let's wear band tees & skinny jeans & vans & go to concerts & make out [listen]

dance, dance ; fall out boy // born for this ; paramore // one hundred sleepless nights ; pierce the veil // canals ; all time low // hurricane ; panic! at the disco // feeling this ; blink 182 // no different ; tonight alive // homesick at space camp ; fall out boy // fresh start fever ; you me at six // nicotine ; panic! at the disco // attention ; we are the in crowd // destroya ; my chemical romance // jamie all over ; mayday parade // cul-de-sac ; the wonder years // basket case ; green day // paint you wings ; all time low // right back at it again ; a day to remember // the sharpest lives ; my chemical romance // let it land ; tonight alive // caraphernelia ; pierce the veil // ignorance ; paramore // dammit ; blink-182 // jesus of suburbia ; green day

could you imagine having been frozen for like 70 years only to wake up with no knowledge of what has occurred over the last 70 years and having to deal with people making pop culture references and jokes about things from the last seventy years every day. what is the cha cha slide. why does no one know whose line it is, anyway. what is blink 182. are all high schools musicals. what is a pokemon. what is a meme. what is 3d. how many rules does fight club have. what is kidz bop. why is kidz bop