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Request from anon: Can you do a story where you (a muggle-born Hufflepuff) go to dinner with the Malfoys, but they’re a little rude and snarky and Draco defends you?

Thanks for requesting anon, may I please note to you all that requests are in fact closed and I am writing requests from the queue. I hope you all enjoy:)

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It was one of those summer nights, the ones where it doesn’t get dark until 9pm and everything feels light and happy and infinite. You were smiling as you were walking with Draco hand in hand; you didn’t think anything could ruin the light feeling of the soft wind rustling your hair as the gentle sun glittered down. That was, until you stepped inside the manor. 

To say you weren’t what Draco’s parents were expecting would be an understatement. You’d finally convinced Draco to let you meet his parents after nearly a year and a half of dating; he said he didn’t want you to get hurt and over the course of the dinner you understood. 

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A Nervous Wreck

“Relax, [Y/N].” Harry chuckled at the discomfort his girlfriend was feeling. Gently rubbing her shoulders, he wrapped his arms around her and murmured, “You’ve got nothing to worry about, promise.” 

[Y/N] was panicking, absolutely panicking. She had been dating Harry for quite a bit now and it was time for her to meet the people most important to Harry. His family. It was one thing to just meet his parents, but including Harry’s mother, she was going to be meeting the Marauders. The famous masterminds behind the Marauders map that they used quite frequently despite their warning of handing it over whenever and if it was found. 

She was far from being anything like them. She wasn’t crafty in the least bit and most definitely didn’t have a trickster personality. [Y/N] was beyond terrified that they wouldn’t find her fit for their Harry and she’d admit that she felt as though Harry could easily be persuaded into breaking up with her. 

“But, I’m not a Gryffindor…all of them are Gryffindors.” She whispered. “I’m a Hufflepuff.”

“So?” Harry rose a brow, “They’d love you just the same even if you were in Slytherin.” He said matter-of-factly. 

“And then there’s the fact that I’m muggleborn too.” [Y/N] mumble.

Harry found it a little bit amusing that [Y/N] was actually scared to meet his family. She was normally so well composed and things hardly ever frightened her. It was because of those traits, he often swore that she could easily be a Gryffindor but then he’d think of her patience and work ethic that he’d recant and know that she was the truest Hufflepuff there was. 

“I think you are forgetting that my mother is a muggleborn.” Harry smiled. 

She was about to respond but was cut off due to the doors of the Potter household being swung open to reveal a group of adults walking through. Lily was mindlessly rolling her eyes while the three men argued over something silly. [Y/N] swallowed hard, her body stiffening as they all stopped talking to stare the couple sitting on the couch. 

“Harry!” Sirius boomed, causing [Y/N] to tense even more.

Jumping up from the couch, he practically ran over to give his godfather a hug as well as Remus and his parents. For a moment, [Y/N] was forgotten as they fussed over Harry and asked how his studies were going and if Hogwarts was treating him alright. It wasn’t until Harry cleared his throat and motioned towards her that they all stared intently at the [eye color]-eyed girl. 

“Everyone, this is [Y/N].” He grinned, walking towards her. He urged her to stand up and dragged her over towards them. 

Lily gave a warm smile, “It’s so great to finally meet you! Harry has spoken so much about you.” Harry’s cheeks reddened as he swallowed and started to introduce his father, Remus, and Sirius personally. [Y/N] was feeling slightly better when they all started to ask her questions and seem quite personable towards her. It calmed her nerves but there was still that looming fear that they were just putting on a show until she was gone to tell Harry that she wasn’t worth the time in the world. 

“Is she normally this shy?” Sirius murmured as his eye flickered towards [Y/N] and Lily in the kitchen. 

Shrugging, Harry watched as she giggled and shifted in her stance at something his mother had said. “Not normally. But she was extremely nervous to meet you all.”

“Well, she seems like a lovely girl, Harry.” Remus spoke with such sincerity.

James watched the way [Y/N] interacted with his wife, smiling and chuckled as he placed a strong hand on his son’s shoulders. “I’d keep a good hold on that one, son. She reminds me so much of your mother.” 

“That’s disturbing, Prongs.” Sirius scoffed. “Tell the boy his girlfriend is basically his mother. What is wrong with you?” 

