muir project

The Magician -  I

I have been wanting to design a Tarot deck for a long time. I have set myself the target of approx. 1 year to get all 22 of the Major Arcana down with my current commission load. I am not going to do them in order, instead I’m going to let inspiration and vibe guide each choice of card, I think this will help me stay motivated and keep a natural flow of progression.

I’m also sure that in a year i’ll probably want to brush up the first few XD

A slice of 1’-0"=1/8" scale model for the Emergency Visitor Center project at Muir Beach 📷: @kthengono


tonight we went to a showing of the new film, “Mile, Mile and a Half” and its a documentary about a small group of people that hikes/backpacks the John Muir Trail and films/photographs/paints/journals it. and let me just tell you. it was so so incredible. so beautiful and interesting and funny and inspiring and everything good! I do not say that lightly. the images were SO beautiful, even on a projector screen!!!! we bought the dvd and some shirts (shown above) and a great lot of stickers and maps and every single thing we could because all the proceeds go to preserving the pacific crest trail/john muir trail. this is an amazing thing. so check it out right now! here’s the muir project website [](you can watch the trailer and buy the dvd/other things if you want and see if there will be a screening near you!!!!!!!)