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The Hope’s Peak Student Council and the First “Killing Game”

If you saw the 7th episode of Danganronpa Despair Arc you surely recognice these characters. Seeing them just die like that was very sad because I think they looked pretty amazing and interesting.
We didn’t even got their names and sadly their ultimate talents. A little bit more personality could have made these people and their deaths more emotional (if even possible) and an actual Killing Game like DR1 & 2 would have been even better!

Am i really the only one who wants more Information or even a game or Story or a special episode about the student council?

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A/N if muku’s going to sing in front of the class then she’s going to sing EPIC and what’s more epic than this?

Karaoke Night aka Mukuro is a singing goddess bless her

“Okay, so who’s next?”

“Hmm, it says here the next song is… A Cruel Angel’s Thesis?” Asahina read off from the device with her face scrunched up. “Huh, never heard of it.”

“WHAAAAAAAAAAAT??!” Was the flabbergasted cry of Yamada and then he stood up from his seat with a face of someone ready to fight in a war. Not just any war but a war on anime.  "How could you be so ignorant?! This THE legendary song of THE legendary anime EVA!!!“

“W-Who cares if it’s from an a-anime or not?” Fukawa said exasperatedly as she then narrowed her eyes at him judgingly. “Go figure that you’re going to c-choose one from an anime.”

“While I must admit that this song is a show of excellent taste, I must also admit that I did not put in such request.” Yamada then puffed his chest with pure admiration and pride. “This song is absolutely GOD-TIER. I cannot defile it with my pathetic voice. I am unworthy.”

“Wow. Dude straight up called himself trash.” Leon whistled from the side.

“If you’re done arguing amongst yourselves on unimportant matters then you now have the time to notice that the song is almost over.” Togami rudely interrupted. “I don’t care who it is, whoever chose this song they better step up now.”

“Oh, it was me.” Junko nonchalantly raised her hand.

“My, what a turn of events. I wouldn’t have taken you as the type who has this kind of… preferences.” Celes smiled at her in amusement.

“Right, so Junko’s up next then.” Mondo said.

“Huh? Hell NO.” “Just because I put the song in doesn’t mean that I have to be the one to sing it. Have any of you guys never been to karaoke before? There’s a thing called free-for-all ya know.”

“Unfortunately, I have not. I apologize for being misinformed in these matters.” Ishimaru politely bowed. “However, if I may ask. If you’re not to sing this then who else will?”

“Oh, don’t worry. I already have a volunteer right here.” She flashed him a peace sign. And then she lazily placed her arm on the shoulders of–

Mukuro Ikusaba.

“Huh?” Her shoulders jumped at the sudden contact.

“Knock them dead, sis.” Junko encouraged. “Oh, but not literally, okay? Just figure of speech dead kind of dead.”

“Eh?” Mukuro looked back at her twin in confusion. She was really going to go through this? She blinked a few times in disbelief. “But I don’t even know the song.”

“I know right?” Junko laughed heartily and it looked like she was the only one enjoying this. “That’s why I had this prepared beforehand.”

Mukuro was then handed out a thin booklet. When she opened it, she squinted. It was the musical arrangement of the song. She squinted further as she scanned the contents.

“Sight-singing?” Sayaka uttered when she saw the music sheet. “But that’s not something everyone can do. Even I had to go through training just so I could learn this much and it was no easy feat.”

“Don’t sweat out the small stuff! My sis can handle something this easy.” Junko dismissed her with a light wave of her hand. “Besides, she has training!”

“I’m afraid you must have confused two different types of training.” Sakura calmly commented with hints of concern.

“Like I said, it’s A-OK!” Junko gave everyone the thumbs up. “Besides, it’s not up to me to decide but it’s up to my sis.” She then playfully winked at her twin. “And she’s going to accept it whether she likes it or not.”

“Isn’t that basically coercion though?” Chihiro commented n concern.

“Who cares? She’ll do anything I’ll say anyways. Right, sis?” Junko smiled impishly.

Mukuro was about to reply with something but then the song played and a different set of words came out.

As well as a different voice.

“Like an angel who has forsaken sympathy,
Rise up, young boy, and make yourself a legend!”

And another legend was born.

Everyone aside from Mukuro was suddenly silent as if a spell had been cast in the room. A spell cast by none other than Mukuro who was singing surprisingly splendidly that everyone was left in a wake of varying degrees of shock. Some gasped, some had their eyes widen, some were slackjawed, and some were still in the process of accepting this as reality. How could the quiet soldier girl have such an incredible voice?

As if fitting the song, the Mukuro before them was an angel.

Mukuro on the other hand was trying to keep her poker face on. Emphasis on trying. Despite the seriousness in her eyes, her face was flushed in embarrassment. After all, this was her first time singing in front of an audience other than her sister. She couldn’t help but get conscious over this since she’s not too confident about her singing skills.

