I see MANY indigenous people, most of who are unaware/disconnected from their true identity, claim to be “MESTIZO”, and they do so believing this terminology is somehow a term that respectfully & accurately describes indigenous people who happen to be “mixed” (even if they aren’t) with Spanish-blood. And i guess in today’s age “mestizo” just means someone who is European/native mix, so people don’t really see it as a degrading term.

But the ORIGIN of the word “Mestizo” (and Mulatto) are both created out of racism. 
When Europeans, specifically Spaniards raped indigenous women, and the women gave birth, the Spaniards did NOT view the child as his son/daughter, nor as a human, but rather half Spaniard, and then half dog, since Spaniards did NOT view indigenous people as humans, but as dogs who were cursed by their Christian “god”, which is why they labeled the “mixed” children “Mestizo/Mulatto”, not just because Europeans viewed indigenous people as less than humans, but also with the intention to detach the indigenous people from their true identity, and then tricking them into adopting a racist-terminology that would further disconnect and/or ethnically cleanse indigenous people, and have them claiming an identity that NOT only detached them from their origin, but is also a term born out of hatred against indigenous people. 
Mestizo is NOT an ethnicity, nor a race, nor anything at all, so claiming it means to claim to be NOTHING; “I am a NOTHING”, and/or claiming to be what the Spaniards saw in you: A half-breed dog; not human enough to be looked and/or treated like a human, which is why the “half-breed dog” was either enslaved by the Spanish father or sold to other European slavers, and afterwards killing the indigenous mother. 

question Tumblr, where is the analysis about the fact Lance’s family is biracial? 

“the show hints that they are all Latinx”; that doesn’t mean they are not biracial. Assuming that these are his parents:

and everyone else his siblings, you can tell how all of them have different skin tones, heights and body types. While his mother is fairly pale, his father definetly looks mulato, and in case you wanna use a more general term, Lance’s entire family is mestiza.

thank you for your attention.

All the weird fucking complexity about the “latinx” identity comes, mainly, from USA which fucked up everything (as usual) with its obsession with labels. Latinx, Latin American, Hispanic, and the fucking shit. They DID the mess. Inside Latinoamerica nobody gives a fuck about the “hispanic” label. The word is mostly of no use anymore. In OLD, OLD times, around 1800, there existed a super strict list with a complex clasification of races according if your mother was black, your father native, your grand-something Spanish, etc, etc. That doesn’t exist anymore. Barely, in some WEIRD occasions we use 2 words from that old classification which are Gaucho and mestizo. Maybe mulato. But nobody, TODAY, says “Oh, I’m gaucho, my mother was mulata, my father was criollo”. Get over with. Latinoamerica got over with with its old labels, something USA is obssessed with. (Sure, we only got over with the labels, not with the racism, sure thing)

In Spanish language, Hispanic means “person who comes from Hispania”, which means Spain in Old Spanish (Spain is not even an homogeneous country, and Hispania was not exactly the same extension that Spain is today, but I’m oversimplifying this because no gringo wants to read about non-self-centred History, we know. If you do want, go to read books written by latinoamerican historians. Read the “other” voices.) . Anyway, some people say Hispanic is a word related to the “language” people speak. To me, that’s bullshit. Because part of Filipina should be considered Hispanic as well, and nobody has a thought about it when they bring the Hispanic-thingie into the talk. Now, broader definitions say “it’s related to the language AND with the European ancestry”. But again, to me that’s weird. Hispanic would be a fancy label only for Spanish people. Meh. Whatever,  it’s their taste in the end of the day. But Italians are considered Hispanic as well, soooo…. that definition has flaws  (because Italians speak Italian). Go to check in wiki the pages and pages that these fucked up words have produced JUST because gringos wanted to have their labels, and of course, in the process, they messed with the already super messed identity of the Latinoamericans. Yay.

Latinx is a person who comes from Latinoamerica. Etymologically speaking, we could say the word **would mean** all those peoples whose language “comes from the ones that were developed from Latin”. Then, we should consider Latinx to Canada (French speaking Canada), several countries of Africa that speak French, and even Guyanas (a country that is placed in Latinoamerica, but it’s not part of it, because culturally has nothing to do with Latinoamerica and IT is, nowadays, a French colony). If you can’t see the nonsense of this definition, I give up. Also, if you assume that languages evolve and the meaning of a word evolves with the cultural and social processes (c’mon, don’t tell me that queer or gay keep their “original” meaning nowadays. Language evolves, get over with it, learn and unlearn. Period.)…. then you will know that a latinx person is ONLY a person who was born and raised in a Latinoamerican country or belongs to the latinoamerica diaspora. This makes Brazilians part of us, and not “something outside Latinoamerica because ***languages***.
There is no fucking way an European, namely, Italian, Spanish, French or Portuguese can be considered latinx. It’s nonsense.  (no, I’m not talking about mixed backgrounds.)
(and yes, I know some weird events the world of Music, MTV and such LOVE to put Europeans in the latino category. Again, gringos messing things, nothing more. And those Europeans, as usual, taking advantage of the few spaces that Latinos can get outside the pornography and the *paradise vacations*)

