy training in front of him. He was told to get Keith for dinner, easy job right? Wrong. Lance didn’t know he would walk in on Keith slashing through training bots, his body soaked in sweat making his muscle more prominent than usual. 

Lance was aware that he liked Keith, he knew since the Garrison. Lance never told anyone since having a crush on your rival is kinda cliche. Lance also never worried about his pathetic crush because when Keith got kicked out of the Garrison Lance never had to worry about it. The feelings started to die and Lance completely forgot about them. Until he saw Keith’s signature mullet that night they saved Shiro. Since then Lance was aware of his crush, yet again, and his feelings were rolling downhill to the L word. 

Lance continued to watch Keith from the doorway. He wanted to tell Keith about his feelings. He wanted Keith to know how he felt about him. He wanted Keith but he couldn’t have him. Keith was too good for Lance and Lance wasn’t good enough for Keith. Keith deserved someone that was an amazing pilot, someone that wasn’t homesick, someone who could keep up with him. Lance knew that wasn’t him. After all who would fall in love with Lance he was just the 7th wheel. 

“HEY MULLET!” Lance screamed from the doorway causing Keith to jump and looked at him, slight fear in his eyes. “Dinner time.” 

Keith gave Lance a thumbs up and walked over to grab his water. He turned around and saw Lance walking away. Keith was about to call out to him but stopped. There was no reason too and it wouldn’t be good for his poor heart. He could only take so much of Lance before he started to become tongue twisted and lost in his eyes. 

Keith had liked Lance since the Garrison. He didn’t even know why, he just became infatuated with Lance’s personality and horrible pick up lines. It tore his heart out when he left the Garrison and he couldn’t see Lance anymore. They didn’t even talk but Keith loved hearing his voice everyday. 

Keith’s feelings grew again when they became stuck on a castle in the middle of space. Keith acted like everything was cool but on the inside he was a pinning mess. Keith had gone to bed multiple times thinking about Lance, he had multiple dreams about him and Lance dating. He had gotten lost in Lance’s eyes more times than he could count and hearing his voice gave him shivers. 

The only person that knew about Keith crush was Shiro. Of course Shiro told Keith to tell Lance but how could Keith? How could Keith compare to the most amazing person in Keith’s life? Keith was nothing special and he was already deemed Lance’s rival. Even if Lance did like him, Keith wasn’t good enough for him. Lance was outgoing and a people person, Keith was the exact opposite.

So Keith did what he did best and kept his feelings a secret.  He didn’t want to risk Voltron over a dumb crush over a amazing guy. 

Let them love each other!! 

Sorry this took so long!!!

I hope you like! 

Thank you! 

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Klance with - you were drunk and thought I was your datemate so when I was trying to get something out o the fridge you started grinding on my ass and I almost smacked you but…(ends however with yelling, sex, sloppy makeouts etc.)

This guy had been making bedroom eyes at Lance all night. And to make it worse, there were times when Keith caught the creep looking at him when Lance was distracted. Finally, it was too much to have to sit there, babysitting Lance, who was getting drunker after each beer, and witness all the groping and giggles.

He stood and figured Lance would be okay so long as they didn’t leave the apartment. “I’m going to bed.”

“Night, Mullet,” Lance called happily. Keith rolled his eyes and went into his room, grimacing as he received a once over from Lance’s creepy date. He prayed they didn’t have sex that night. Keith didn’t think he could handle the sounds of Lance moaning and drunkenly calling out this guy’s name.

For extra measure, Keith locked his door and snuggled into his sheets, playing music softly in his ears so he wouldn’t have to listen to anything happening on the other side of the door.

A few hours later, Keith woke up feeling groggy and horribly thirsty. He had a bad taste in his mouth and he couldn’t fall back asleep without quenching his thirst. He got out of bed and shuffled to the kitchen. The lights were off and Keith figured Lance and his date were already asleep.

He grabbed a container with some juice and started chugging it in front of the fridge, feeling relieved as the liquid coursed down his throat.

Suddenly, arms wrapped around him, a crotch pressed against his ass, and lips were at his throat. Keith choked on the juice and turned, ready to punch Lance’s perverted date right in the face.

Only the person smiling at him, running his hands over him was Lance.

“Dude, what the fuck?” Keith snapped, shoving him back.

Lance’s blue eyes looked unfocused and confused. “Keith? Mm. I thought you were… never mind.”

“What the dude you brought over? Isn’t he in the room with you?”

Lance grimaced and ran his long fingers through messy brown hair, eyes struggling to stay open. “Nah, he left a while ago. I heard movement, so I thought he came back or… I dunno.” He turned away. “Night.”

Keith frowned and grabbed his arm. “Hey, hold on. What’s wrong? Why’d he leave?” He glanced momentarily at the door to be sure it was locked. “What happened?”

“I really can’t remember,” Lance mumbled. “I… I don’t… I should go to sleep.”

“You look sick,” Keith noted. Lance swayed slightly, but regained his balance. He shook his head, but Keith wouldn’t drop it. Even though his roommate was annoying, obnoxious, childish, and frustrating…. Well, he’d sort of grown fond of the goofball. He could always count on Lance making him laugh after a hard day or getting him to loosen up after a particularly rough event.

