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Prompt: You that one part where Naekusaba kinda got dented? Well, consider: Muku trying to bluff Naegi out of harm's way (cuz she'd think Junko would totally stab his arse if she knew she was crushing on him) [btw Junko does know, but decides to let Muku keep her HOPE a little longer... before tearing it apart :D] Alternatively, despite her words, Muku is having conflicted feelings over this 'loser' (sweetheart)

A/N ok fine so what muku said about naegi in dr3 is canon but hear me out, I have this believable headcanon wherein muku was just “acting” when she said that. I mean if we’re going to talk canon then it’s also canon that she could be a good actress if she wanted to. 


Lies - Naekusaba

“Isn’t he just some loser?”

The words smoothly flowed out of her mouth as if they were her own. They weren’t. She was just bluffing her way for him to get out of harm’s way. Out of Junko’s way. Because she knew for a fact just how destructive her twin could be especially once she has taken interest in someone. So she wanted to divert her attention away from him. Far far away from him. And so she bluffed. Her acting skills were getting better and she could have easily believed her words to be sincere but she doubted that her sister was fooled. Nothing gets past Junko but still, Mukuro tried.

Those words that she blurted out? She didn’t mean it.

She didn’t mean to fall for him either.

All Mukuro expected from Hope’s Peak Academy was to be reunited with her sister whom she loved dearly. There wasn’t much going on for her. Aside from being a soldier, all she has left was her sister. And choosing to attend Hope’s Peak meant choosing one over the other. Naturally she chose her precious and only family. She’s not interested in school at all, she’s just here because her twin was here. As long as she could be near Junko then that would be enough for her.

It should have been enough for her until…

“Ah!” Someone yelled as they tripped– someone whom she’d been eyeing on all this time.

With exceptional speed, she was able to dash to the scene and catch the person’s back before they even hit the floor. With her other hand, she swiftly took the box from their hands and meticulously caught all of the falling contents in it. All of this happened in just a blink of their eyes without any untoward incident. Crisis averted.

The person blinked a few times until it dawned to them that they were safe and fortunately, not crushed by a pile of tools. “That… was a close one.” They let out a sigh of relief and then turned to her. “Thanks for saving me, Mukuro!” And he gave her a grateful smile.

That same smile he gave her the first time they met.

The smile that got her thinking of other things for the first time. The smile that made her see more than just her sister and despair. The smile that gave her feelings which she still couldn’t understand what they meant. That same smile he would always give her even though all she did was take. It was a smile that she found herself looking forward to seeing more often than not.

Makoto’s smile was a force to be reckoned with for Mukuro.

“No problem.” She replied as she reluctantly let go of his back. Any more of this contact would be too much for her especially since she already felt a blush creeping on her cheeks.

But she didn’t want to let go of him just yet.

“Need help?” She asked as she effortlessly raised the box she held with one hand.

“Ah, yes actually. It’s kind of embarrassing for me to admit this but it’s a bit heavy for me.” He sheepishly scratched the back of his head and laughed lightly. “It looks like I’m going to rely on you some more. If that’s okay with you?”

Laughter also suited him, she thought.

“Nothing I can’t handle.” She shrugged and then they proceeded to head towards the storage room.

They walked together in amicable silence for the most part. It was nice if not awkward although that might be just on her part. He looked absolutely oblivious as usual but that just added to his charm. He always had this positive aura surrounding him which was infectious. He was ridiculously optimistic which should have been a weakness. But instead it became his strenth, it became their strength. Whenever someone had their doubts, he was always there to help them get back up.

And no matter how unbearable it was, he would still smile.

“Hey, Mukuro.” He spoke up. He was also smiling right now but it was more of a bittersweet kind. “A lot of things has happened, hasn’t it? It feels like it was only just the other day that we were hanging out with everyone without a care in the world.” His face then twisted into a grimace. “And then yesterday… that tragedy happened.”

The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History. The tragedy that Junko had set up.

“And now all of a sudden, we’re locking ourselves up in school until things calm down. It’s almost as if the world has ended and we’re the few  survivors left.” He chortled but there was no humor in his voice only sadness. “When I say it out loud, doesn’t it all sound crazy?”

No, not at all. It’s not crazy. It’s just absolutely despairing.

“Actually, that’s pretty much what’s happening.” She stated matter-of-factly. It hasn’t even been a week since everything started falling apart. It was just like he said. It happened literally just yesterday and the state of the world had plummeted just as quickly.

“I guess there’s no other way of looking at this, huh.” He solemnly commented. And then just like he always did, he got back up with his ridiculous optimism. “Well it can’t be helped. After everything’s that happened, this had to be done. This was for the best. We made the right decision.”

If only she could tell him just how wrong it was.

“Everyone’s entrusting their hopes onto us. And I want to answer their hopes.” He said with unflinching resolve. “And I also believe in this. In us. We’ll surivive this, I’m sure of it.”

She’s not so sure about that. Not with what Junko had planned for them. There was no survival, only despair.

