se-kai  asked:

Who are the WONDERFUL people you've met on Tumblr? LOL. :)

Everyone I met on tumblr are wonderful! :) But this long list are those people I treasure and that I’d be hurt if suddenly walk away from me. :)

  • dhee unnie ♥ first person whom i considered a friend here in tumblr but now she’s more like my long lost sister :)
  • twin manda ♥ i love everything about her she’s just perfect <3
  • aila ♥ she approached me when i’m still fckyeaheunhae and she just spazzed and spazzed about hyukjae to me
  • madie ♥ she was once a hyukjae stan………kkk
  • honey ♥ i made her a hyukjae stan my total bitch
  • ate ivy ♥
  • florian ♥
  • ATE PATTI ♥♥ she approached me here in tumblr and asked me if i’m attending this certain university and guess what, we’re actually schoolmates and now, she’s the one i’m always talking to :D
  • elisha
  • philline
  • amie
  • ate lei she’s like always there when i rant haha
  • jella she didn’t judge me when i became a shawol stan and i didn’t judge her at all when she became interested in other groups more than SJ
  • nancy
  • lii ♥ everything about hyukjae fave hyukjae stan!
  • gracie first taemin stan that ever followed me! ♥
  • karen my doppleganger lol
  • sumy
  • nova ♥
  • ingrid
  • gia
  • eunice always the one who listens to my rants :D
  • alie ♥ no words needed she knows how much i love her
  • koral captain♥
  • ate jen the one whom i can confide my certain issues with :)
  • tammy

and of course you trixie! :))))) okay I really exerted effort in answering this okay you bitch.
you go study now for your exams! :D