confessions–of–a–fangirl commissioned a comic based on this portion of a riveting spn soap opera by elizabethrobertajones, in which dean and colette are getting married, cas and crowley are the only attendees of said wedding only to try and ruin it, cain remembers that’s his wife, abaddon bursts from the depths of the altar to try and..well, technically save the wedding at hand, and sam is there but that’s kind of just my touch


Paintings by Amsterdam-based artist Daniel Mullen

Daniel Mullenborn 1985 in Glasgow, Scotland. As a child he was fascinated by constructed space, this in combination with Lego became the playground for his imagination. This fascination continued through his time at the Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner school, where he graduated in 2003.

After Completing a gap year in America (working with special needs) Mullen returned to Europe and headed to Amsterdam to study art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Whilst studying there he rediscovered his passion for architecture, subsequently leading to his first Series of highly representational paintings based on modern architecture.

After his graduation in 2011 Mullen continued to develop his work, slowly introducing abstraction in search of a more open interpretation, with an nod to the past but an emphasis on defining the boundaries of his universe. Follow him on Facebook and SaatchiArt.

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