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Mukuro + Fran + Squalo ending up having a crush on Xanxus' surprisingly sweet wife


When he first met you he thought you were just one of Xanxus’ flings. He would see you for like a week then you would be gone just like all the others before you, but that wasn’t the case. You had stayed with Xanxus way longer than he expected his boss to tolerate, that made him a bit curious about you.

He got his first interaction with you when he arrived back to the mansion from a particularly annoying mission that left him a bit injured, but nothing he couldn’t handle. When you saw him shuffle past the kitchen late one night as you were getting some tea before bed you stopped what you were doing and fussed over him. Squalo was surprised to see the woman Xanxus was with most of the time now caring about his injuries.

You had stayed with him when he went to get patched up and made sure he was completely alright before leaving his side. That was the beginning of his interest in you. He saw you more often after that night mostly around Xanxus, and he couldn’t help but wonder why you were with him. You were so sweet and Xanxus was Xanxus.

You would pop by his office bringing Squalo food if he missed dinner or some treats every now and then. You even offered to do his reports if he looked tired to you. Squalo try as he may began to realize that he was getting a crush on you. Now he sat in his office after another mission trying to finish the report so he wouldn’t have to deal with it stacking up, when you pocked your head in the door giving him a small smile.

“How are you doing Squalo? Xanxus said you were hurt in your last mission so I came to check

on you.” You beamed at him from across his office,

“I’m fine woman. I told you I can take care of myself.” He tried to sound angry at you but he couldn’t because it was you.

“I know Squalo.” He loved the way you said his name with concern and care, “But you know me.”

He watched you approach him checking him over for visible wounds or signs of discomfort and suppressed the urge to sigh. He hated how he felt like a love sick teenager around you, he hated the how you were attentive and sweet, he hated that Xanxus had found and married you in the first place.

“You seem alright, but you should get some rest. You can finish those reports later and I can help you with them if you like?”

Squalo shot up from his chair. He needed to get away from you right now. He muttered something about heading to get some rest and ignored your relieved expression, as he nearly ran out the room. Squalo grinted his teeth heading to his room. Why did you have to be his wife?


It was about that time. Fran looked at the pictures of different scenery you set out in front of him as you stared at him with hopeful eyes. You had taken with having Fran use his illusions to show you these places for a while now. You had to bribe him with food or favors but you kept returning.

The first time he messed with you taking the bribe and halfassing the illusion. You had been disappointed but you didn’t get angry with him. On the contrary you acted the same sweet way to him as always. Trying to defend him from Bel’s knives, making sure he was okay when he got back from missions, asking him if he ate. It was disturbing and he told you such every time.

It was weird that you were with Xanxus and Fran always looked confused when he saw the two of you together. You were the kind of person to have a normal husband, not be here living with an assassination squad.

“Wonderful. Your illusions are wonderful Fran.” You gushed at him.

He shrugged at you. You were too easily impressed. He guessed that’s why you were with Xanxus. You hugged him as you had taken to doing every now and then. He knew that you saw him as someone to dote on; he knew you didn’t see him as a man and he couldn’t help but let that upset him.

“Thanks for doing this for me. I’ll make you your favorite for dinner as thanks.” You grinned at him.

“Two days in a row?” He asked, causing you to sigh and pat his head,

“Only because it’s you.” You sighed before turning to get to work on the food, not noticing the small smile that graced Fran’s face.


He was bored out of his mind. This party had been going on for way too long causing Mukuro to get restless, but he had to be here. It was mandatory for all the guardians to be here. It was a celebration for all the other allied families on another year of continued trust and loyalty. He was talking with Chrome for a bit before she was pulled away by the two young women Haru and Kyoko.

“Excuse me.” Mukuro turned to the woman who smiled up at him kindly causing him to bring his guard up, “I’m sorry to bother you.”

“Yet here you are.” Mukuro gave you a cold smile,

“Yeah. I saw that you were alone so I thought you would like some company- At least until I find one of the people I came with.” You explained seeing his suspicious gaze.

“Fine.” Mukuro relented,  

“Who are you here with?”

“My husband.” You beamed at the mention of him,” He should be here somewhere. He just disappeared a few minutes ago.”

Mukuro hmmed . A mafia boss’ wife he guessed that’s who you were. He decided to humor you, seeing no harm in speaking boring pleasantries with you.

“Oh you’re Fran’s teacher.”

Mukuro didn’t know when talking to you became enjoyable but it did. You were really sweet that was something he rarely saw in the mafia and being around you was calming. He was surprised that you knew about Fran though.

“How do you know-”

“Oh I see my husband now.” You interrupted Mukuro.

Mukuro followed your line of sight to the mystery husband. Standing there barking orders at the bartender on the other side of the party was Xanxus. That answered that question. Mukuro turned to you then back at him, with a wry smile.

“Xanxus is your husband?” He asked needing confirmation to this

“Yeah. That’s my husband. Do you see him often?”

“We…cross paths from time to time.”

“Oh well you should come over some time. I’d love to host you Mukuro.” You smiled brightly at him, “And you can see Fran too.”

Mukuro gave you the most fake enthusiastic smile he could muster. “That sounds great.” He would regret this, but the way you were looking at him made it hard for him to say no to you.

Tsuna, 14, wide eyed and freaked out, in over his head: Mukuro is so scary! I don’t want to fight or deal with him at all! Asking me to win is unreasonable! 

Tsuna, 16 probably, dead eyed and done with shit: [ /carries a spray bottle on him at all times, squirts Mukuro straight in his face literally whenever he opens his mouth] why are you like this


this time a khr x mm crossover!!

I chose Reborn as Rika so I can keep the “RFA” lololol

Anyway… I realize there might be better matches? Like Saeran would probably suit Enma more, Saeyoung could be teenage Reborn etc… but I just went this so most main characters are the Vongola Guardians

Instead of worrying about Hibird (Elly) and Hibird Projects, Assistant Dokuro is more concerned about Mr. Hibari’s tendecy to take out his tonfas during his meetings.

Some more stuff:

Ryohei is Tom lmao

I thought Hana would suit Vanderwood… she can keep kicking Takeshi’s ass