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During the Second Wizarding War (or Deathly Hallows and before that) – what about the Muggles? What’s going on in the muggle world while the magical one is falling apart? How are the Muggles witnessing Voldemort’s rise to power?

Rowling always made a point holding normal and wizarding world far apart from each other, the wizards secretive and as unseen as possible, but there have been several times where the things going on in the wizard world have been bleeding into the Muggle world:

* Vernon Dursely –a man who refuses to see magical happenings – couldn’t help but notice wizards all over the street, owls flying around, and strange meteor showers / fireworks all over the country the day after Voldemort got defeated by wee baby Harry

* Fudge, in his converssationg with the Prime Minister in Half-Blood Prince, pionts out that the Dementor activities have been responsible for a strange fog that made everyone feel weird, bridges had been destroyed, and things Muggle classified as storms have not been storms at all – all doings of Voldemort and his followers

And that was all before the Ministry of Magic had been infiltrated completely, and before Dumbledore – the man Voldemort had always feared – was still alive. It was there, but it surerly hadn’t completely escalated yet. With both of those last defences gone? Voldemort was basically free to reign over the muggles – which was one part he wanted, right, remember the sick thrones he had put up in his Ministry of Magic, the ones where muggles where made into part of his throne.

During the last war: How much did the muggles see? How much did they not see – couldn’t explain what was happening, why people were dying around them, because of things they couldn’t understand because magic had not been part of their lives until that point? How many deaths, how many catastrophes? How many victims were non-magical in this war?

Not to mention the Muggles that had wizards and witches in their families! There were muggle-born wizards in this war – there were muggles who knew about the magical world. How much did they know? How much did they understand of this war? Were they targeted first, because of their relations to wizards? Did their magical relatives and the Order have to hide them, like Hermione hid her parents?

And last but not least – what about Dudley Dursley? (I’m pointedly not saying the Dursleys, because I still believe Vernon and likely Petunia wouldn’t really have cared about Harry’s part in this war and if he lived or not). Dudley had only just begone to respect Harry, or at least accept him. He had even inquired where Harry was going, why he was not coming with them to safety. Did he watch the news, like Harry used to, listening for any strange happenings that screamed magic? Was he worried? Did he try and contact Harry, after it seemed like things had calmed down a bit? The wiki does mention the two of them were later in contact (even though I’m a bit miffed that it apparently wasn’t really a good relationship)


I get that the magical world was more important to focus on, because it was Harry’s story, but there’s so many untold stories there. The strictly distinguishing between the two worlds always bothered me a bit– the secrecy, yes, logical, but it’s impossible to keep two worlds fully apart when one is at war and at stake.

Not to mention that it always annoyed me a tiny bit how little the wizards bothered to learn about the muggles, not even being able to blend in. (It was good for a few laughs as a chid, but later it seemed unlogical. Want to be really secretive? Blend in, instead of standing out like a paradise bird amidst sparrows, and throwing Obliviate left and right. Arthur Weasley had the right hunch there, in my opinion. Kingsley was perfect at dressing like a muggle. Dumbledore, Moody, McGonagall all were the same, if they just bothered to do it. More wizard and witches should have been like that.)

I guess James won rock, paper, scissors

I hate writing about this stuff and make it seem like I’m using it for entertainment purposes when in reality this is a depiction of what snakes derogatory views would look like in modern day muggle world. also it satisfies my dream to see someone like snape get punched.

my take on the snape vs. james debate :

snape was actually awful because he bullied people and said derogatory things about lily, when she was his “friend. “ also don’t defend snape. if you like him, you can go. he literally got rejected, so he became a death eater and never grew out of being a shitty ass hole teenager. he also bullied children as an adult and was willing to let James and Harry die. which shows he didn’t care about lily or who she loved, he cared about himself and not being alone.

James Potter was MAYBE a shitty teenager when he was younger. but only to snape, who was in James’ defense, a jackass. and in the books it’s never mentioned that he mercilessly perused lily and didn’t take no for an answer, that’s just a huge fan thing. James didn’t change because of lily, he got more adult and kind because Sirius needed him to be, and James joined the order as a teenager. a war is going on, and he’s on the front lines ready to save people. and he, without a second thought became animagi to help out a friend so he wasn’t so alone. James helped people and cared about his friends blindly, even minorities, where as snape was disgusted by them and continued to be. he got Remus fired. Just because. He bullied kids. Just because.

There’s no excusing anything snape ever did, and James Potter was and is a wonderful boy who I love with everything I have so get out of here if you have negative feelings about my little baby fork prong.

