Tumblr woes

A/N: This is my entry for @supernatural-jackles birthday challenge! Happy birthday & sorry that everything I write is angsty. I had the gif that you see below. I couldn’t decide how I wanted to wrap the fic up so it just kept going & going.

Warnings: Angst, accusations of cheating, fluff? (me? write fluff?)

Jensen x Daughter!Reader

You sat on your bed scrolling through Tumblr and couldn’t help the scowl that was overtaking your face. Your father and step mom always told you to stay away from the website, but you couldn’t help yourself; you were seventeen and thought you could take on the haters of Tumblr.

You were wrong.

After arguing with another person who ran a hate blog against your step mom you couldn’t take it anymore and slammed your laptop shut. These people thought they knew everything about your family’s life when in reality they only ever saw small glimpses of it.

So what if your family had a nanny? Most families have a nanny or babysitter.

So what if your family ordered dinner? The average American family eats out between four and five times a week.

Who cares if you have a cleaning lady? You can hire people on Craigslist to clean your house for twenty dollars.

However if your family does anything like this is all falls back on your step mom, Danneel, and how ‘terrible of a wife and mother’ she is; and you were sick of it.

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I know everyone is rl worried about Supergirl writers turning Lena Luthor evil after that super shady chess scene but I’d like to offer an alternative explanation.
See, when we see Lena playing chess against her brother Lex, she’s actually playing as the white set. Which as we know, symbolically represents the “light” side”.

This foreshadows Lex and Lena being on opposing sides of the battle of good v evil as adults. Lex on the side of dark and Lena the side of light. Not only that, but the piece she uses to move into checkmate?

THE KNIGHT. Which as you may remember, moves in an L pattern. Knights are also symbolic of nobility, courage and honor. A white knight is a saviour. I think it’s highly unlikely to be coincidence that it was the knight that Lena used to defeat Lex. When Lena is in her office after Kara leaves, she picks up that same piece in contemplation.

Lena is looking back on that chess game she had with Lex all those years ago, where she defeated him using the white knight. I think this strongly suggests that Lena herself is the white knight, rather than it being Kara as initial interpretations might suggest.

Instead of this being a “muhahaha, I’m actually an evil mastermind” moment, it symbolises her coming battle against the forces of evil (aka Lillian Luthor). She’s smart and resourceful and she defeated them once,she can do it again. She’s not evil, she’s just an extra ho who is planning to wreck Lillian’s shit.

At least this is what I’m hoping b/c honestly it would be terrible writing at this point to build up a narrative of “it’s not your origin or your genetics that make you, it’s your choices” (mon-el, m’gann), only to destroy it by making Lena evil all along.


draconicpenartastic  asked:

I imagine that after the whole thing with Shiro becoming a Paladin, Haggar would take some precautions about her prosthetics. Some kind of fail safe to make sure that her cyborgs won't use her inventions against the Garla. Some kind of controller? A bomb? The prosthetics running on Garla quintessence? Lance as the (former) Blue Paladin was a big hazard. I can't imagine Haggar or many Garla fully trusting him no matter his deeds.

Oooohhh! Yasss! Haggar having a contingency plan just in case!

Lance of course has Lotor’s trust, however perverse and disturbing it is. but Haggar is trickier to fool, she never completely trusts some one 100%. She was the one who would always call for Lance to prove his loyalty to the Enpire, making him do terrible things; whether it was fighting in the arena, or helping them take over a planet. No matter what, Lance was always more cautious when it came to Haggar.

He had to assume that she put something in his prosthetics, so when he got back with the team, he was always afraid that she would try something, like if he used his arm bow, it would blow up on him, or stop working entirely. That’s how Coran finds out about Lance’s arm; he asked Coran to check it throughly for a bomb or some sort of device that would make it malfunction and stop working. Lance would have asked Hunk or Pidge, but they would ask too many questions, questions that he wasn’t spreading to answer yet. So he went to Coran, who all the while talked about an adventure he had when he was much younger with King Alfor many years before the war. The only questions he asked were if everything worked just fine after he would work on a certain section. He had found such a device in his arm, and successfully removed it.

What Lance is truly afraid of is if she put something like that in his spine, he worries that during one of their battles or at any moment she’ll make his spine stop working and he won’t be able to move at all. He’ll be paralyzed and unable to fight the Galra, he would be useless. But he’s also afraid to let anyone know his fear, or to go tinkering with his spine.