So, summarizing with all that confusion:

Hispanic: word that gringos love to use to say “Europeans that we don’t want to consider white fully”, because we know they are obsessed with who is white and who is not. They also apply this word on latinos, making them angry as fuck (nobody remembers a *tiny* historical event in 1492? Maybe, just maybe, that’s a fact that makes us a bit bitter with being identified with the countries that conquered and colonized us all)

Latino: I don’t care what the dic says. The word has evolved to mean “person from Latinoamerica or with heritage of Latinoamerica”. Period. If you want to say Latino as in “what’s proper of Latin language”, you should use the full expression: “Latin language” (we use it in Spanish!). Nobody dies in the process, I swear.  So, stop your imagination about how much you can twist a definition to fit in, just to earn an “extra sexy” plus in your identity when you don’t have latinoamerican family members ( This fixation to have an extra plus of “sexiness” keeps feeding the fucked up stereotype imposed by gringos over us). And I’m saying this because through the long history of these words, at some point, Hispanic people in USA started to say they were latinos (?? sexy plus for attention? exploiting the *exotic* thingie for jobs?) and fucked up things even more, as usual.

Latinoamerican: Person whose continental label was appropriated by a sole country, therefore we, unlike Europeans, Asians, and Africans, can’t call ourselves Americans without fucking mess everything. That’s why France crafted the latin-american word for us. Of course, we never had a voice in the fucked up process.

Hello, hello, hello, how low? ( ¿Hola, hola, hola, estás deprimido? )
Hello, hello, hello. ( Hola, hola, hola. )
With the light out, it’s less dangerous ( Con la luz fuera, es menos peligroso )
Here we are now, entertain us ( Aquí estamos ahora, entretennos )
I feel stupid and contagious ( Me siento estúpido y contagioso )
Here we are now, entertain us ( Aquí estamos ahora, entretennos )
A mulato, An albino, A mosquito, My libito ( Un mulato, Un albino, un mosquito, Mi libido )

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“Você é uma coisinha linda”

“Você é uma coisinha linda”, foi o que eu ouvi ao cruzar a esquina. O homem repetia “linda, linda, linda”. Dentro de mim só ecoou “coisinha, coisinha, coisinha”. Caminhei com pressa pela avenida com medo de estar sendo seguida. Sinal verde. Por mania de ler tudo, li o outdoor: CERVEJA CRYSTAL, VEM COM UM BRINDE DE SURPRESA. Além dessa frase “ingênua” tinha um homem no centro, segurando uma taça de cerveja de um lado e uma mulher de outro. Adivinha quem era o brinde? Atravessei a rua, subi a ladeira e mais uma esquina e estava em casa, o lugar mais seguro do mundo, será mesmo?

“Coisinha, coisinha, coisinha”, continuou dentro de mim. Liguei TV pra fugir do mundo, piorou. Uma mulher loira falava alegremente e perguntava há um homem que devia ser cantor (digo isso porque ele estava segurando um CD que tinha a foto dele na capa): “Qual seu tipo de mulher?”. Limpei o ouvido, porque não era possível que uma mulher dissesse “TIPO de mulher”. Pra minha infelicidade de continuar nesse canal ele respondeu: “Adoro as mulata”. Minha indignação não foi com o erro de concordância, foi com o “mulata”. O termo ‘mulato’ vem das palavras em espanhol e português para a mula. Desliguei a TV, vocabulário assim não faz bem a energia do meu lar. 

Talvez uma boa música legal me fizesse melhor, na radio tocava Tom Jobim “olha que coisa mais linda, mais cheia de graça”, a COISA era uma mulher, Jorge Aragão também nos denominou assim “Ô coisinha tão bonitinha do pai…”. Não era só aquele homem na rua, um total desconhecido, era também as propagandas, a TV, as músicas… Tudo. 

“O que é ser mulher?” Me questionei olhando a sala ao meu redor, buscando um amparo, uma resposta. “Mulher, que ser é?”

Coisa não pode ser, coisa é objeto de posse, patrimônio… Lembrando de uma aula de civil recordei que que Silvio Rodrigues define “coisa é tudo que existe objetivamente, com exclusão do homem”. Sentei, “que homem?” questionei. 
“Coisa não pensa”, pensei, pensei, pensei até chegar a conclusão de mulher pode ser o que ela quiser. Tudo, tudo, mas coisa, jamais.

Aryelle Almeida