Dear Dad,
I could not ask for a better father; you mean the world to me. You are always there for me when I need you, even when I don’t know that I need you. For these past few difficult months of my life, you tried your best to help me, even when I didn’t want to help myself. You were there for me when I thought I was worthless. You were there for me when people I thought were my friends betrayed me. You were there for me when I didn’t even want to get better. You never gave up on me. You love me, and this Father’s Day I want you to know that I love you just as much if not more.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you. ~Mary

I’ll Make A Man Out of You | Cruella & Dodger

Although she dreaded the fact that she’d made the plans to update Dodger’s image to be at her house, part of her was kind of excited about it. She didn’t enjoy his company all that much, but she did love making people look good. It was almost 7 o’clock, the time she’d told him to come, when she heard the door bell ring. Cruella jumped off of her bed  and put her black silk robe over her small white night gown. As soon as she began walking down the stairs, one of her servants greeted her, “You have a guest.” He told her, postitioning his hand towards Dodger. She nodded, shooing him off and motioned her head upstairs, “Take off your shoes. They’re filthy, and meet me upstairs.”

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