“Sod off, Pads.” James growled before turning back to Harry and giving him a sincere look. “What I meant by that, is, when your mother and I first started dating, I just had this feeling that there was no one else out there that would ever be able to give me that kind of feeling. It’s hard to explain, but-”

Shaking his head, “-no, I understand what you mean.” Looking back over towards [Y/N], he gave a dreamy smile. “Because when I look at her, there’s no one else that matters.” 

Sirius rolled his eyes, “Enough of the of sappy stuff, boy.” 

Remus smacked him upside the head, scowling. “Let the boy dream of his future with [Y/N]. Perhaps if you’d have paid more attention to the sappy things, you too could perhaps have had a wife by now.” 

“What’s your excuse, Moony?” Sirius spat. 

Grinning, Remus shrugged. “I like my solitude. Call me a lone wolf if you may.” 

Harry chortled, “Even I thought that was in bad taste, Remus.” 

Sirius leaned forward, “We all did.” He grinned and flickered a look towards Remus who at the moment was scowling again. “Mummy Moony is back at it again with that scowl.” 

Harry watched as the three of them bickered, laughing and shaking his head at their childish rebuttals and insults. Looking back over towards [Y/N], he beamed at the result of his family’s census on her. They all seemed to adore her and that was all he wanted. He wanted his family to love her as much as he did because he really, truly meant what he had said. When he looked at [Y/N], the whole world stopped for a minute or two. He’d be in pure bliss whenever she smiled and laughed, it was music to his ears. And he honestly couldn’t imagine anyone else taking her spot in his heart. 

1222. Muggleborns buying onesies that match their houses when they go home for they holidays, and then wearing them around Hogwarts, to breakfast and in bed. So there are lions, badgers and bird onesies all over the place. Then Slytherins get annoyed at how hard it is to find a snake onesie, so start to shuffle around in green sleeping bags.

Home - Draco Malfoy

Request - Can I maybe request a blurb or imagine for Draco Malfoy based on “Castle on the Hill” by Ed Sheeran? The “sunset on the castle on the hill” lyric reminded me of Hogwarts and asdfghjkl. Love your writing 💕 ((Anon))

Warnings: None? Fluff, just some fluff.

Pairing: Draco x muggleborn!reader

A/n: I hope this is good enough for you! I got a little excited about it. Hehe.


I’m on my way
Driving at 90 down those country lanes
Singing to “Tiny Dancer”
And I miss the way you make me feel, and it’s real

Found my heart and broke it here
Made friends and lost them through the years
And I’ve not seen the roaring fields in so long, I know I’ve grown
But I can’t wait to go home

You watched the trees and fields zoom past the windows of the Hogwarts Express with a small smile. Hermione was reading a book across from you. You let your mind wonder to what would happen later tonight, when you would meet Draco in the Astronomy Tower to watch the sunset together like you did every time at the beginning of the school year since fourth year when you found Draco there one night, stressing about his parents and image. You hadn’t spoken at all over the summer, and you missed him so much. Not many people had decided to go back to Hogwarts after the war but you knew that Draco did, it was the only time you heard from him at all and even then it was sent by muggle mail.

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Requested by anon: Can you do an imagine where Y/n meets Harry’s parents (they’re still alive), Sirius and Remus at one of Harry’s matches since she and him are dating and Y/n is a muggleborn? Thanks!

Warnings: None

A/N: i made wolfstar cannon ;)

The cool wind from the passing brooms of chasers blew in her y/h/c hair and face while she clapped and screamed on behalf of Gryffindor. She could see Harry zooming after the Snitch with Ravenclaw’s seeker close behind. 

“C’mon Harry!” she yelled. “Get it!” 

“Excuse me, are you y/n?” A pretty red-headed woman with emerald eyes asked from the seat behind her. Beside the woman sat a proud looking man with round glasses, messy jet black hair and a hint of mischief in his black eyes. 

“Oh, yeah!” y/n turned around and shook her hand. “Nice to meet you! You must be Harry’s mum and dad?”

“Yes,” the woman said. She seemed unusually kind, and her voice melodic like an angel’s. “I’m Lily, and this is my husband James.”

“Oh, nice to meet you both!”

“So you’re the famous y/n. Harry’s told us so much about you,” James said. “All good things, of course.”

“Hey Prongs, you’re not forgetting about us, are ye?” two other men sat to the right of James. One had curly black hair and grey eyes, the other with brown hair and ragged clothing.

