mulberry picking

A dress I would wear to pick strawberries & mulberries and to dip my toes into rivers and dance with the locals and laugh until my bones rattle while a begonia is tucked behind my ear.

We’re passing out the banners for Day 1 in Newark in front of the Investors Bank Tower at Edison and Mulberry! Donors can also pick up their banners, pins, and posters here anytime before 5:30PM.


2 January 2017

I went mulberry picking at my friend Kerrie’s house with My Girl and her Boy. Yes I have splatters around my mouth!

Winding up Day 2 of 2017 with a win. I ran 5.7km this morning, disrobed the Christmas tree (a marathon job), vacuumed up all the needles and debris, and went mulberry picking. Weight training is on my Monday program but the tree job replaced it. Luckily The Husb helped with dinner because I am exhausted! I have 12,000 FitBit steps at 8.00pm - that’s it - blobbing on the couch now in front of The Americans - a really good TV series about Russian spies.

It’s summer, so please imagine Mink and Clear in the following situations with me:

  • Mink and Clear picking mulberries.
  • Clear with purple-stained hands and mouth from picking and eating mulberries.
  • Mink with purple stains on his hands, but not his mouth, because he’s actually filling up his bag.
  • Two fresh pies cooling on the windowsill in the late afternoon.  Mink sitting in the shade with his shirt off, because the oven made the cabin really hot.
  • Mink making sure to call Clear outside as the sun is setting to get a good look at the fireflies. There are thousands of them, twinkling in the grass and in the trees, and Clear thinks it’s absolutely magical. 
  • “When I was young, my sister and I would catch fireflies and make wishes on them before letting them go.”  “Does that work?”  “Probably not, but it was fun.”
  • Clear catching a firefly and making a wish before letting it go.
  • “What did you wish for?” “To pick mulberries and make pie and watch the fireflies with you again.  I think that one will come true.”
  • The next day, they pick berries again.

civilized-bedlam  asked:

Sophie floated idly next to the mulberry tree, carefully picking the ingredients she needed with expert fingers. Some of the fruits slipped into her mouth instead of the apothecary sack that hovered next to her, or were thrown into the air for Nereye to catch. She hummed quietly, shifting position occasionally to avoid depleting any particular branch.

Luce watched the girl as she plucked the fruits. She could tell the girl was Norse, by her clothes. She wasn’t exactly comfortable with the fact of not knowing or understanding what or who this girl was. And the creature with her made nothing better.