muh diversity

>>>> Doesn’t pay their workers a living wage, gets millions in bonuses.

CEOs, really nice people because “muh diversity quota”.

Yeah okay, moral compass.

Do you think people/art consumer nowadays is at the point of over-glorifying “diversity”? I’m all for diversity and representations, and I know art communities are more open about such topics, but I recently read a comic, and there’s this dominant character who, after a few chapters revealed to be a trans-woman. Then suddenly all the comments are like, “OMG YASS! SHE’S A TRANS!” “omg best thing everrr?!”, like, we don’t even know much about the character yet, what’s their true motives, how they’ll act, their roles on the plot, whatsoever.

But once it’s revealed the character to be a “non-white cis heterosexual” character, suddenly the character become ‘the best character evurrr!’, 'my favorite charactur!’ simply because ONE of their traits? I mean, the character could have different ideology than you, for all we know.

It makes me confused, it’s like at this point if I want to make a likeable character in my story, all I have to do is just slap some “muh diversity” label on the character without even need to flesh the character out or write a likeable personality, and simply with just the diversity card, people will treat the character like it was sent down from heaven. I don’t understand.