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The entire Fa (Hua) family from “Mulan” in 1/6 scale (11″) doll form! We recently made these on commission and I absolutely LOVE how Granny came out especially!!!! She’s my favorite!!! I also love Matchmaker Mulan—her ‘white’ makeup and uncertain face was really fun to do and I loved making her gown more accurate style and colors. Fa Zhou (Dad) and Fa Li (Mom) were also incredible to make! I was so pleased and honored to have the opportunity to bring these wonderful characters to doll form! We also made all Mulan’s outfits from the film, too. :) Hope you like them!!! (What do you all think of Granny?! Isn’t she soooo cute!!!?!?!?

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I can’t take any really decent pictures right now BUT my babies finally arrived and they look AMAZING!!!  I can’t stop staring at Mulan!  Her face is adorable!!  And her little outfit has so much detail to it!  I’m so glad I held off on getting any of the older Mulan dolls because this one is absolutely perfect!


Disney’s Fairytale Designer Collection 

My Disney doll collection! Recently I’ve been massively downsizing this collection of mine as was getting out of hand and hadn’t been as fun yo collect as it used too (not to say I’ve stopped collecting, i haven’t by any means, just being more choosy as what comes home. 


So I was finally able to take some better pictures of my Mulan and Shang set!

I love this set so much!  Pictures do NOT do it justice!  I’m so impressed with all the details Disney put into Mulan especially!  I would honestly liken the quality of Mulan’s outfit to that of the first line of designer couple dolls.  She’s THAT impressive!  And she’s not even wearing a dress!

My complete designer pin collection! They are so beautiful and some of the nicest Disney pins out there! It took a lot of hard work to collect them all, but it was so worth it!


Disney dolls that need updating (IMO)

First up, I think Pocahontas is too pale & her hairline is too low. She looks more like Gemma Chan than Pocahontas, to me. Oh yeah, and a real necklace would be nice.

Next up, Mulan. Other than the fact that she’s always stuck in her matchmaker outfit, I think her face is too long & heavily made up. If Merida & Moana can both be round-faced and jug-eared, yet still be pretty, then so can Mulan. Personally, I like her with short hair & the dress she wears at the end of the film (when she’s finally happy to be herself!).

Last up is Rapunzel. I know she has the biggest eye-to-head ratio of all the Disney princesses, but it’d be nice if her eyes were painted a little smaller to show that she does, in fact, have eyelids. Also, I don’t like her smiling sculpt, and would prefer a softer smile or open-mouth pout.

Just my two cents.

When I was kid, this scene is when I realised that those sons of bitches Huns had murdered that little girl, her family, and her entire village, as well as the soldiers. I suddenly realised that her body was lying out there in the snow, probably burned like the village.

I legit realised that they seriously killed innocent people and little kids in wars. And I got chills.

If you didn’t think this scene was the saddest and most real sh*t as a kid, then you’re a fucking liar