“Oh yeah,” James said and pointed at the man with the black hair. “This is Padfoot, er, Siruis, Harry’s godfather. You can call him either. And this-”

“Is Padfoot’s boyfriend, Moony, or Remus.” Sirius grinned and snaked an arm around Remus, whose cheeks were tinged with red. 

“Hi, nice to meet you both.” y/n smiled and returned to the game.

Her eyes fixed themselves onto her seeker boyfriend, who had begun racing against Malfoy after the Golden Snitch had shown itself. Harry’s Firebolt zoomed past Malfoy’s Numbus 2001 and his hand reached out and…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Harry raised the Quidditch Cup, proud as ever, holding y/n in his arms.

“We won!” he yelled, and kissed y/n on the forehead.

Pulling him closer, y/n whispered, “You have some visitors.”

At that moment, Harry saw his mum, dad, Sirius and Remus cheering through the crowd, waving their Gryffindor flags.

“Mum, Dad!” Harry waved his arms in the air. 

“Congratulations, kid, you’re officially my son!” James yelled, waving, while Lily stood beside him waving her Gryffindor flag.

Sirius and Remus had disappeared into the crowd, nowhere to be seen. 

“Sirius, Remus!” Harry yelled. “You’re here too?”

“Of course! We wouldn’t miss your final match for the world!” Sirius said.

“We’ll be along. Owl us soon!” Remus shouted.

“Bye you guys! Thank you for coming!” Harry roared over those of the Gryffindor students. “And how did it go with them?”

“Great,” y/n said. “They’re a kind bunch.”

“They’re more than that - you’ll see when you come over during summer.”

“Oh, I bet.”

Time For Us - George Weasley Imagine


Couldja do one where y/n (muggleborn) is at the burrow and George wants to have some alone time with her, but Arthur keeps asking her things about muggle stuff, not realizing george wants him to leave? idk, do what you want with it, thanks haha

~George’s POV~

When I invited the love of my life to my house, I thought we would be cuddling in my room, planning a prank, or just doing something together! But no! My dad had to ruin it! Here we are on a regular Thursday morning, the whole kitchen filled with red and gold decor due to Christmas only being a week and a half away. “Now (Y/n) can you tell me the function of a toaster?” My dad, Arthur Weasley, who asked my girlfriend yet another question to make me even more frustrated. I rolled my eyes as my girlfriend tried to find the right words to the question “Well… Um… It looks like a box and when you push down the lever the bread gets…. Toasted by the little heat waves that are coming from the metal on the sides” she said awkwardly. “Okay. What’s the function of a television?” He asked, everyone let out a deep sigh.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

“Okay. What’s the function of a television?” Mr. Weasley asked me, I looked down ‘I don’t wanna let George down by being a sucky girlfriend and not answering his fathers questions right!’ I screamed in my head “Um… There’s a glass screen in the front and…” I just got lost at words I didn’t even know what to say. I felt George grab my hand and give it a light squeeze as I returned with a harder squeeze “it’s okay” he whispered in my ear before turning to his father “I think that’s enough questions for today” he told his dad seriously as I looked at the food on my plate. “Oh. Okay” Mr. Weasley said a little disappointed that he didn’t get answers for his other many questions he had in mind.

The rest of the day consisted of many question which actually made me a bit light headed but George always managed to steal me away. Everywhere I went Mr. Weasley would just appear out of nowhere! “I have this last question w-” Mr. Weasley said quickly but not quick enough. George took ahold of my hand and dragged me up to his bedroom. We barley managed seven minutes of cuddling before the door partly opened “sorry to interrupt you two but dinner will be ready in a few minutes” Mrs. Weasley said sweetly “Also I’m very sorry for Arthur’s inappropriate behavior this past few days it’s just that he loves muggles and muggle things I’m sorry” “No it’s okay. If I was fascinated in something I would probably ask questions” I assured her. She just gave me a bright smile and left the room, George laughed aloud “What?” I asked him “Darling. You don’t have to lie to get my dad off the hook” George snickered “I did not lie!” I squeaked knowing that he was right.

