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psychology: sociocultural level of analysis
i’m so glad i know this LOA pretty well, because it used to seem like So Much but now it’s just about do-able ☺️ if i was a more sciencey person i definitely would’ve been interested in psych at uni because it’s so fascinating !!


April 23, 2018

Ok so excuse my language but I get so tilted when people shit all over my major because it’s the ‘easiest life science major’ and life sciences are ‘so much easier than engineering or physical sciences’

And I know it’s not personal but it actually hurts my feelings a little when people assume I’m living the high life when I’m actually working my ass off

Like maybe I’m falling asleep in class because I’m so fucking exhausted with everything else I’m doing and not because I’m dumber than you or lazier than you. No I’m not taking the hardest series for my STEM classes but I’m also working 8 hours/week in the hospital, 12 hours/week as an NSA, 9 hours/week for Daily Bruin, and 3 hours/week for other various clubs/orgs. I scheduled 8am classes all year because if I didn’t have them I literally wouldn’t have enough time to do everything I want to do. I barely sleep. Just because I’m not crying over my classes all the time (and sometimes I do, I promise) doesn’t mean I’m not working really REALLY really hard. That’s on top of the last organic chemistry course in my series and organic chem lab—classes of which I am one of <5 freshmen in and full of experienced upperclassmen—and having some remnant of a social life. IT’S NOT EASY and I hate when people assume that it is

Ok sorry just had to vent because I was just being butt hurt all day today and cried a little in the middle of class lol. But it’s fine these people can just continue fueling my damn fire


stationary that my sister gave me for my birthday last week づ﹏ど i’ve been studying for my finals and getting closer to all of my new friends ! i brought 7 pals home and we had the most fun time just laughing and  eating

i am reminded to be grateful and happy for all of my recent goodies, tysm

tag yourself student edition

who cares: reads books in class instead of listening, attention span of 5 seconds when studying, generally starts studying in the day before, lost all their new fancy pens by week 2, still somehow gets A*, sometimes starts arguing with the teacher

i can and i will: motivated af, watches legally blonde 24/7, big dreams and aspirations, bullet journal is goals, sometimes very forgetful but makes up for it through very hard work, wants to figure out everything by themselves before asking for help

hello my name is stressed: signed up for 10000 extracurriculars and can’t get out of them now, time management god, hates the glorification of all-nighters but stays up until 6 am anyway, has the highest expectations regarding themselves, needs a hug

aesthetics TM: desperately wants their notes to look perfect, spends all their money on stationery, loves to doodle, PUNS, is great in one specific class, always tries to help their friends with homework, study playlists!!!, can still easily feel overwhelmed and lost but they try and that’s enough

what: has lost their motivation somewhere along the way, has no idea what’s going on, “there was homework”, messy notes and messy life, really wants school to end, hates the education system, has no idea what they want to do after school tho

honestly my number one piece of advice for students is to like. be pragmatic about studying. because lbr doing your headings in perfect calligraphy with a £5 brush pen isn’t going to improve your grades. re-writing and re-writing your notes until they’re instagram-worthy isn’t going to help you retain the information. planning in a £30 bullet journal which you’ll then feel pressured into making really aesthetic spreads for when a £5 planner would do the same job isn’t going to make you a better student. yes, 100% take pride in your notes and by all means treat yourself to nice stationery every now and again but pls don’t waste your time and money trying to reach some unattainable studyblr goals.


03.20.2018 | day 6 / 100 of productivity

today was super productive and i am very proud of myself for getting all of today’s work done and even gone ahead in some of my classes. :)


Well I guess my workspace’s account has been forgotten  ; A ; . But I’m back now hahaha

Like if you want to study/work in here!

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the truth behind studyblr

it’s been a while since I started thinking about a post like this but I’m still not sure how to put it into words..

anyway, the thing is I’ve been here for a while now and there was a time of my life I was literally obsessed with this platform, this community, I would spend lots of money on fancy pens or stuff I really didn’t need just so I could take better pictures, I used to spend more time making drawings and shit like that on my notes that actually studying.. you get what I’m trying to say? 

Then uni started and honestly let me tell you I have zero time for that shit. I don’t focus anymore on fancy stuff or pictures, I barely post original content anymore. I started focusing on the real issue, studying and doing my work. 

This is how my dorm looks like at this exact moment. I am currently studying for my finals. My bed has been undone for the last two weeks, I have tons of laundry waiting to be done, my desk is a fucking mess, is literally full of shit and even dust because I don’t really have the time to clean. The heater is always in the middle of my room because it’s been freezing outside. There are like three different coats on my chair because I barely leave the house, just to buy food and I literally put some leggings on, grab a random coat and leave. 

I’m sorry if my words are messy and my thoughts don’t even make sense, I’m super tired but I really wanted to show you the reality of studyblr. I’m aware that a have a big number of followers and I don’t want any of you to feel the pressure. No one studies wearing the perfect messy bun, a puffy sweater or an amazing brand new pjs. I’ve been literally wearing the same clothes for two days. Sometimes I’m so stressed I even forget to wash my hair. And let me tell you something, I don’t get straight A’s. I hardly pass any exams. I spend hours and hours in front of that desk and I still fail so many tests and exams. 

Please don’t force yourself to be always perfect, to take the perfect notes, to have the newest fancy stationary or go crazy thinking you ain’t good enough just because you don’t have a white desk to take flatlays. At the end of the day, you just need to get your education, your shit done and your exams passed. No once fucking cares if you use the coolest muji pen that costs like $10, just used a damn pencil you got from Ikea buddy. Don’t let the perfect pictures from this website blind you, focus on your future.

And yeah that’s all. I wish this kinda makes sense. Now I’m gonna get some sleep before my alarm rings again in a couple of hours.


♡21/10/17♡ - 🐚 saturday 🐚

finally! the end of my almost-three-weeks long hiatus (ive been living in queue for so long) even though i already have a good two spreads completed (´~`ヾ) just been way too lazy to take good photos because i have to wake up at exactly nine in the morning to do so~

anyway, this is my exam schedule and spread! didn’t have time to complete a full one during the exam week, but i think i did decently on time for once. ♡ remember to check out @doctorsafraid and her stickers on etsy @mochiandmoon - quote ATTICSTUDIES for a discount! ꈍ .̮ ꈍ

colour scheme: 🐚💫🐚💫