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Which version of the Koran would you recommend to people who have no knowledge of the Arabic language and is not a difficult read to comprehend. I understand that there is an online version and it is convenient and free; however, I would like to have a personal one that I can annotate and take to mosque when the time is right. Also, I am trying to change my life around and keep on a straight path. I am 18, and I would like my transition into adult life to be guided by God. Any advice?

Assalamu Alaikum wb,

If you have a smartphone, download the alQuran app. It has many features including verse by verse recitation, bookmarking and references to verses as well as the option to take notes etc.

As for a physical copy, these three are my favourites:

1. The Noble Qur’an: The English Translation of the Meanings and Commentary by Muhammand Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali, Muhammad Muhsin Khan.

2.The Qur’an: A Translation by Yasin T. Al-Jibouri (Editor), M. H. Shakir (Translator). 

3. The Koran (Penguin Classics) by N. J. Dawood. 

My advice to you is that you must try and constantly recall God in every action. Whatever you do, you must never be without the remembrance of God, you must recall Him from moment to moment. Always remember to pray to Him, rely on Him alone, and at all times you should strive to obey Him.

May God bless you and reward you for trying to keep on the Straight path.