mule ear

Cute alert! A baby mule deer tries catching a snowflake on its tongue at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge in Colorado. Mule deer are named for their oversized ears that resemble a mule’s ears. Compared to its cousin, the white-tailed deer, mule deer are larger in size, and have a black-tipped white tail and white patch on the rump. Photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


Apparently that feature in the distance is called the Mule Ears. Big Bend National Park, Texas

#BestYearEver: Take Style Risks

10 ways to step up your style game in 2015

Set a new tone for the new year and step outside your fashion comfort zone. Wearing the the same old boring pieces can become drab. This year, set new intentions and take some style risks! With our bold trends listed below, learn how to amp up you style today!  

10 Ways to Take Style Risks in 2015

1. Don’t be afraid of color. When it’s cold outside, you’re most likely drawn to dark hues. Be different and stand out this year, with bold and bright colors.

Suede Bucket Bag With Tassel

2. Wear funky prints. Mix and match vibrant prints, from paisley and floral to arty and geometric. 

PETITE Paisley Print Top

3. Try the sneaker trend. Offset your dressy or daytime outfits with casual footwear for an ultra stylish look.

Leather slip-on sneakers

4. Wear one earring. Forget about two statement earrings, just show off one! A trend noted a Louis Vuitton and Céline, wearing one earring is bottom-line chic.

ASOS Mismatch Open Diamond Shape Earrings

5. Rock a crop. From crop tops to cropped jackets, shorter hemlines are are perfect match to anything high-waisted. 

Nasty Gal Moto Zip Crop Jacket

6. Belt your outerwear. In a season full of coat wearing, there’s no excuse to hide your body. Show off your waist by adding a belt on the outside of your coat.

Collection French tweed coat

7. Carry a feminine lock bag. Put aside your structured totes and crossbody satchels and trade them in for something a bit more dainty and lady-like.

Eartha Soft Double Handle Mini Satchel

8. Go head-to-toe monochrome. Pick a color and stick with it! From your dress to you shoes, wear all one color (cherry red suggested). 

Free People Midi Dress in Lace

9.Wear the pants. Don’t be afraid to go a bit androgynous sometimes and wear trousers. Stick with the basics in black and navy, or try something more playful and fancy.

Printed Trousers With Side Detail

10. Slip on a mule. Go easy on your feet and step into the comfiest style shoe for 2015. From platform heels to flat sandals, there’s a version for every type of girl.

3.1 PHILLIP LIM ‘Martini’ mule

How to recognize an Unoa recast

Thank you so much for the article and info to the Unoa staff, in particular berrydoll,  that give me the permission to share it to you all!

Unoa dolls that have been recast:

we don’t have any pictures sadly but at least I hope this helps.

As of writing, these are the dolls and parts that the recasters have available, so these are the sculpts to be especially careful with.

Unoa Chibi: Funwari (large chested) body and small chest piece. All hands except the clasping ones, I think. They have the Roron default, Roron Sleep, Lilin Pout, and Lilin Roar. They also come with the teeth (except the vampire), the unicorn horn, bunny ears, and the pointed ears. They also have the low heel shoe parts.

Unoa 1.5: Body, both chest parts, cat ears, mule sole parts, horns, and default hands only. The plates they have are Sist/Lusis defaults, Lusis wink, sleeping Lusis, and Akubi (o-face).Unoa Zero: Body and all plates (different recasters have different ones though), resin shoe parts
A note on different recasters: There are three big recasting companies that do unoas.

I won’t name them. I will instead be referring to them as S, P, and B.
Making a ‘safe’ purchaseThere’s no 100% perfect way to make sure you won’t get scammed, but in general, unoas are fairly safe to buy if:  The doll comes with the original boxFaceplates include the slip of paper from the original packageIt’s a mold or a part that the recasters don’t have The color looks consistent with what you expect AND the owner can explain what year it was purchased in, and show some proof of previous ownership dating back to pre-2013

How to tell a recast unoa from a legit unoa

Color: The first and best giveaway is the color. None of the recasters have the unoa color right for ANY of the different resins that have been offered by AL or Hobby Japan.  Recaster S has a ‘normal skin yellow’ that is supposed to look like Volks, but it’s waaaay too yellow. It can be very close to the yellow of a very yellowed old skin, but the translucency is a bit wrong, and the resin is too slick and smooth. Some of the oldskin dolls ARE a bit shiny and don’t weigh much, but there is still a difference in the feel of the resin. Super yellowed old normal skin from AL yellows to a creamier consistency than recaster S yellow. You might not notice on just a plate, but you’ll see it on a whole doll.Recaster P has a volks normal skin, but there’s too much pigment for a unoa. I’ve never seen a Recaster B unoa, but the quality of their minifees suggests that even if they got the color right (which I doubt), the resin quality would still be different.None of the recasters has a white skin that comes anywhere near fairy skin. Recaster P has a “zero skin” meant to look like the Hobby Japan fairy skin release, but it’s still got way too much pigment.

Resin Quality:  Recaster P has great resin. It’s actually nicer than plenty of legit companies. But it’s definitely not like AL resin. It’s a bit toothier and heavier. They don’t have nearly as many plates either (only sist and lusis), but I can see this one being a bit hard to tell if you don’t know AL resin very well. Their resin is a bit more translucent.  They do sell dolls on Yahoo Japan, so BE CAREFUL. Recaster S and B have slick smooth light resin. It’s maybe one grade down from Doll chateau, but of a similar quality. It’s plasticy and a bit more translucent than legit dolls.
Mold Defects:  Recaster S has overused their molds, so their Lusis is looking pretty rough these days. If you see a lusis online for sale, check out the mouth. The inside of the lip is very rough. Other recasters don’t have this flaw, so you can’t count on it, but it’s something to look for.

Weight/Size:  I find that this isn’t a very good indicator. A recast unoa from P and an AL unoa weigh about the same. There isn’t a huge amount of shrinkage.
Bottom Line:  If you are not sure about the legitimacy of a unoa online, DON’T BUY IT! There are a whole lot of recast unoas and parts out there, and it’s difficult to tell them apart in pictures. It really sucks for the second hand market, but that’s the situation. If you NEED a unoa and can’t find one you can be sure is authentic, buy new from AL.

I personally add: the intern of the doll! when you’re not sure, ask a photo of the inner part of the bust or the legs for exemple, recast are often not accurate.