mukmukks art


I needed to take my mind off things, so I made another jojo oc~ :0c no name for her yet, but the Stand is ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ by Duran Duran, and it’s that lovely maw over her eye. figured I’d go with an older song for once, lmao. it’s sort of ‘bound’, so non-stand users can see it too, but she keeps it hidden under a headwrap. but if you get too close, I bet you could hear it breath :3c

HLtW gives a sort of sixth sense/clairvoyance; unparalleled tracking, past present and future (up to a limited time). However the sense has a rather bloody requirement, needing a bite of the person in order to track them. HLtW’s user, however, already has rather keen senses herself, and is a rather accomplished PI. She’ll help you track the guy you’re looking for, but her “special tracking” is rather hush-hush.



Here’s the whole gang! This was a lot of fun, actually. Might see about throwing them on a shirt or something.
And sorry for spamming your dashes with so many robos, I’m just really proud of myself for actually finishing them like I told myself I would ;; smooches to you all for bearing with me through this haha