My beloved fanboys and girls,

I know the past week or so I have been distracted from giving you all your normal BioWare related content (creating the video above can be blamed for that). However, I assure you that things are getting back to normal and your content shall resume promptly. I do however have a HUGE favor to ask of you all:

Please like and share this video, and help me make my husband’s dream come true!!!

This past year has been really rough for us. But through it all he has remained positive and kept us moving forward. This just is my small way of showing him how much he is loved and appreciated.

The signs as U2's Songs of Innocence lyrics

Aries: “Old man says that we never listen / We shout about what we don’t know / We’re taking the path of most resistance / The only way for us to go” // This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now

Taurus: “All the green and all the gold / The hurt you hide, the joy you hold / The foolish pride that sends you back for more” // Cedarwood Road

Gemini: “And you think it’s easier / To know your own tricks / Well it’s the harderst thing you’ll ever do / I have a will for survival / So you can hurt me and then hurt me some more / I can live with denial ” // The Troubles

Cancer: “Hold me close, hold me close and don’t let me go / Hold me close like I’m someone that you might know / Hold me close / The darkness just lets us see who we are” // Iris (Hold Me Close)

Leo: “Been out in the wild / Been out in the night / Been out of your mind / (…) / Something in you wants to blow” // Volcano

Virgo: “I was shaking from a storm in me / Haunted by the spectres that we had to see / Yeah I wanted to be the melody / Above the noise, above the hurt” // The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)

Libra: “It’s a dirty business, dreaming / Where there is silence and not screaming / Where there’s no daylight, there’s no healing” // Sleep Like A Baby Tonight

Scorpio: “I don’t believe anymore / Raised by wolves / Stronger than fear / Raised by wolves / We were raised by wolves / Raised by wolves / Stronger than fear / If I open my eyes / You disappear” // Raised By Wolves

Sagittarius: “You’ve got a face not spoiled by beauty / (…) / You’ve got eyes that can see right through me / You’re not afraid of anything they’ve seen” // Song For Someone

Capricorn: “Baby, every dog on the street / Knows that we’re in love with defeat / Are we ready to be swept off our feet / And stop chasing / Every breaking wave?” // Every Breaking Wave

Aquarius: “Every human life begins with a kiss / A kiss by every kind of possibility / And everyone is here tonight with me” // The Crystal Ballroom

Pisces: “I’ve seen for myself there’s no end to grief / That’s how I know / And all I need to know is there is no / Yeah there is no end to love” // California (There Is No End To Love)