as per request, I’ve coded a simple yet functional muse page with on-click pop-up boxes . thanks to the magic of jquery, you can add as many rows and icons as you’d like and have each row adjust appropriately when you click on the button underneath the icons . each box has a small section for basics, which can be as long as you like, and three links to link to a character page, a relationship page, and a face tag . you can change the title of these to your liking, of course . if you want to change the face tag to a musings tag, have at it ! have fun with it, but please like/reblog if using and feel free to approach my inbox for any and all questions !



theme three: bitchcraft

(no header) | (with header)

(no header) | (with header)

    ― NOTES
fansite theme (can be edited otherwise)
         + 500px posts
         + six links
         + header spans width of page
         + do not steal this code 
         + jcink version found here.



as per request, petit mignon is a dead simple, medium-sized roleplay container theme that is highly customizable in favor of roleplay blogs . unfortunately, for as much as i tried it can be very hard to make a flexible roleplay theme without someone having to touch the code in some way or another . that’s why i’ve properly written notes on the code in order to facilitate customization, particularly with render positioning.

if you have any questions or are in need of customization help, let me know !


render option
scattered links with rotating animation ( can appear as whatever you want )
optional captions
optional photo fade
optional grayscale photos
optional music player by @gyapo
customizable permalink symbols
customizable text size for both posts and blog title
three simple pop-up boxes ( by neonbike themes ) included in code for character bio, rules, and an extra one for verses if needed . 

CODE . STATIC PREVIEW .  (  do give a reblog if using, it really helps get this unknown blog exposure ! otherwise, please like the post <3. )

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04 - El Dorado : static 1 | static 2  | code

Minimum one column theme with option of a header


  • 3 custom links
  • White tumblr controls
  • 250px, 300px, and 400px post widths
  • Option for header and/or sidebar image
  • Rounded or square edges
  • show/hover/hide tags and show/hide captions
  • Pagination

Note: Happy Mother’s Day! // insp

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theme three ➧ cayla.

i realized that the coding in my last two themes was a bit problematic so i fixed up the overall base, and changed a few things. i hope you all like it! ( and please let me know if you encounter any problems. ) ♡ please DON’T steal my code, edit and repost as your own, or remove my credit. please DO like and reblog if use. ♡ sidebar is 92x92, there are four custom links, and the post width is 250px.  ♡ disclaimer: the icon is not mine!CODE ◯ PREVIEW.


A simple page pack utilizing masonry. Please read the notes at the top of the code for help with customization. It’s suggested that you already know basic html if you’re going to install a custom page, however.


preview / pastebin


preview / pastebin


preview / pastebin


The Monster High Minis Series 1 have started showing up at Walmarts! They put them in an upright cardboard display (basically a crude dispenser) at the beginning or end of random toy aisles (so not necessarily the doll aisle.) I was super excited to see them, but bummed that they were blind bag because who wants to pay money for potential duplicates? THEN I FOUND SOMETHING! There’s a stamped code, shown above, that differentiates each figure. What you want to pay attention to is the “B” and the letter that comes after it. So far, there are “BA” through “BL” which covers the first 12 in Series 1. My husband and I made up a guide for you guys! Please, don’t abuse it, don’t buy 10 of one character just because you can, and don’t scalp. I will turn this car around. 

BA - Rochelle
BB - Venus
BC - Draculaura
BD - Frankie
BE - Clawdeen
BF - Cleo
BG - Lagoona
BH - Ari
BI - Abby
BJ - Catrine
BK - Catty
BL - Moanica

Oh, and the coolest thing about these? They come in little plastic interlocking lockers! They’re so cute I want to hurt things. Oh, and they’re currently $2.88 at Walmart, but after you buy all of them like a crazy person, it really adds up. The fact that they’re releasing over 70 of them is going to kill me.


    「   THEME #008: 150° by angelicxi   」
    ↳ [ preview / codes ]
    ❥ the code link is in the description on the sidebar.

I’ve been meaning to do something new for a while. This is the result. 150° comes with a completely revamped style of posts (I’m personally most proud of how the audio posts look) & a fun little post info detail. It’s simple and clean, and its’ sleek look works great for personal & aesthetic blogs. I hope you will like it! ^^
& as always, if you encounter a problem/note a bug, message me.

[+] 500px posts
[+] left sidebar (295px x 450px)
[+] sidebar content on hover
[+] title & description slots
[+] home & ask + 3 extra links
[+] tags on hover
[+] webkit scrollbar (only works on chrome)
[+] plain color background (you can upload an image if you so choose, though)

    Do NOT:
       —  remove the credit
       —  steal the code / parts of it
       —  claim as yours in any way, shape, or form.
     Respect the maker’s work, please.
     This theme is optimized for Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.
     It is best viewed on a 1366x768 screen resolution.

Wrathful by extasisthemes
Live Preview One & Two/Code


  • blog title and username
  • 55x55px image
  • 200x150px image
  • three custom links
  • option for 100%x354px image
  • option for 400px text posts
  • option for 500px text posts
  • webkit scrollbar


  • This theme was coded on Google Chrome.
  • If you have any questions about the theme or found bugs in the coding, please let me know.

Like guys, this is so unreal! Blizzard opens up a new forum on the Overwatch website and it’s a message from “Skycoder”??? There’s a message in Spanish (if someone could translate it that would be great cause I can’t atm) and then the page starts glitching all of a sudden with purple static. Then images of Reaper appear in the background as the page gets kind of distorted and then a hug bit of code appears on the screen. But there seems to be some sort of constant??? Like the phrase “ICag” keeps repeating itself a lot throughout. Could it mean something perhaps?