Tumblrrr I have failed you!

I forgot to mention I’m having an Etsy shop update today, April 2nd, going live at 12 pm central time.

Instagram seems to be my main platform these days, so if you’d like to get the scoop sooner perhaps you should pop over there and follow me at @mudanddeanna ?

All that being said I miss my days of Tumblr scrolling so I need to spend a day here with wine and icecream and enjoy all the feelz of what I’d have to say is still the best social media platform.


Can you help reach 100k on my studygram? It’s @rotina_de_estudo I would love to see you there! 😉 Today I had a lovely sunday morning and took this pic for my instagram and tumblr! ☕❤ Can you tell that i love starbucks mugs and bottles? 😍


This really was my favourite part of the fanfiction.. Lapis  falling asleep in Pearl’s room… :D That really got me. :D :’3

Go check this ff, guys! It really is worth it! ;) (» HERE «)

As a true Pearlapis lover, I enjoyed it very much! ^w^