mullet baby

Shiro:Oh my god Lance I can’t believe that you are daring me to kiss Keith!

Lance:What? No I didn’t.

Shiro:Oh man I can’t believe I am doing this but I can’t step down from a challenge because I am the great leader Takashi Shirogane.

Lance:Nobody is letting yo-


Sheith Head canon: Keith and Shiro are very private people when it comes to displays of affection, especially around people they don’t really know. Because of this nobody knew that Keith and shiro were dating until they got into an argument on what they should do, and Keith losing the argument stomps off wile shiro offhandedly yells “love you bae!”

Needless to say lance lost his shit, leaving hunk and pidge to explain the expression to the two very confused altean’s

Lance:Keith why are you wearing a crop top?

Keith:Cause I like wearing them that’s why.

(Shiro walks into the room)

Shiro:Okay you two what are you bickering
about no-

(Sees Keith wearing a crop top)


(Shiro walks out of the room)

Lance:Oh look what you did Keith you made Shiro feel uncomfortable by you wearing that thing.

Keith:Oh shut up Lance!

(10 minutes later Shiro comes home with a forever 21 bag)

Shiro:Here I bought you about like 10 new crop tops and I want to see how they look on you.

Lance: I’d recognize that mullet anywere-

Pidge: How though??? I mean I know several dudes with mullets-

Lance: Oh boi I’m glad you asked cause let me tell you about how it’s perfect shoulder length and it does this little curl thing at the very bottom right that never wants to straighten out but that wouldn’t matter anyway because Keith doesn’t do anything with his hair at all besides putting it up in that ponytail occasionally so it typically looks a messtm cause his bed head is atrocious and he never does anything about it beside brush it a little so it frizzs up like an angry cat but one of those cute angry cats that get scared of cucumbers and did I mention that it also bounces at a certain speed compared to other hair since his is so thick and the texture is a bit course but its actually kinda cool cause it moves in a slow motion sorta way with it being so flowey which is crazy since he does n o t h i n g with it but that’s besides the point because it also is hella soft looking and wavy and shines a lot which is surprising since I don’t think he uses any hair products but have I forgotten to tell you about how it’s also a different shade of black??????? because there are definitely different shades of black don’t sass me on this I know my hair and his is more of a midnight black while that other dude Jerry from the corner store on earth was like a gross moldy black and it’s ew but Keith’s is wow but aha wait there’s more have I ever mentioned his bangs because they are also very curly and bouncy and black and they hang in his face and he’s definitely got the edgy black emo hair but it fits him well so no complaining on this end-

Pidge: …..

Pidge: … And… You hate him?

Lance: Oh yeah, definitely, fuck that guy.

Shiro:I say vol,you say.



so. watched Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix. enjoyed the hell out of it. so here i drew the stupid faces.


  • “Sad Dad” Shiro
  • Princess “Buff Grandma” Allura
  • Sir “Uncle Hairy Lip” Coran
  • “Conflicted Felon” Rolo
  • Hunk the “Body Slam Baby”
  • “Nerd Baby” Pidge
  • “Stupid Baby” Lance
  • aaaand Sasuke.
  • I mean…
  • “Mullet Baby” Keith


honestly i meant to draw Hunk’s Bulmaran babe girlfriend, but i couldn’t remember her name and was too lazy to go back to the episode to look at her. Probs should come up with some rock pun for her. hmmmm.