since i know so many people want a pokemon url im giving away @dewpider ! hopefully someone out there will want to give this cute spider a new home ~♥

rules: you must be following me. like for 1 entry. reply w/ 🕷for another entry. do not re/b/log this post. also, you cannot already own a pkmn url!

give away will end in 24 hours !! ♥


kpopme has (finally) released the seating charts for the upcoming canadian leg of shinee’s ongoing tour, shinee world v. both seating charts can be viewed about, with toronto being the first of the two, and vancouver the second. a high quality view of both charts can be seen at the linked. the ticket prices for every seating level are listed with each chart. tickets for both dates will go on sale this saturday (february 25th) at 10am venue local time. (source)


a summary of kim himchan in Episode 1 of JUNG DAE MAN