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I finally put my muji drawer to use! I’m finally going to be able to continue reading the Hamilton biography and then analyze the Federalist papers after 👌🏻 #whoneedspartieswhenyouhavehamilton my new desk is nice but my room has horrible lighting as always D:


My Makeup Tag

First off I have to say im so happy most of my makeup fit in the muji 5 drawer i got, im probs gonna need like 3 more tho for my other palettes. once i get some other organizers ill post all my makeup but this is most of it i was tagged by @gelatinadeleche, @lumipang and @sangriagloss (i have all that cover fx thanks to @bedpartymakeover! i could never afford it on my own lol)

  • first drawer is face stuff, foundations, powder, primer and concealers, (i have so many la girl ones bc i use them as foundation. I use the cover fx cream as concealer lol. also my trusty chapstick bc i couldn’t fit it in the lip stuff drawer. 
  • second drawer is my go to lip stuff, liners, liquid lipsticks and 2 lip glosses
  • third drawer is just the 2 eyeshadow palettes that would fit in there and the rest is blushes. 
  • forth drawer is eye stuff mostly single shadows, one we n wild palette, liquid and gel liners, eye pencils my one mascara and eyeshadow primer. 
  • fifth drawer is stuff im ot using as much/whatever couldn’t fit in the other drawers mostly lip liner pencils, things im not as into rn and things i haven’t gotten around to using yet. 
  • the blush palette sits on top bc its way to big to fit in the drawers (its one of my favorites i use it like everyday thanks to @gelatinadeleche)

all the ppl i was gonna tag already did this bc im late lol so ya

The Workspace

The entirety of where I study isn’t very aesthetically pleasing, so I’ll only include the white table I work on in the picture above. Below is the full.

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2/30 A photo of your study space.
Sorry here’s multiple pictures! My study space is almost never this clean but when it is, it’s a lot more enjoyable.

This is what’s on my desk at the moment:

Acrylic organisers and drawers from muji to house my ridiculously large pen and sticky note collection.

A pencil case and large lilac planner from Kikki k. because I’m fortunate enough to live close to three stores :)

A London Underground notebook which is my unofficial bullet journal.

And lastly a cup of Sharpies because I love them and there was a great deal at Costco!

danceloudforever  asked:

Hi 😊 I was wondering if you have any tips for organizing makeup with limited space. My collection isn't big or anything but I live at home rn and I feel like my makeup takes up my entire vanity. Lol

Hi babe!

For me, I like to have a vanity with drawers and storage so I can keep the top of my vanity decently organized, but if you’re not in the market for a new vanity…

Stack up!

Store your makeup in drawers that can be stacked on top of one another. The drawers pictured below are Muji drawers, but you can find many similar ones on Amazon or in stores.

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Add shelves on the wall over your vanity to continue the storage up! You can find acrylic, floating shelves like the ones pictured below or any other type of shelves to fit your individual style. Find acrylic shelves for under $20 here.

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serf-bort  asked:

where can i buy a clear makeup organizer? i googled it and i found a few but they're like $200.

The most affordable one I’ve come across and use as my current makeup set up/organization are the Muji drawers! They don’t hold as much as the larger more expensive ones but they are great for stacking and since each one is around $20 you can stack two or three for a fraction of the price of the more expensive ones! 

I prefer having a mix of the 2 drawer and 5 drawer because the 2 drawer can fit bulkier products that the 5 drawer cannot. 

Check out all the Muji drawer selection here


Muji 5 Drawer is Here!

So honestly, I’m just going to wait until the weekend to do a review. I am not happy with any of the photos I took (it’s gross and dark outside because we’re supposed to get 10 inches of rain every day for the next 3 days). 

I was surprised at how fast MUJI shipped! I actually didn’t even get a email that my package had shipped. I never even got a tracking number! I ordered this drawer on Tuesday last week, and it got here today (exactly a week from ordering). 

This drawer is also bigger than I always thought it’d be… It holds so much makeup! I am totally pleased with my order. I will go into more depth in my review when I post it this weekend (if the weather gets better and I can actually get decently light photos).

oncee-upon-a-dreamm  asked:

Hi there! First off I wanted to say how much I love and appreciate your blog! My question is where could I find one of those make up organizers? I've seen a few pictures on your blog and Pinterest but I'm not sure where to get one

Thanks babe!

I’m guessing you mean the clear plastic/acrylic ones?

Plastic/Acrylic Drawers

Plastic/Acrylic drawers are great for storing makeup because being clear you know where everything is and you get to show off your pretty cosmetics! I don’t know about you but seeing my makeup makes me happy…

These can get pretty pricey but you can definitely find some affordable ones. The pricey ones tend to hold more makeup and are a little better quality. You can stack them on top of each other for more storage.

Cosmetic Organizers

You can get the clear organizers/dividers at places like Bed Bath and Beyond, Ulta, Amazon, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target, etc. Keep an eye out where they keep the makeup travel bags. These don’t fit much but great for putting your every day products in like lipstick, foundation, bronzer, etc and it’s easily accessible. These look great on top of the clear drawers!