mugichin said: Is that Devilman chapter 0 (the color pages with demons and angels) from a special edition? I don’t have that in my Devilman vol. 1. Damnit, why don’t I have those gorgeous pages in my Devilman vol 1?!

I believe so.  Not even all the translations online have them.  I hard saved them a year or so back when I saw them online.  Because I’m a sucker for old school dinosaurs.  And, also, Devilman.
EXCLUSIVE: Max Bemis Puts Fools on Notice in Marvel's "Foolkiller"
EXCLUSIVE: Max Bemis Puts Fools on Notice in Marvel's "Foolkiller" - Max Bemis tells CBR about getting weird, dark and funny with the Dalibor TalajiÄ

Thanks @mugichin for informing me that there is apparently going to be a teen supervillain in this series:

From the very beginning of the book, in the first issue, his first patient is kind of a young version of an existing Marvel villain, who’s trying to be like a Young Avenger version of this character. There’s a lot of talking about, and seeing the actions, of that original villain, but less actually being there in the moment.

If this character is one on the cover, then I think he is trying to be a teen version of…Crossbones. You know, that Neo-Nazi killer who shot Steve Rogers and dates Red Skull’s daughter? A guy so bad that he was put on Thunderbolts only so that other villains wouldn’t rebel, because that would put them in league with him? If I’m right, then WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS KID?!

And why the fuck I’m already considering shipping him with Big Zero?