Narrated by Aishah (RA): The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said (to me): “You were shown to me in a dream. An angel brought you to me, wrapped in a piece of silken cloth, and said to me: ‘This is your wife.’ I removed the piece of cloth from your face, and there you were. I said to myself: ‘If it is from Allah, then it will surely be accomplished.’”
—  Bukhari & Muslim

“For good health, control your diet, for good
soul, control your sins, and for good faith, send
blessings upon the Prophet ﷺ.”

~ Imam Al Ghazzali رحمه الله

In so many different ways, I’m rediscovering Islam. Decluttering and reducing material possessions and my attachments to this Dunya. Being mindful is the same as having Taqwa. Slowly, slowly reducing my anxieties over the future by placing my trust in Allah and His plan for me, because He is the best of planners. Finding peace through patience, meditations and prayer. Easing my heart with du'a.

Alhamdulillah. I still have a long, long way to go. But, In Sha Allah, I want to be the type of Muslim who follows Muhammed (SAW)’s path to peace and tranquility through kindness and trust.

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One more question, why do Shia blame everything on the Caliphs? They also refer so much to Karbala and Hussain (ra)

How did Imam Hussain (as) the Grandson of the Prophet (saw) get so mercilessly slaughtered on the plains of Karbala only 50 years after his (the Prophet) death by order of the ‘’leader’’ of all the Muslims at the time, Yazid (LA)? The answer is very simple, Yazid was handpicked by his father Muawiyah (LA). Muawiyah (LA), was part of the Banu Ummayah, the clan of Uthman, and the clan of Abu Sufiyan (LA), an enemy of Prophet Muhammed (saw).

Umar Ibn Khattab, by creating a biased system which led to Uthman being selected, enabled Uthman as Caliph, to favour his Banu Ummayah clan, giving them power and influence, and leading to the strengthening of Muawiyah (LA), who fought Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as) in many wars, and forced Imam Hassan (as) into a peace treaty, chose Yazid (LA) as his successor, and Yazid (LA) slaughtered Imam Hussain (as) mercilessly.

When Islam came under mounting pressure from its enemies, Khadija(sa) sacrificed her comfort, her wealth and her home for it; and now it would appear that she sacrificed her life also. Without a doubt, if she had lived in her palatial house in Makka, surrounded by her maid-servants, she might have lived for many more years. But she preferred to stand by her husband and his clan, and to share the bitters of life with them. During the siege, she had to endure not only the pangs of hunger and thirst but also the extremes of heat in summer and cold in winter; yet she never complained to her husband about them. Whether times were good or bad, whether she had plenty or she had nothing, she was always cheerful. Austerity and privation never soured her. It was this temperament that was an unfailing source of comfort, courage and strength for her husband during the bleakest moments of his life. During the years of the siege, Khadija spent all her fortune on buying essentials like food and water for the clan of her husband. When she returned to her house, her last cent was gone; and when she died, there was not enough money available in the house even to buy a shroud. A cloak of her husband was used as a shroud for her, and she was given burial in it. Muhammed Mustafa(saw)never took another wife as long as Khadija lived, and if she had not died, it is most probable that he would never have married any other woman.

Muhammad ibn Ishaq, the biographer of the Prophet, says that when there was resumption of Divine revelation, after its cessation following the first two visits of Gabriel, Khadija received a tribute and a salutation of peace from Allah Ta'ala. The message was communicated to Muhammed by Gabriel, and when he conveyed it to Khadija, she said: “Allah is Peace (as-Salam), and from Him is all Peace, and may peace be on Gabriel.” Muhammed forever remembered Khadija with affection, gratitude and love. During her illness, he kept a nightlong vigil nursing her, comforting her and praying for her. He told her that Allah had promised Eternal Bliss to her, and had built for her a palace of pearls in Paradise. Toward morning her frail frame could not endure the attack of fever any more and her sanctified and noble soul left this earth for its destination in Heaven where it entered the company of the immortals. Her death filled Muhammed’s heart with sorrow. Khadija died on the tenth of Ramadan of the tenth year of the Proclamation of Islam. #Khadija was buried in Hujun above Makka. Muhammed Mustafa, the Messenger of Allah, himself descended into her grave to lie in it for a few moments. Then he assisted the other mourners in lowering the body into it. After the burial, he smoothed the earth on her grave.

khadijatul Kubra(sa), a short story of her life by Syed A.A Razwy

#Khadijabintekhuwaylid (peace be upon her)

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What's the Shia view on the companions? I've heard some harsh comments so I thought asking a Shia would be better

You have made important steps in asking and seeking to research by asking Shia’s themselves, rather than to believe a lot of the misconceptions spread around on the internet. I will try to answer your question, to the limit of my ability, and then refer you to further resources.

So the thing is, I personally feel it’s wrong to use one word for such a large, diverse group of people. The companions were not one homogenous group and so when referring to such a large body of people, one can not say ‘you disrespect the companions’. The Shia position on the companions of Prophet Muhammed (saw) is that based on pragmatism, evidence, and realism - rather an the idealistic perception that they were all generally good and righteous. We believe, as the Quran categorizes, the companions were of varying ranks, from those who absolutely strive to be like, to those who had deception in their hearts and harmed the Prophet (saw) and his Holy Progeny (as).

There were righteous companions like Ibn Abbas, Salman Farsi, Abu Dhar Ghafari, Ammar Ibn Yassir, Miqdad and similar ones. They followed the Prophet (saw) in their life and even after his demise.

The Quran groups the companions into catagories. So the Quran and hadith has outlined the path of the religion and the Prophet (saw) has ordered the Ummah to follow the Quran and the Ahlulbayt (as). This is the most authentic source for following the Holy Prophet (saw) and the religion.

I would also recommend you to read this: A Shi’ite View of the Companions

What is LOVE?

LOVE is when Khadijah (R.A) spent her entire wealth on this Deen (Islam) for the Man she loved.
LOVE is when Muhammed (SAWS) took the glass that Ayesha (R.A) drank from and put his lips on the exact place she put hers on and then drank.
LOVE is when Muhammed (SAWS) had a race with Ayesha (R.A) and teased her when she lost.
LOVE is when Muhammed (SAWS) would take a bone that Ayesha (R.A.) sucked meat from and would put his lips on that same place she chewed the meat from.

Real LOVE is not based on romance , candle light dinner and walks along the beach rather it is based On Respect , Compromise , Care And Trust…

Find your HALAL love here insha'Allah!

Did you know, Muhammad is now most popular name for British babies!!!

This is an amazing and beautiful statistic!! No doubt great news to see that Islam is spreading and is the fastest growing religion in the world!!! What made me smile when reading this is that it’s ironic how much the west has tried to put a bad name on Islam labelling us with words such as; terrorist, oppressed, murderers, liars, bombers, extremist etc.. Yet they still FAIL!! They still fail to demolish Islam and prevent the spreading of our faith!!
Alhamdulillah.. May we live and die in the name if Islam.

“…Go on mocking, surely Allah will bring forth what you fear” (9:64)

“…And for disbelievers is a painful doom” (2:104)

Proud to be a Muslim!! Alhamdulillah..

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When Muslims said that the Charlie Hebdo magazine was wrong for the derogatory drawings of the Prophet Muhammed (saw), white people said that we were condoning the attack and trying to justify it. When the media says that the Chapel Hill Shooting happened over a car parking dispute, white people are saying you can’t blame him he was obsessed with parking and that they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m so fucking done