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Hi! Could you suggest some music in Catalan? Old or modern I don't mind ^^ thanks

Sure! We have a lot of good music imho. I tried to break it down to music genres more or less

Classics (1960s “Nova Cançó” movement)

Modern music



Rap and Ska (most of my personal faves)

Rumba (very very popular among young people)

Inspired by traditional music and/or actual traditional songs

Musical theatre

You’ll find better quality audios on Spotify :)

Woah I just realised I got carried away and made a huge list hehe… well, everyone should be able to find something they like.

I hope you enjoy it!

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songs you like in spanish and catalan?

(i’m just adding one song by each singer/band)

i don’t normally listen to spanish/catalan music but:


foc i vent - auxili

bon rotllo i comboiet - eugeni alemany (he’s a comedian don’t take this seriously)

l’estaca - lluís llach

llengua - atupa

camals mullats - la gossa sorda

la dansa del vestit - txarango

la flama - obrint pas


podría ser peor - la casa azul

ratonera - amaral

a quién le importa - alaska y dinarama

señoras bien - las bistecs

museo de historia natural - los punsetes

y nos dieron las diez - joaquín sabina

por la boca vive el pez - fito & fitipaldis

me voy - julieta venegas

there are more, tho

Since it has been a cultural centre for many centuries, and still remains as such nowadays, there are many modern songs about the city of València or where the story explained happends there. Here’s a list of my favourites. Hope you enjoy it!

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