Even though everyone in the room was absolutely floored by her voice.

Correction: not everyone was impressed. There’s Junko who was smiling smugly as she approved everyone else’s positive reactions. It’s only after the first chorus, during the instrumental interlude, that they open their mouth to speak. They wouldn’t dare talk while she was singing and ruin the song since they were all mesmerized.

“What is this GAP MOE???” Yamada asked incredulously.

“I’m with him. Seriously, who knew she was hiding that voice?” Leon seconded.

“Woah, never took her for the singing type.” Mondo commented in awe.

“And her singing is absolutely wonderful. Well done!” Ishimaru praised.

“I… really like her voice. It’s nice.” Chihiro shyly pitched in.

“Hmph. It appears that there are things you’re good at aside from holding a knife or gun. Consider me… surprised.” This was the closest thing to a not so rude compliment that you could get from Togami.

“H-H-How can you be hot and sing w-well?? It’s just not f-fair! Show some more weakness goddammit!” Fukawa ranted.

“You’re just jealous.” Asahina stuck out her tongue at Fukawa and then gave a thumbs up at Mukuro. “Your singing is awesome!!”

“Your voice has lifted my spirits and healed my listless soul.” Sakura commented appreciatively.

“Yet another surprising secret. Well this activity turned out more interesting than I thought. You have a lovely voice.” Celes smiled sweetly.

“Wait but isn’t Sayaka our SHSL Idol? Then why is Ikusaba so good at this? Don’t tell me we have TWO IDOLS??” Hagakure spouted another conspiracy theory.

“No, there’s only one SHSL Idol. But I must say that I am impressed by her voice. With this much skill plus the fact that she’s trained her body to move precisely, I can say that she could very much easily pass any audition to become an idol.” Sayaka chipped in her own thoughts.

“It seems that my profile on you isn’t updated. I’ll keep this valuable information in mind. You should sing more often.” Kirigiri teased.

“Wow, Mukuro. You’re amazing! You sound so cool right now!!” Naegi cheered her on.

Mukuro’s gaze never strayed from the sheet as she pretended she was concentrated in it. The intense blush on her face gave away that she could hear them though.

She was blushing even long after the song had finished as she awkwardly accepted everyone’s praises.

“The next song is Never Say Never from… Dangan Ronpa?”

“Oooh, that’s mine!” Junko enthusiastically raised her hand as the other one was slung across her twin’s shoulders. “We’re going to do a duet. Naturally, I’m going to get all the good parts. You can get the boring chorus but I’m keeping all the raps!”

“Isn’t this supposed to be rapped by three people though?” Mukuro questioned her with in puzzlement.

“Who needs three people when you have multiple personalities!” Junko joked with an impish smile.

And so the karaoke night continued.

“Oh, and don’t forget to do the backup vocals! We’re going to set this room on fire, baby! Fucking lit!!”

Izuru, Junko, and Mukuro Interactions summed up.

Junko: Hey, Izuru. Guess who you get to snuggle next to?

Izuru: I don’t car-

Junko: It’s me! Now, don’t let the bed-bugs bite.

Izuru: The black-widows are already dead, and I know you’ve also put a hornet’s nest just above the bed.

Junko: You know me perfectly, don’t you? My cute Izzy-Sempai-

Izuru: No. We’re not doing that.

Mukuro: Junko, I don’t trust Izuru. Maybe I should snuggle next to you and-

Junko: Go snuggle with the toilet, if you’re that thirsty. I don’t want to catch your odour or ugliness while me and Izuru are cuddling.

Mukuro: But I’m not thirsty, I had a glass of water just-*sees Junko glaring*-Okay, Junko. I’ll be in the bathroom…crying.

You know what I really want from the Danganronpa 3 anime?

Just a scene, of Makoto, Aoi, Kyoko and Yasuhiro all standing in a group in grassy field with 8 tombstone. Aoi brings cherry blossoms to put on Sakura’s grave. Maktoto brings a photograph of Sayaka pop group. Kyoko and Yashuhiro don’t bring anything but they are there all the same. 

Aoi tells Sakura about the people they were able to save and about how strong Aoi is because of her.

Makoto tells Sayaka he isn’t mad at her and how she keeps him going.

And together as a group they tell the other of there achievements

they tell Taka about the school they built.

They tell Hifumi about how they met his fans.

They tell Mondo that they found members of his gang and how there doing.

They tell Leon about the baseball teams at the schools

They tell Chihiro all about the programs to save the remnants of despair

They tell Celeste that they found her cat and is now taking care of him.

They tell Mukuro that it wasn’t her fault about what happened.

This is what I want from the anime.