Reasons Why You Should Love Thomas Muller

If you don’t love Thomas Muller, you are about to. Here’s why:

First of all he’s really photogenic, just look at him

He’s got freaking model status, not to mention he’s freaking cool.

And then there’s those moments where he’s just…Thomas, and you can’t help but love him because he’s just so adorable and Thomas.

So in conclusion it is impossible to dislike or hate or not love Thomas Muller.


(closed) Bayern signed shirt give away.

(the scribble at the bottom left is javi who decided mid way through signing the shirt he didn’t like the spot and wanted to sign at the top…)

This shirt is signed by

Neuer, Benatia, Badstuber, Rode, Rafinha, Robben, Xabi Alonso, Ribéry, Lewandowski, Schweinsteiger, Müller, Javi Martínez, Pizarro and Boateng.

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“Thomas Müller and team-mate Manuel Neuer dancing their way to the final in Rio.”


Guardo aqui na lembrança cada mania sua, cada gesto, cada jeito, cada lágrima, cada franzir de testa, seus dedos sem unhas porque estavam sempre roídas, seu cabelo caindo nos olhos, seus cílios longos, seu sorriso no canto da boca, seu jeito de não saber dizer o que estava sentindo, mas que quando me olhava eu sabia que tinha algo errado…ou certo.
—  Feelings of Muller