I have on various occasions admitted that Magcargo is my favorite Pokemon, but since it’s arguably one of the worst Pokemon to use competitively there’s rarely any reason to showcase it. So thus I need to turn myself to memes, specifically the one where you combine a mon with other species within its egg group. Hope you agree with my interpretation on how the respective genepools would collide, was fun drawing these.

thesm0lcomputeryguy  asked:

Is it safe to hug an Alolan Muk? My Alolan Muk tries to hug me, but I don't know if it's safe. Help?

Alolan Muk do not hug, at least, not in the human sense. Their “hugging” behavior is actually a dominant stance. While it might seem cruel, you need to play hard to get or face some serious behavioral issues latter.

I recommend standing as tall as you can over your Muk (that sounds dirty; I apologize) and snort loudly through your nose. The stance lets the Pokémon know who’s boss, but the noise tells the Muk it is is your good graces and is greatly loved. If it tries to hug you again, stomp your feet loudly and repeat the gesture. You may have to do this several times.

It sounds weird, but no one ever said Pokémon show affection the same way humans do. It’s part of what makes raising them fun.