Mulberry & Vine: Creating NYC's Food Revolution

The stereotype about those involved in fashion is that they survive solely on things like tasteless salads, carrot sticks, and coffee. Garance Doré recently caused a reaction when her video captured women expressing guilt and dread over dessert, and in general, deprivation or reluctant, self-deprecating indulgence of anything containing more than 100 calories is the norm in a fashion food experience.

Luckily for us, we at M&E found a solution the day we met Justin Schwartz, Chef at Mulberry & Vine in the TriBeCa area. Suddenly we don’t have to shy away from delicious, gratifying lunches, or slow our pace as we run around the city. ”We’re using herbs and spices to flavor the food and minimally using oils and fats,” insisted Justin, “so you can try a lot of new and exciting things and try some vegetables you thought you hated and fall in love with them.” At this, we expressed our dislike for cauliflower, and Justin disappeared for a second, returning with a small sample cup containing a single floret of caramelized cauliflower in a green sauce, which turned out to be a roasted poblano pepper, thai herb, basil, and coconut sauce. “We make all our sauces in house,” said Justin as we scraped the cup dry with our spoon, “because I think everything is more exciting with sauce.”

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