• Same teenage girls on tumblr:*Sexualizing the hell out of the female characters, writing boatloads of adult fanfiction, making about 50 posts per day about how the characters have "turned them gay", insisting that every character *is* canonically gay because "MUH YURI SHIPS!" (and because they apparently can't be their own person until a fictional character does it first), and basically acting like the "neckbeard" stereotype drooling and babbling about their "waifu"*


Hi guys, I was offline for a really long time because I was developing a mini social media site for a school project. It’s a web portfolio platform for musicians inspired from behance and soundcloud combined

 A lot of the functionalities may be still limited and it’s because I only had five weeks to develop, and developing a minimum viable project was almost impossible for the time span but I still hope that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment for using the site.

Play around with this shit and tell me shit about it too:

I haven’t drawn anything in like 5 years, but Sonic Mania has been stuck in my mind ever since I saw how beautiful Studiopolis Zone is so..-

Fun fact, nearly every color used in this has been taken from Sonic Mania screenshots. Studiopolis has an absolutely gorgeous color palette.

Hope you like it! I think it’s pretty okay for a 5 year art hiatus.

been scribbling stuff recently to get my groove back since ive not been feeling the draw thing recently
plus i havent drawn majken in a million years so i’ve just been doodling her a bunch

honestly finishing stuff up super rough makes me like the end result a whole lot more, i should do that more often