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Can you draw mukuro and saihara ? Emo squad right ! Also bonus for makoto and kaede watching them . Protag squad .

Y e s.

Mukuro is one of my favourite characters thanks to danganronpa:IF so I liked to draw this :D

animeandgaming234  asked:

so, does anyone who has come back want to talk to any of the kids? :3


Mukuro-chan? What are you doing? I know you were very worried about them…Now is the perfect time to see them again…

….What if they are not happy to see me? The one they loved was Junko…Not me.

I don’t think you are totally right. Maybe Enoshima-san was a special person to them…

But I’m sure that in their heart, Mukuro-chan is just as special. So you should try to go see them before it’s too late.

O-Okay…I will try.

Junko and Mukuro's first words
  • Baby Mukuro: M...M..
  • Mom: She's gonna say it!
  • Baby Mukuro: M....M....
  • Mom: Come on, say it!!
  • Baby Mukuro: Military!
  • Mom: FUCK!
  • Baby Junko: D...D...
  • Dad: Come on, say it!
  • Baby Junko: D....D....
  • Dad: Do it for Daddy!
  • Baby Junko: DESPAIR!
  • Dad: I hate my life.