One of the things I love most about Mulan, that’s rarely commented on, is just how much of a sacrificial lamb she is for her family before stepping in for her father in the army. Unlike Belle and Jasmine, who are fed up with society and make no attempts to conform for the sake of anyone else, Mulan trained and went to the match maker with the honest attempt at being the best bride she could be. If the match maker chose her that day, she would have willingly sold herself into the role that being a wife entailed to appease her family, at the sake of her own happiness and comfort because that’s how much they meant to her. If she hadn’t been perpendicular to the status quo and actually fit in, she would’ve gone into the marriage set up by the matchmaker and led a life of selflessness in a role that she never would’ve chosen for herself nor enjoyed.


                                                   I’d see

                                              s o m e o n e

                                          w o r t h w h i l e