Harry Potter AU - Drarry

Muggle Au where Draco is a doctor and Harry is a police officer, Harry is always getting hurt on (and off) the job and has to see his doctor, Dr. Malfoy. They make a routine, of sorts. Harry comes in, Draco chastises him, Harry makes jokes, Draco takes care of whatever issue Harry has (Seriously, its a different thing every week!), and Harry flirts (something Draco has never noticed). 

One day, Harry comes in. He says he’s been having headaches. Which is odd, considering he was having migraines last week. And stomachaches the week before that. They go through their routine, but this time when harry flirts, Draco smiles. He smiles a knowing smile. Draco writes up yet another prescription and Harry has to leave again. 

Harry had barely glanced at the prescription. He never did. He never dropped them off at a pharmacy either. The drugs weren’t necessary. Harry knew he shouldn’t waste a doctor with problems that weren’t even problems. But Draco’s hair looked so soft, his lips were so pink, and his eyes, oh his eyes, he could stare into them for years if Draco would let him.

He was about to throw the little paper away, when something caught his eye. It was rare to find a prescription with that many numbers on it. A closer inspection confirmed that it wasn’t a prescription at all. It was a note. With a number. Draco’s number.

It read:


Since you’re so intent on coming to see me all the time, why don’t we meet elsewhere? Maybe at a bar, or a restaurant? 

Call me, 1276 836692

When Ron, frustrated with studying for NEWTs and with Hermione’s anxious sixth-year nagging, explains to her what reading is like for him, Hermione’s breath catches. “Ron, you’re dyslexic,” she says, softly, and instantly regrets every snide comment she’s ever made towards his study habits. 

Soon, by asking around, Hermione amasses a list of spells for Ron to try - some stilling the page, some changing the font of books for easy reading, some going after Ron’s temporal lobe directly. 

These help, a little, but not as much as knowing there’s a word for why reading is so hard for him. That it’s normal, that he’s not stupid, and that Hermione suddenly helps instead of criticizes, looks for solutions rather than complains, praises instead of gloats. 


brooklyn nine-nine + hogwarts houses (more)

What if Atlantis is just a Greek wizarding school.

Muggles originally knew of the island in Ancient Greek times, but then as new spells and magic was created, muggles thought it sank/mysteriously disappeared, after anti muggle spells were cast on the island to hide the school.

  • Muggle Born Ravenclaw: I can accept many different things about the wizarding world but, what I can't grasp is why keeping a ghoul in the attic is a "talking point"
  • Pureblood Slytherin: Uh... well.. I don't actually know. My parents have always had Greg upstairs eating the moths
  • Muggle Born Ravenclaw: Greg the Ghoul? He has a name but he stays in the attic?!
  • Pureblood Slytherin: To be frank, we can't get rid of him. He seems to like it there