Finally home from school :3

Wednesdays are so longgg.  But today was my first day wearing makeup, and it went really well!  Usually, someone makes a comment that throws me off, like, “When did you start wearing makeup?” but all I got was compliments on how pretty my hair looked today and how my shirt was nice.  

Even if someone had made a comment like that, though, I think I’d be all right with it.  Like Andrej said, “You know, if it makes you happy…at the end of the day, no one can take away from that.”

He’s so right. And if he can walk away at the end of the day feeling happy, I know I can too (:

On another note, today was Dinner with Casey, which was really fun!  It’s the highlight of our Wednesdays ahahah.  I treated us to a piece of chocolate cream pie :3  And then, wouldn’t you know it, I go into Social Justice and it’s our teacher’s birthday and she brought in cupcakes xD  Damn, I just couldn’t say no!

This adorable little Bangladeshi girl who sits across the way from me, Muktar, was chatting with me at break time, which surprised me because usually I talk to Casey (naturally) or Clarissa.  She was really sweet, and then as soon as Sarah (our professor) was out of the room, Muktar asked me about making a birthday card for Sarah, which we did!  We passed it around the room and everyone signed it, and as soon as we were done, we interrupted lecture, presented it to her and played a ‘happy birthday’ clip on YouTube xD

Best of all was her response:  "Thank you guys so much!  It’s so nice to feel like I have people to celebrate my birthday with.  If it weren’t for you guys, I would have had an ordinary day and gone home to celebrate with my cats.“

Also a highlight of my day - I got a perfect score on that paper I had to hand in earlier.  Sarah said my arguments were well formed.  THANK YOU PROFESSOR USHER.  I am forever indebted to you for teaching me how to write.  Seriously, every good grade on a paper I get, I mentally thank Usher.  He was, as our class collectively referred to him as, 'the man.'