“Yeah right” he laughed grabbing my waist and pulling me onto the bed with him. He snuggled his face deep into the crook of my neck “I wish my dad would just leave you alone I want time for us. together.” He said sadly “George. Every minute. Every second. That were together feels like a million years to me. And I hope that it stays that way. As long as we see each other that will be enough for me to be happy. I love you George Weasley and those words will stay with me as long as I shall live” I said merely above a whisper “Oh (Y/n) (Y/l/n) you always know the perfect words. And I will love you till the day I die - wait no! I’ll love you till this world is nothing more than just ashes because I will love you in this life and after because I can’t even imagine a day without seeing that beautiful face of yours” he whispered putting kisses on my neck all the way up to my jaw line. I grabbed his face in my hand and looked into his dreamy brown eyes which always seem to sparkle when I’m around him. “How did I ever get so lucky?” I asked as he leaned closer to my face “I was about to ask you the same thing” he said before attaching our lips together. It was soft and passionate as always, these are the kisses that always brightened up my day no matter what.

“(Y/n)! George! Dinners ready!” Mrs. Weasley screamed from downstairs. George sighed before pecking my lips “we better go. We all know how mum gets when someone’s late to dinner” George said jokingly. I giggled by his comment and exited the room with George by my side. At the beginning of the dinner I saw Mr. Weasley give me a few questionable glances he probably wanted to ask a question but was nervous. “Um… (Y/n)… Can you tell me the function of a rubber duck?” Mr. Weasley whispered to me from across the table, only me and George heard him while the rest talked amongst them selves. George was really mad at this point his face was a deep shade of red probably even redder than my favorite blood colored lipstick. “Oh Look! It’s a Television!” George gasped pointing at the window that was directly behind Mr. Weasley, Arthur jumped out of his seat and went straight to the window like a little kid wanting something from the display case “Where?!” Mr. Weasley said eagerly opening the window and looking from side to side.

George stood up out of his seat and picked me up tightly in his arms. He ran out of the kitchen as fast as he can not wanting his dad to see us. For the rest of the break at the burrow Mr. Weasley became confused as to why his son would lie to him about a muggle item being in the front yard. But after a short talk from Ginny he gets the whole point and apologizes dearly to me and George.


⚡️'What do we want to be Prefects for?’ said George, looking revolted at the very idea. 'It’d take all the fun out of life.'⚡️

I Really Do (Draco)

Could you please do a Draco x hufflepuff muggleborn y/n where they aren’t quite dating but they aren’t only friends and they get into an argument when Draco wants to make it more official but she argues against it, he thinks it’s cause he’s a death eater but finds out its because she’s scared to get close to people because she doesn’t want to get hurt.

* * *

‘Hey gorgeous.’ Draco said, sitting next to you and kissing you lightly on the cheek. ‘Hey.’ You smiled. 
‘You guys are such a cute couple.’ Hannah smiled at the two of you from across the table. ‘Oh no, no!’ You said, shaking your head. ‘We’re not a couple.’ Hannah frowned, 
‘Really? Everyone thinks you are.’ You could feel Draco looking at you and when you turned to him he looked down at his food. ‘Can I speak to you for a sec, y/n.’ He said quietly. 

You followed Draco out of the Great Hall and he led you into an empty classroom just outside it. ‘What’s up?’ You asked, watching him close the door. 
‘I just…I want to be a couple.’ He said. You sighed, looking away, 
‘No, y/n!’ He said, ‘We’ve been doing this weird thing for like four months now. I mean what’s the difference between what we’re doing now and what we’d be doing if we were in a relationship?’ He asked. You shrugged,
‘Draco you know how I feel about this!’ 
‘Just tell me, please.’ 
‘I don’t know! We don’t kiss or sleep together and we’re not in love!’ You cried. 
‘Don’t you want those things?’ Draco cried back.’ 
‘No!’ You said, without thinking. Draco stepped back, looking hurt. ‘I mean,’ You sighed, ‘I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter because I can’t.’ 
Why not?’ He asked, tearing up. You paused, looking at Draco and how upset he was. ‘You know why.’ You said quietly. 
‘No, y/n. I don’t. You’ve told me a million times that you don’t want a relationship but you’ve never told me why. Is it because my father is a death eater?’ He asked as tears spilled onto his pale cheeks. 
‘No! No!’ You said, truthfully. 
‘Then what is it?’ He cried. You hung your head, tears now streaming down your cheeks too. ‘I don’t want to get hurt again.’ You said in barely a whisper. Draco looked up, a look of shock on his face. ‘Y/n, I would never-’ 
‘Don’t say that.’ You said, shaking your head, ‘I’ve heard that before, Draco. Not from you, sure, but I’ve heard it nonetheless. I really like you, I do. And yes I want to kiss your dumb face and wake up next to you and fall in love with you. But I’ve been hurt. Really badly. I just, I don’t know how to come back from that.’ You slumped down in a chair, exhausted. Draco walked softly over to you and sat down too. He took your hand. ‘I didn’t know.’ He whispered. ‘But I promise you, I would never do anything to hurt you, you know that, right?’ You looked up at him and nodded, ‘I know.’ Your voice cracked.
‘We can take it slow. If anything is too fast for you, you just have to tell me.’ He said, ‘I love you. I do. I don’t want to do this with anyone else.’ You smiled through your tears and nodded, ‘I wanna do this with you, too.’ 
‘You do?’ Draco grinned, excitedly. 
‘I really do.’ You laughed softly. 