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I’m imagining that after the war, being unable to escape the labels and expectations they faced within the wizarding community, Harry and Draco would each on their own decide to retreat to the Muggle world.  After a couple of years, both of them would still wake up screaming in the middle of the night, chasing away yet another nightmare about the war.  Incapable of getting back to sleep, they’d often wander aimlessly around the city at night.  Eventually on one of these nights, they’d bump into each other.  They both would know from reading The Prophet that the other had also moved to Muggle London, but they would never think they’d cross paths. London is big, after all.  At first, they’d have the reflex to pretend they didn’t notice one another, but that familiar bleary-eyed, still semi-terrified look on the other’s face, the one they would see on their own face in the mirror after another nightmare, would make them stop in their tracks. For a long moment, they would stare at each other, as if reading the last couple of years on the other’s face and recognizing a shared experience.  In that instant, something would shift.  ‘Hi,’ Draco would say simply.  ‘Couldn’t sleep,’ Harry would say in return, ‘There’s a 24h Chinese place down the road, I’ve been three times this week… Do you..’ Harry would hesitate, suddenly very aware again of who was standing in front of him, but then he would catch Draco’s gaze and at that moment, he would realize that he didn’t have to be in this alone anymore, at least not right then. ‘Do you want to join me?’ Harry would finish, finally. A flash of relief would skim over Draco’s face. ‘Yes.’

And so side by side, they would stroll down the street and down into the restaurant. Maybe, just maybe, for the first time in a long time, they would allow themselves to foster that tiny sliver of hope, already flickering gently within.


part 2 + part 3 + part 4

Drarry facts

1. Harry doesn’t like sleeping on white sheets because it makes him feel empty. Molly Weasley and Draco ensured that every bed spread they ever buy has prints on them.

2. Draco was there when Harry got the snitch tattoo which had his parents initials in it.

3. Draco was there when Harry got super drunk and started crying in the middle of the road saying he missed Sirius.

4. Harry helped take Draco to Madam Pomfrey when he fell down while practising Quidditch because he hadn’t eaten for days.

5. Harry makes sure Draco eats breakfast daily.

6. Before they got engaged, Harry and Draco went to Italy for a week and no one knew that.

7. When they first moved in the 2 bedroom apartment, they had a house party and Draco made Harry wear a onion ring and say that he would definitely marry him someday.

8. When Harry went to meet Narcissa, she hugged him because she was going to be forever thankful to him for saving his son’s life. Not just once.

9. Harry and Draco first kissed when Draco was crying and wanted to cut himself. Harry being the gryffindor he was, kissed him impulsively because he wanted to distract him. It worked.

And none of them knew that they needed that kiss so badly.

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Harry potter and Internet

Do you ever think about Hermione going into the muggle world and buying all this stuff off Amazon and all of them are harry potter fandom stuff and she will drop some things here and there like I don’t know a snape figurine for harry on his birthday? Or buying everyone a DA mug from and then she will get customize shirts that say “the class of we survived voldemort” and all the teacher get shirts that say “we survived the golden trio” and they all have a picture of the golden trio on them. And every once in awhile snape wears it (not that anyone knows) because it’s his favorite shirt. And then one day harry orders shirts after a bit of help from hermione that says “the bravest man I ever knew” and it has a picture of snape in mid turn to walk away and it’s perfect bevause he looks scary and stuff. And harry wears it every day and one day him and snape meet in the muggle world and they are both wearing their shirts snape wearing a shirt he ordered that said “my biggest problem” and has a picture of Harry and harry is wearing his snape shirt and well….


@hogwartshousesnet | july event | favorite class ➡ astronomy

Astronomy is one of the only fields of study at Hogwarts which has a direct equivalent in the Muggle world. Known student activities include learning the names of stars, constellations, and planets, as well as their location and movements, and describing the environments of planets and moons.

I hate it when fanfictions make the muggle world out to be this perfect place. You have no idea how many I’ve read where Harry goes to the muggle world to escape the radical purebloods and corrupt government. Have fun dealing with racism, homophobia, and another very corrupt government, Harry. Also, people forget that it takes place in the 1990’s. Stop ignoring wild 90’s fashion, and what existed back then, and who was prime minister.

(picture of American president Bill Clinton and British PM John Major, about 1994)

A Newfound Love for Grocery Shopping

“Wow,” Draco said reverently. His eyes lit up in awe. “What is this place?”

Harry chuckled. “Tesco.”

“Tesco,” Draco repeated, his tone thoughtful. “What is language is that? Croatian? Bosnian, maybe.”

Harry laughed again. He grabbed his boyfriend’s hand and kissed it affectionately.  “I don’t think it’s a real word, babe. Are you ready to do some shopping?”

Draco nodded eagerly, then noticed the cart Harry had snagged while Draco was admiring the fluorescent lighting and dozens of aisles. “What’s that for?” he asked.

“It’s what we put our groceries in,” Harry explained.

“Interesting,” Draco commented. “Well then, what’s first?”

“Cat food for Leo,” Harry said, reading off the list that Draco insisted for Harry to make. Usually when he went grocery shopping, Harry would just wander around the store picking up anything he noticed they needed. But when he invited Draco to come along, the blond immediately decided that Harry’s system was far too cavalier. Harry glanced at Draco now as he led the way to the pets section, again thinking how odd it was that this was the first time he ever brought Draco grocery shopping with him, especially considering that they’d been living together for six months now. Draco was currently staring at all the Muggle products around him in an awestruck manner. Harry smiled lovingly at his boyfriend.

