muhammad hafiz

I am the one
who is renown in the city
for love-making!
I am the one
who has not polluted her vision
with seeing flaws!

We’ll stay faithful,
endure blame,
and be happy!
Because on our path
it is heresy
to be disturbed by criticism!

I asked the master of the tavern,
“What is the way to salvation?”
He raised a goblet and said,
“Concealing faults!”
- Hafez

*the poetry in the calligraphy is highlighted in bold*


FloodPlains sorrowfully announces the passing of two great men of the Tijānī Path: Imām Sayed Abdus-Salām (New York), and Shaykh Aḥmad b. Muḥammad al-Ḥāfiẓ (Cairo).

Imām Sayed was among the oldest and strongest pillars of the Path in the United States; dedicating his life service and resources to serving the Dīn and his community. He was the only American to receive the lofty spiritual license (ijāza al-muṭlaq) from the late Imām al-Ḥājj Sayyid ‘Alī Cissé, the successor of Shaykh Ibrāhīm Niasse. His legacy lives on through his family and the countless students he supported and guided in the African-American Muslim community and beyond.

Shaykh Aḥmad was the son of the Egyptian master ḥadīth scholar and epistemic Shaykh Muḥammad al-Ḥāfiẓ al-Tijānī (d. 1978). Continuing the work of his father, he served the Dīn worldwide through lectures, teaching, and promoting goodwill in Allah’s Name. His students number among the thousands from Indonesia to Canada.

Please pray for Allah ﷻ to forgive them and envelop them in His infinite mercy. al-Fātiḥa, Ṣalāt al-fātiḥi (x3)

إنا لله و إنا إليه راجعون


A meal with the Prophet – al-Habib Umar Muhammad Salim bin Hafiz

One day, extreme hunger pushed Sayyiduna Abu Hurairah (RA) to stop companions who were passing by. He asked them about points of knowledge or about verses of the Quran to which he already knew the answer. His purpose in asking was so that a companion may take him home and give him something to eat. Eminent companions passed by. Sayyiduna Abu Bakr (RA) answered his question and went away. Sayyiduna Umar (RA) answered his question and went away. Then the Greatest, his Beloved ﷺ approached.

When Sayyiduna Abu Hurairah (RA) came to him, the Messenger of Allah ﷺ smiled. He said to Abu Hurairah: “Come along with me.” He recognised Sayyiduna Abu Hurairah’s (RA) condition and took him to his house. He entered the blessed house. Would there be a table spread of food awaiting them? No. Instead, as he always did, the Prophet ﷺ asked his family if there was any food at all. They replied that there was a cup of milk which someone had gifted him (the Prophet). Sayyiduna Abu Hurairah (RA) was very happy after hearing this for he was finally going to drink this milk and quell his extreme hunger. The Prophet ﷺ turned to his companion and said: O Abu Hurairah, go to the people of Ahlus-Suffa and invite them.” Ahlus-Suffa numbered to 70 people, and would total to around 300 when they were many. On this particular day, they were around 80. Abu Hurairah (RA) said: “At your service, O Messenger of Allah!”

He went to call them, wondering to himself: “I was desperately hoping for the cup of milk to gain some strength after the starvation I’ve been through. When I call Ahlus-Suffa it will be served to them and nothing will remain.” He obediently brought them, not two, three or four, but all eighty of them.

“They’ve come, O Messenger of Allah!”

The Prophet ﷺ told him to let them in ten at a time. He obeyed. Ten went in. The Prophet ﷺ took the cup and gave it them to drink. Our Master Abu Hurairah (RA) watched. The first person drank and the cup was still full. The second person drank and the cup was still full, till all ten had drank without the milk decreasing at all!

There’s hope I’ll get something, he thought to himself. The second group of ten came in. They all drank and Abu Hurairah (RA) still noticed no change in the amount of milk. Twenty had drank, thirty, till everyone drank to his satisfaction. The Prophet ﷺ turned to Abu Hurairah (RA) and said: “only two of us are left now, drink!” Abu Huarirah (RA) said: “You drink O Messenger of Allah.” “The server is always last to drink. Drink!” – the Prophet ﷺ replied. Abu Hurairah (RA) took the cup from the Prophet ﷺ and drank until he was fully satisfied. He gave the cup back to the Prophet ﷺ. The Prophet ﷺ said - “Drink!” He (RA) drank again. He returned the cup. Again, the Prophet ﷺ told him to drink. He drank the third time and could drink no more. He said: “O Messenger of Allah, the milk is almost flowing out of my nails! I have no more room in my stomach.” The Prophet ﷺ laughed and said: “Then let me have it”, and drank the leftover milk.

This is just a glimpse of his ﷺ life. This is the one who conveyed the Message of God. With such forbearance, while undergoing such hunger, he conveyed the Message. We are enjoying the blessings of his conveyance. All good in the East and West today are from his efforts. Whilst many of us give in to our carnal desires, this was his state. May we be inspired by the life and sacrifices of our role model, Sayyiduna Muhammad ﷺ and the lives of those transformed souls, the best generation of companions, may Allah be pleased with them all. I pray we all safely reach the upcoming month of Ramadan and benefit from its gifts and blessings. May there be infinite prayers and peace upon our Prophet ﷺ, his family, his companions and all those who love and follow his way, as much as is the knowledge of God and the dominion of God, till the end of times.



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Tomb of the Persian poet Hafez - Shiraz, Iran