Request: Can I get a request where the Ravenclaw/Muggleborn Y/N has an inferiority complex towards her muggle sister & when she gets a letter from her family saying her muggle sister got into Oxford She goes up the astronomy tower to think & Harry finds her there he asks what’s wrong & she explains how (&looks at ends while explaining) being magical & all knows she can do amazing things but can’t help feel second rate to her sister He comforts her & swaps childhood stories & they watch constellations

Pairing: (Y/N) x Harry (friend, hint relationship) 

Word Count: 2385

The tears were clouding your vision as you stumbled blindly up the stone steps, the piece of paper crushed firmly in your tightly closed fist. The only light was now coming from the light of your wand as you made your way up to the astronomy tower, the only place where you felt alone and worth anything. The autumn air was tumbling through the open space at the top of the turret and although slightly brisk brought along a sense of calm and a smell of crisp leaves.

You sink down onto the floor, back positioned vertically against the wall as you reopen the letter, sniffling slightly as you wipe your sleeve across your nose. ‘We are so proud (Y/N)! So proud.’ This was great, after everything you had to live up to… now this came along? You let another sob escape your mouth as you scanned over the familiar letter again, letting a single tear drop onto the paper. “Are you alright?” You jump up in shock at the sound of a soft male voice from the entranceway to the tower. “Who?-” You hiccup, “Who’s there?” The figure steps out the shadow.

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I’m choosing people in terms of content, although I have some faves that are people I adore even if they don’t post a lot of what I do (also gonna ignore all my faves from my lit blog since you guys don’t care about that). :)

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Well give me your address I'll send you more space underwear ;) I got ignored like I was wearing the cloak of invisibility. I was alone in a room in the second floor for some part of it. At midnight they exchanged presents (...)

(…) bit since I don’t exist I didn’t get anything. My step mother was a lil drunk but she was sitting next to me and she kept talking like THEY didn’t exist so I didn’t feel like shit, so she was nice.

My shit 15 year old cousin got an iPhone 6S which is like 600€ and she cried and yelled because it wasn’t pink. Which makes me realize what a piece of shit she is. My brother once again called me Jessica which is absolutely my name I guess.

Upside, I was able to watch kpop on a live stream on my phone and ignore them too. Bless. BUT YO send me those addresses I’ll fuck shit up for you. You don’t even have to pay

What the hell, that is so shitty ???? I’m so sorry you had to deal with that, that’s horrible and you deserve way better than that. *sends you all the love and hugs*

I will fight them. Say the word and I’ll be there to fuck ‘em up for you.

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Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Nick Wilde, Tyler Hoechlin, Sebastian Stan and boss ass bitch Peggy Carter. (I'm going to send you these until you stop claiming people can climb up from death, you're still pushing them girl.)

send 6 characters/people and i’ll tell you who i would:


  • do the sexy love™ with : cAN I LIKE CHOOSE TWO? PLEASE. How on earth am I supposed to choose between TYLER AND SEBBY, ain’t gonna choose, that’s how. BOTH IS GOOD.
  • sacrifice myself for : Peggy. always and forever, I would do anything for her.
  • kick : Jon Snow, he would let me, cuz he’s a stupid gentleman, but I would trip and somehow end up hitting myself, cuz too busy staring at his pretty hair. so it’s fine.
  • take to prom : Arya Stark, she would be so much fun ohmygod yes. (and NICK WILD)
  • abandon in jurassic park :
  • push off a bridge :



See, I ain’t claimed no one coming back from their death, cuz I ain’t pushing no one no more.


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