muh ha

I really hope not muh has changed

I really hope they don’t change the appearance of the other ninjas that much. It’s really iconic and their personality grew with those faces. Change always happen I accept that, but they should change it in its own glory. Something that people will remember as its own thing. I don’t want people to say that the series changed just because of the film’s popularity.

I grew up on this show and I treasure it. I’m one of those people who learned something from there.

Sorry for being dramatic. I was just hoping that it sticks with its roots. I am looking forward to the new season, but I would cross my fingers the day they air it hoping that they’re the same characters that led me to being creative. I would write fanfictions of this show then this led me to actually pursue writing.

Amazing how a little show can change someone’s life.


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Murasaki & Art: Differences 2/2

The one who finally understood Nice and accepted himself in the end

And the one who did neither.

Because Nice would still be his partner even if he had no Minimum, because Nice never wanted Art to be killed, because in the end he never managed to accept his own weakness