Seeing him upset just didn’t feel right. “Come on. Let’s go to the bathroom in case you hurl.” Lance didn’t protest as Keith pulled him along and sat with him on the bathroom floor.

“You have really pretty eyes,” he slurred. Keith’s eyes widened as he stared at Lance in shock. “They’re like… bluish black… sort of purple…. So pretty.”

“Ha. Thanks, buddy.” Lance grimaced, but Keith wasn’t sure why. He sat there, staring at his hands while Keith stared at him, trying to gauge his emotions. “You want to talk about anything?”

Lance’s blue eyes flickered up, his eyebrows furrowing. “I’m drunk.” Keith snorted and nodded. “I remember why he left.”


“It’s because I called him by your name.”

“Oh.” Warmth crept into his cheeks, but Lance wouldn’t look away from him. Although his eyes were distant, they were also much better focused than they had been earlier. “Well, it was an accident right? Why’d he get mad?”

“Because we were supposed to be making out. And I said your name instead.” Keith’s lips parted in shock. Why was Lance thinking of him when he was kissing someone else? Almost as if he’d read Keith’s mind, Lance said, “I wanted it to be you. I always do.”


Suddenly, Lance leaned forward and pulled Keith closer, and before Keith cold process it, they were kissing. Lance’s lips were soft. And although he was drunk, it wasn’t a sloppy kiss. It was just Lance’s lips pressed harshly against Keith’s, his lips encasing Keith’s bottom lip, his hand behind Keith’s neck.

Gently, Keith pulled his hands away and pushed him back. “You should sleep,” he whispered.

He shook his head, and the longer hair fell across his forehead. “I won’t have the courage when I’m sober.” He leaned forward again, but Keith held him back.


His face crumpled and he slumped onto Keith’s shoulder. He didn’t speak. He didn’t cry. And Keith didn’t like it. Silence was not something meant to exist when Lance was around. Even when he slept, his snores would slip through the walls into Keith’s room. Even when they watched movies, Lance’s reaction were vocal. But this… this was silence.

There was a part of Keith that was angry. He was upset that Lance had kissed him without permission. That he was drunk and had just made their roommate situation so incredibly awkward. He was angry that he felt bad for not letting Lance kiss him again.

And part of him felt… confused…. Though it may have been something a bit more specific. He wanted Lance to want to kiss him. He wanted Lance to apologize the next day and figure out a way to lead up to a proper kiss. He wanted Lance holding on to him the way he was now. He wanted Lance….

But he was drunk at the moment. And anything Keith said would be erased by morning. Anything they did. Hell, Keith didn’t even know if Lance would remember this moment the next day. That bothered him too.

“Come on. Let’s get you to bed.”

Lance muttered incorrigibly and allowed Keith to help him to his bed. He looked anxious, unsettled, and pained. Keith didn’t know if it was because he was going to be sick, because of his failed date, or because of Keith. As he made his way back to his own room, he figured he wasn’t sure he wanted to know.

The Usefulness of Dramatic Suspense

I asked my friends for writing prompts and @sapphiredragon654 asked for Klance and “Hey babe, I can tell something’s wrong.” so, boop, here it is!

Characters: Keith and Lance

Ship: Klance

Notes: Established relationship

“Hey babe, I can tell something’s wrong.”

Keith looked up from the tablet he was studying on to see his boyfriend in the doorway. “Huh?”

“Oh, come on,” Lance said. He walked into the room, allowing the door to shut behind him, and joined Keith on the bed. “You’ve been moping around all day, mullet. Last night, you hardly touched your dinner, which isn’t unusual, of course, but still, and this morning…” He trailed off.

Keith leaned forward, curious. “Yes?”

Lance gasped. “You…”

His boyfriend leaned even farther forward, nearly falling off of the bed. “Yes?”

“You forgot…”

“What did I forget?”

A single tear slid down Lance’s cheek. “You forgot… to give me a good morning kiss.”

Keith shoved him hard off the bed. It took a second for Lance to recollect himself but when he did he simply groaned and began to complain, but his lips were captured in a brief kiss. He accepted the apology.

“Okay, but you got me,” Keith said with a laugh. He reached down and helped his fellow paladin up. “I’ve been a little upset lately.”

“Why?” Lance asked. “What’s up? Are you hurt? Did someone say something to you? Was it something I did?”

Keith laughed again. “Physically hurt? Nah. Emotionally? Yes. But it’s nothing you guys did. Kind of.”

“Then what is it? You can tell me, babe.”

“Well, you see…”

This time, Lance was the one leaning forward in suspense. “Yeah?”

There was a hint of smile on the Red Paladin’s lips. “It’s like this…”

His boyfriend caught on quickly to what he was trying to do and scowled. “Keith, I already used the whole dramatic suspense thing. Please just cut to the chase.”

Keith rolled his eyes. “Fine. Lance…”

There were tears sliding down his face and Lance grew even more concerned as to what he was upset about. He knew that Keith didn’t fake cry. He was truly and sincerely upset here.



“We’re out of space jellybeans.”


WTNV secret Santa gift for the amazingly talented nikittypaprika!

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So here’s Niki’s dorktastic Cecil and Carlos! (and a bonus Khoshekh) 

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