Actors Theo James and Tom Hiddleston attending Mulberry Fashion Show (for Winter Collection 2012). 


Elle Japan HD

Mulberry Highlights and Interviews HD Bit with Dog at 3:58 min


Mulberry Full Fashion Show non HD

Grazia End of Fashion Show, clapping


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A Day In My Life-Freddie Fox[x]

“ At the moment I am reading a volume of e.e.cummings poems, my favourite poet on love & friendship, whilst simultaneously diving in and out of Romeo & Juliet that I’m performing later in the year. ”

“ Then from Soho it’s on to a window shop in Jermyn Street to prowl round the gentlemen’s arcades and see all the knickknacks that one day I hope to be able to afford, then dropping in at Hatchards bookshop on Piccadilly – where I once worked as a Christmas temp during my school holidays – to pick up something new for my next trip to Greenwich. ”

“ As the sun goes down and London lights up in all its nocturnal glory, it’s surely worth one final walk  to the top of Primrose Hill just to stop, stand, and see. Our great city. Alive and beautiful. 24/7 ”