“Don’t you think so, Mukuro?” He smiled at her once more and it was his most hopeful smile just yet.

Makoto’s smile weighed heavy on her conscience.

“…I think so too.” She lied through her teeth.

Mukuro wanted that smile to last longer.

Soulmate AU


You had decided to go on a quick run to the park near your brother’s office. That morning, you had both accidentally grabbed each other’s lunches, you with his god-forsaken spam sandwich and him with your peanut butter banana sandwich. You couldn’t stand spam and knew your brother was allergic to nuts so the moment you noticed the mix up, you gave him a call to meet at the park.

A cold sensation on your wrist caused you to stop in your tracks. You looked at your arm and stared at the numbers 00:05:00. “Oh for god’s sake,” you mumbled. In your panic, you had completely ignored the 10 minute warning and now had 5 minutes and counting until you met your soulmate. You had received the 24 hour warning the day before but was so caught up in work that morning that you forgot about your previous excitement.

You froze in the middle of the sidewalk, stuck between wanting to look around for your so-called soulmate and running away from the area, spam be damned.

Snapping you out of your thoughts was a sharp whistle. You looked up and saw your brother waving his arms up and down at the park, your lunch bag on the bench next to him. As you take a step forward, the building next to you suddenly collapses and a dark blur slams right into you.

Both you and the blur are thrown across the street into an alley, you landing a little farther than the other person. Disoriented, you notice that the blur was a dark haired man with blood slowly spreading through his hair. “Sir?”

Before the man could say anything, there was a noise and the man in front of you was suddenly impaled by a, good god, was that a trident?! You watched in horror as the man coughed up blood.

The crunch of gravel caused you to look up into cold heterochromatic eyes. However, what really caught your eye was the numbers on his wrist:00:00:00. Looking down, you saw the same numbers on yours.

“Well, shit.”


The last thing you expected your soulmate to be was an overly excited boxer with the energy of a thousand suns. Okay, so that was the second to last thing you expected. The real last thing you expected your soulmate to be was a mafioso, especially one that belonged to the Vongola family. The more your listened to him talk, your hand in his with both wrists facing up to show 00:00:00, the more last things you expected him to be increased.

Okay, so the VERY last thing you expected your soulmate to be was the Sun guardian of the Vongola Decimo, a close ally of your uncle. Both you and Ryohei had met at a mutual family’s ball, him coming with the Vongola Decimo as his guardian and you coming with your uncle as his accountant. When your uncle was introducing you to the Decimo and his guardian, both bosses noticed the zeros on your wrists and excused themselves (begrudgingly on your uncle’s part) to allow you to to become more familiar with each other.

Honestly, though, you were expecting someone in your uncle’s family to be your soulmate. You expected some hardworking man who didn’t belittle your position as a form of nepotism, who would be interested in your love for language learning, who would encourage you to continue your graduate studies.

You weren’t expecting him. You weren’t expecting such a high ranking mafioso. And you were definitely not expecting someone who was as kind as he was loud.

The more you listened and chatted with Ryohei, however, the more you realized that not only were your expectations met, they were extremely exceeded.

“I didn’t think our meeting would be so extremely comfortable, Ryohei.”

Daemon Spade

You jolted when you felt the cool sensation on your wrist, causing you to lift it up to observe the numbers turn to 00:10:00. You were excited the day before, knowing that in less than 24 hours, you would be meeting your soulmate. Even that morning, you were practically bouncing with joy at the idea of meeting him or her so soon. That excitement, however, turned into terror when a few minutes ago you, your family, and other patrons were held at gun point in the restaurant you were having lunch at.

No one in their right mind would would try to do such a thing in Vongola territory. Did these people have a death wish?

Someone let out a scream when one of the gunmen shot a patron dead for “breathing too heavily” while the other men harassed the workers to start a money collection.

All you wanted to do was meet your soulmate. Was that so much to ask for? You bit your lip and closed your eyes in prayer for someone, anyone to come help. Where were the Vongola men? Was this not part of the family territory?

Time passed as your wrist read 00:02:00, not that you were excited to meet your soulmate anymore. In fact, you began to pray that they stayed far, far away from these lunatics and that they never came.

“What the hell?” someone yelled, causing you to open your eyes.

You looked at the gunmen, who were swinging their arms this way and that, as if trying to swat at something you couldn’t see. Looking around, you weren’t the only one confused at their behavior.

The gunmen began to claw at their skin, screaming about feeling ants inside of them. You looked around, trying to figure out the source of their screams when you suddenly locked gazes with a man standing outside of the restaurant. He had strangely shaped hair, a melon perhaps? You shivered as he smirked, his gaze never leaving yours. The man glanced down at his wrist, smiled, and looked back at you, giving you a small wave.

Ignoring the gunmen and their screams, ignoring all the other patrons who used this distraction as a means to leave the restaurant, you looked at your own wrist.


“Nufufufu, hello, my dear.”

