mules are awesome


Monster Falls has captured my heart and run away with it. Have some Deer!Dippers.

Also I should note because I am a biology nerd: Deer!Dip would probably be based off of mule deer colors/antlers, if he was ever a deer long enough to have full-grown antlers. No White-tails live in CA/OR, but Mule deer are abundant.

Also, fun fact: Mule deer “stot” to show off fitness or prowess or to just show off to a predator that they’re to weak to catch them. I like to think that Deer!Dipper probably enjoys stotting a lot once he grows accustomed to it and  sees that being half-deer is pretty badass actually.


Look at that badass bae. Scene-stealer. Adorable af. U r killing me. I AM OF COURSE TALKING ABOUT THE DARLING MULE

This pure cinnamon has been shared by obviiii (The Revenant first assistant director Scott Robertson) on Instagram.

Here’s me with some fur trappers in the early 19th century after we escaped from an Indian attack. It’s a great movie, I’m very proud, go see it. #therevenantmovie