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did snape go to muggle school

What a good question.  You rarely see it argued that he did, but…well, here we go:

I think Severus Snape went to Muggle school.  

Cokeworth is sufficiently big to demand more than one infant/junior school, so I think Severus probably went to one on the ‘bad side of town’, whilst the Evans girls went to a better school in the richer suburb.  

I believe Tobias was a very traditional man - and I think Eileen wanted to do right by her husband.  I headcanon that their marriage was mostly ok in their early days, and Severus went to school with the right clothes - clean clothes, even - and he was fairly quiet and well behaved.

I don’t think he had the best of everything, but then, neither did the other kids at the school either.  They were all in the poverty trap together, and I think Severus started well, because he was keen to learn.  He enjoyed reading and was desperate to practice at home - but he couldn’t find any books, apart from those weird dusty tomes in his mother’s battered school satchel.

Severus read them over and over again until he’d memorised them, even though he barely understood the words - and the odd time he mentioned them at school, nobody knew what he was talking about.  Apparating, indeed.  

I think about Harry and his magical outbursts as a pre-teen, and I think that was Severus’ downfall.  He was depicted as an emotional man as an adult, so I think he had no chance of keeping his outbursts under wraps as a kid. 

By five, I think Tobias would’ve already known that Severus was magical - and he was just praying that his son wouldn’t display any weird behaviour at the school, because he didn’t want the neighbours to know.

But Severus did.  

He couldn’t help it.  

The other kids soon became wary of him, then terrified - and the teachers weren’t far behind.  The more they disliked him, the more emotional Severus became.  In the end, nobody in his class complained when he skipped an afternoon here and there.  Afternoons became days, which became weeks.

Before Severus knew it, whole terms had gone by.

His attendance was so poor, it was flagged to social services, and one of their youngest - a Durham graduate with a tidy beard and shiny shoes - Jonny Davies, was sent to visit the boy’s family.  

You didn’t often see social workers down Spinner’s End; the adults were too far gone to help, and their reaction wasn’t often welcoming, laced instead with spite and vitriol.

But although Jonny couldn’t remember much of the afternoon, he did remember having a nice chat with Mrs Snape on the doorstep, and she reassured him that it was all a mistake, and of course young Severus was at school; he was there now!  

Sure enough, now that he was back in the office, Jonny couldn’t believe he’d made such a mistake.  His papers clearly showed that Severus had barely missed a day - and that was only due to the poor boy having a stomach ache.  

Tobias was furious when he heard that social services had visited.  He was ashamed of his son, and he laid the blame on Eileen.  In reaction, Eileen scoured her magical books, desperate for a way to help her son.  Eventually, she found the answer:  Occlumency.

But it wasn’t enough.  Severus was too young, too emotional and unable to focus.  He didn’t care about stopping his outbursts at Muggle school because he just didn’t care about Muggle school full stop.  Eileen’s belated efforts to make him attend didn’t work; if she dropped him at the gate, he’d simply leap over the wall at the back.  

A few years into the charade, and Eileen couldn’t pretend to care anymore.  Tobias had all but disowned his family; he wasn’t working, and what money he did have went into propping up the bar across town.  

Eileen stopped bothering to dress Severus in school appropriate clothes; the cost was astronomical, and if Severus was going to scrabble around by the river all day, then he could make do with what cast-offs she could scrimp together.

Not that Eileen really understood the difference.  One set of Muggle clothes was the same as the other.  

But Tobias knew.

And Severus knew.

And the Muggle kids he ran into from time to time…  They all knew.

So Severus spent his days at the playground, dirty-haired, and wearing ill-fitting adult clothes.  He daydreamed about his Hogwarts letter arriving.  Everyone would understand him in his new world, and nobody would laugh when he said the word, “Apparate,” or when he got so annoyed that sparks would fly from his fingertips.

Not that sparks would ever fly from his fingertips at Hogwarts, because Hogwarts was full of magical people; full of witches and wizards who couldn’t wait to be his friends…

ok but the idea that all the spells in the hp universe are latin is actually really interesting to me

because basically, the reason why we here in the english-speaking western world conflate latin with the idea of power is that back in the day, the people who knew latin were the educated. first there was church latin, the language of God, and given that a lot of universities here have their roots in churches and monasteries and such this then became the language of Knowledge, and subsequently Power. rich people spoke french, learned people knew latin, and the common folk spoke english. (english wasn’t considered worthy enough to write in until chaucer started writing in it in the 1300s, but i digress)

and all of this would imply that wizards have the same associations? they split from the muggle world around the late 1600s iirc so it’s plausible that they kept this association, but it makes me want to see a world where the wizards decided ‘nah screw that we’re doing spells our way’ and all of the magic being in middle or even old english, because that’d be fun

(also, you know, i’d love to see wizards who aren’t white english people using other languages in their magic, because there are so many languages that are way older than latin)