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The entire Fa (Hua) family from “Mulan” in 1/6 scale (11″) doll form! We recently made these on commission and I absolutely LOVE how Granny came out especially!!!! She’s my favorite!!! I also love Matchmaker Mulan—her ‘white’ makeup and uncertain face was really fun to do and I loved making her gown more accurate style and colors. Fa Zhou (Dad) and Fa Li (Mom) were also incredible to make! I was so pleased and honored to have the opportunity to bring these wonderful characters to doll form! We also made all Mulan’s outfits from the film, too. :) Hope you like them!!! (What do you all think of Granny?! Isn’t she soooo cute!!!?!?!?

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Disney’s Fairytale Designer Collection 

When I was kid, this scene is when I realised that those sons of bitches Huns had murdered that little girl, her family, and her entire village, as well as the soldiers. I suddenly realised that her body was lying out there in the snow, probably burned like the village.

I legit realised that they seriously killed innocent people and little kids in wars. And I got chills.

If you didn’t think this scene was the saddest and most real sh*t as a kid, then you’re a fucking liar


Guess who was productive today

Not me


Disney Limited edition dolls collection.

I received a few requests to post our Limited edition dolls so here they all are.
I have many more classic dolls and other random dolls I sometimes post but this is just a collage of the Limited dolls. Unfortunately I don’t have them all in one place on display so I just gathered all my pictures to show u guys!


Designer vs. Fairytale Designer

I’ve had several requests to post larger/closer up photos of the dolls and figures, so I’ll start with the 11″ Disney Store dolls. :) First are all 13 couples together, and then separated into all the Princesses, and all the ‘Princes.’ They’ve all been customized to varying degrees–some just a simple faceup enhancement, some with completely new faceups and molding/modifying, some with new hair, some with a new outfit and some with a complete makeover including everything! I’ll make an individual post for each couple so you can see them up close and specifying what modifications/customizations were done to them, but for now, here is the gang all together! I hope you like them! (Please be sure to click on the picture collage to see it in its full resolution size  (2535 x 2634 pixels) so you can view them better. :) More to come…

17″ Limited edition Pocahontas, 17″ Limited edition Mulan

I thought id do some fun mock ups lol thanks @faelans-treasure-chest for letting me use your amazing Mulan ooak :)

Also i know these look absolutely horrible due to my non existing photoshop skills..and the fact that i dont even have the photoshop program lol but these are kind of for my own benefit, i just wanted to share.