mulberry bags

hellojg74  asked:

With you on this jd. A photo shoot would be ideal but I don't think she can pull it off. None of the pap strolls are resulting in formal sponsors or endorsements. She is not fronting any advertising campaigns no matter how hard she is trying. I just don't think she can sell the products to her audience demographic. Let's face it most teens can't afford a mulberry bag and older women don't find her aspirational so don't buy into her at all.

Right, and she pairs them with ripped jeans it looks trashy, thanks hellojg74

anonymous asked:

Oh my god,anonymoushouseplantfan is a genius,she predicted that MM was going to do a pap stroll endorsement in London(''Bet she pimps out the facialist that works in London at some point.'') She's making Money with that pap stroll,she made an endorsement with ,Mulberry bag and case and still advertising her friend. And there are still people who think she's being chased by the Paps,pleaseee. What happened to anonymoushouseplantfan, she did not post anything for almost 1 week?

I don’t know where she is :( last thing she posted was May 13th. She didn’t say anything before she left so idk what’s going on. But she was on POINT alright, especially concerning Nichola, + she also said she’d postpone her papwalk, she was right about that too ^^