Growing Up Mixed

(personal)Being told almost at birth that you were a mistake from God and that no one will ever want to be with you.Going into depression actually believing it. Only having someone “like” you or date you because you are mixed or you look exotic. Being bashed for having a black boyfriend because you “look white”. Not being able to talk to your parents about racial issues because its just awkward. Have teachers ask you questions about your personal life. (especially if your the lightest person there) 

Daughter of a Redguard Emissary, Kresha Verdantblood grew up wealthy and sword savvy. Her mother was a Nord Barkeep who left her upon her fathers doorstep at a young age. Half Redguard and Half Nordic, she has quite the array of special traits. One major skill being her innate ability to lightly wield two handed weaponry. #redguard #heavy #skyrim #epic #mullatto

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