muji drawers


I finally put my muji drawer to use! I’m finally going to be able to continue reading the Hamilton biography and then analyze the Federalist papers after 👌🏻 #whoneedspartieswhenyouhavehamilton my new desk is nice but my room has horrible lighting as always D:

Wait waaaattt? The container store has these drawers that look identical to my muji drawers. The dimensions are the exact same and the price is only $1 more. I am so confused. Does the container store sell Muji?? Or is it just a copycat product? I need to do some research!

update: I can’t find anything on the container store website mentioning Muji so I’m assuming it’s just a copycat product created by the container store. huh! I guess I have to buy from the container store now since I don’t need to pay for shipping. 

The Workspace

The entirety of where I study isn’t very aesthetically pleasing, so I’ll only include the white table I work on in the picture above. Below is the full.

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My Makeup Tag

First off I have to say im so happy most of my makeup fit in the muji 5 drawer i got, im probs gonna need like 3 more tho for my other palettes. once i get some other organizers ill post all my makeup but this is most of it i was tagged by @gelatinadeleche, @lumipang and @sangriagloss (i have all that cover fx thanks to @bedpartymakeover! i could never afford it on my own lol)

  • first drawer is face stuff, foundations, powder, primer and concealers, (i have so many la girl ones bc i use them as foundation. I use the cover fx cream as concealer lol. also my trusty chapstick bc i couldn’t fit it in the lip stuff drawer. 
  • second drawer is my go to lip stuff, liners, liquid lipsticks and 2 lip glosses
  • third drawer is just the 2 eyeshadow palettes that would fit in there and the rest is blushes. 
  • forth drawer is eye stuff mostly single shadows, one we n wild palette, liquid and gel liners, eye pencils my one mascara and eyeshadow primer. 
  • fifth drawer is stuff im ot using as much/whatever couldn’t fit in the other drawers mostly lip liner pencils, things im not as into rn and things i haven’t gotten around to using yet. 
  • the blush palette sits on top bc its way to big to fit in the drawers (its one of my favorites i use it like everyday thanks to @gelatinadeleche)

all the ppl i was gonna tag already did this bc im late lol so ya


Muji 5 Drawer is Here!

So honestly, I’m just going to wait until the weekend to do a review. I am not happy with any of the photos I took (it’s gross and dark outside because we’re supposed to get 10 inches of rain every day for the next 3 days). 

I was surprised at how fast MUJI shipped! I actually didn’t even get a email that my package had shipped. I never even got a tracking number! I ordered this drawer on Tuesday last week, and it got here today (exactly a week from ordering). 

This drawer is also bigger than I always thought it’d be… It holds so much makeup! I am totally pleased with my order. I will go into more depth in my review when I post it this weekend (if the weather gets better and I can actually get decently light photos).