You looked up, the man suddenly in front of you and at the hand he was offering. With a smile, you took the hand and replied back, “It’s about time.”


“When you take something you are to give an equal gift in return. Otherwise your life helps to atone and fill up the remaining pieces.”

It’s bitter, the aftertaste,  although mixed with a sweet dilute the flavor is still terrible at the end. Forcing him to place his mug down on the warm surface of the inn’s oak table. Only they sit in the dimly lit room by the comfort of the dimming fire.

Impatience drags at the edge of his words. He is not here to learn of legends or made up tales that force children to behave at night lest they risk being gobbled up in the dead of night.

Hibari Kyoya is only here to learn of the way to obtain a worthy opponent. Following the lead of rumor.

He does not care for a bedtime story even if this boy has bet his entire life on it.

“Your point? Hurry it up.”

Tsunayoshi clicks his tongue, hand tracing the wooden designs of the table. “You’re terribly impatient, Hibari-san.” His eyes narrowing at the glare he gets for the comment.

“I do not care for childish folklore.” 

At this Tsuna laughs, damaging to his ears. It was taunting and he wished to beat the arrogant herbivore into the ground. If not for the remaining expression, which kept him slightly interested in the topic. Only by a thread.

“Then consider it a warning. Even you know witches and practitioners of dark arts exist, you should know more than anyone that there are corrupt ways in which people take things. So I suggest you listen well when I say this advice.”

Kyoya’s eyes narrowed but nevertheless he would humor it.

“If you travel up that mountain, and I hope to god you are not so utterly foolish to do so anyhow. You will run into that entity. His hair is long and dirty, the color of the deep sea. His eye is redder than blood and then there’s the unmistakable wooden mask.”

He paused to see if the man was still listening and he was, barely.

“With the kanji of death heavily carved into it. He will then ask you if you have come to form a contract. You must then look to his right eye and say the words, I have no such desires. Failure to do exactly this and the only way to identify you when we next meet will be by your severed limbs.”

It was silent for a moment. A chill settling in the room despite the warmth of the fire which had suddenly blazed higher as if in response to his warning, Tsuna’s warning. That of a local who has seen those crawl back barely living only to die hours later due to various missing parts. 

Pride ran strong in Hibari. Whoever this supposed entity if even real sounded like a thrill. A momentary opponent while he searches for his real challenge. Tsuna feels himself being sized up along with the weight of his words.

“I doubt, Sawada, that a simple entity could scatter my limbs around so easily.”

This irked a laugh, once again grinding, ridiculing. “Fine. Go find out, find out what the witch of the North mountain is like. And then you can tell me whether it was a simple task or not. If we ever meet again.”

Kyoya wasted no time skillfully smacking the other across the cheek with such impact he toppled from his chair and onto the firm floor. “Don’t mock me, herbivore.”

Tsuna rose with a withering look. His cheek swelling as it formed red blotches.

“I will always, always, mock fools such as you.”

Kyoya stood abruptly, with the intention of biting this boy until he cut his own tongue in two. He was stopped by a bullet in the far wall.

“I do believe it’s Tsuna’s bedtime, you see he has been up far too late many many nights and becomes a bit pissy when he lacks rest.” Reborn, the broker from earlier, stands in the entryway with his pistol raised. Of course the strong man would be protective of one so much weaker. Disgusting.

“Who’s pissy, Reborn. I’m trying to-”

“Once a strong willed individual has made up their mind, it is nearly impossible to persuade otherwise. You would know that well, Tsuna.”

Tsuna’s face contorts to one of hurt. “As much as I’d love to combat your unnecessary comment, Reborn. You’re right, it is past my bedtime so if you’ll excuse me. Make sure you lock the inn when your asses are done.”

Tsuna brushes past the man, headed for his villa no doubt.

“What a charming herbivore.” Kyoya bit out with disgust. Reborn rolled his eyes, putting his gun back where he’d hidden it on his body. 

“A word of advice. Don’t ever hit Tsunayoshi again if you don’t want a bullet to the skull.”

“Wao. A threat is it?”

Reborn ignored him. “And if you’re going up that mountain. Bring a damn warm coat, you’re gonna need it kid.”

He grinned. “ ‘cause I doubt that witch will be so kind as to offer you one.”

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You know Thursday may be the last time you ever see Mukuro in anything canon and in her last moments she dissing Naegi and asking if he should be killed.

I have lived through the despair of ep10 and you think that this would affect me? Fool! I am so dead inside to process emotions anymore!!

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so where is junko in the twin au?

She’s in the 78th Class! Mukuro is with her too.

But she’s, more like, always chasing Matsuda? So she interacts a lot with 77th Class (A and B).

One of Many Shots

read it on AO3 at

by RandyYourSticks

This is a huge thing of one shots from Voltron: Legendary Defender, Dangan Ronpa, Homestuck, and OFF, sooo there’s gonna be quite a bit of ships, angst, mental illnesses and all that.

Words: 2250, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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