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Ace!Luna? Opinions?

You know when you have a headcanon so strong that you cannot accept that it’s not actually canon? That is me with aromantic-asexual Luna Lovegood. Luna was always a loving and caring girl who is a bit away with the fairies. Just like her father.

Luna has always wanted to make a lot of friends but always struggled because they find her weird. At a muggle primary school she stood out like a sore thumb because she not only believed in stuff that obviously isnt real but she made weird stuff happen.

Luna is a very touchy-feely type of person. She loves hugs and hand holding and even cheek/forehead kisses but she doesn’t understand why people think that is weird. Why can’t you do those things with your friend?

Luna who’s never really been able to make friends and quietly resigned herself to being alone. Luna who’s overwhelmed by Ginny defending her in class. Luna who loves her friends so much she paints them onto her ceiling as a reminder they are real and they like her.

Harry Potter and the Summer of the Stepfather: Birthdays Pt. X

Tonks lurched in, tripped over the doorframe, and went sprawling into the center of the floor, knocking over the bottle of hornberry wine as she went. Everyone scattered. Harry, irritated, caught Ron’s eye. Ron made a face at him. Harry shook his head.

Tonks picked herself up. “Wotcher Harry!” she said cheerfully. “Happy birthday!”

“Yeah,” Harry said unenthusiastically. His neck prickled; Hermione was staring meaningfully at him. He cleared his throat. “Uh.” He faked a cough. “Sorry. Thanks.”

“Been a good birthday, then?” Tonks asked.

“Oh yeah, it’s been cool,” Harry lied. “Spent it with my mum and Professor Snape. Saw a movie, that Coen brothers movie.” He thought about adding how hilarious it had been, when Severus had slipped into the Minnesota accent.

Tonks frowned. Her hair darkened from pink to purple. Harry briefly caught a glimpse of another world where he thought she was one of the coolest people ever, like Bill; unfortunately now he just thought she was a bit naive. “I thought you went to the Puddlemore United game with James?”

“I chose to stick to my commitments,” Harry stated blandly. Hermione carefully, discretely poked him. He smiled. “It meant a lot to Mum.” It meant a lot to him.

Fred broke in, “Wow, can’t believe you spent it with OI’ Snapey of all people. What’s he been like?”

George added, “Threatening to take off points for the wrong deosil stir of the morning oatmeal? Trashing Gryffindor with every breath? Did he shower at all?”

“He gave me his grandfather’s watch, actually. It was a bit awkward in the beginning and honestly it’s still weird, but he’s been…” He trailed off. How could he describe the summer? Constantly wrongfooted, but never tiptoeing around: he’d learned more than he had ever wanted to know about his parents, but Snape had been relatively chill, though he still wasn’t very good at taking a joke at his own expense, not even from Lily. “Snape’s been pretty cool, actually. I mean, he’s touchy, but take him away from Neville’s exploding cauldrons and he’s actually pretty funny. And he makes my mum really happy.”

Hermione sighed. “Poor Neville. I can’t believe his grandmother is making him retake his Potions OWL on his birthday. It’s not he needs it for Herbology, not really.”

“It does look bad, though,” Cedric said mildly. “Think about it: a potions supplier who can’t synthesize anything more complicated than a boil cure?”

Grateful for the distraction, Harry sat back and let the conversation wash over him. He liked his friends. He liked them a great deal. Luna and Ginny were at a careful distance from each other, out of all the Weasleys only Ron and Percy knew, and Ginny was making up for the discomfort by being particularly belligerent to Fred and Tonks especially, who had been her first major crush. Ron played dumb and sarcastic, only reacting to what was said, and Cedric stayed mostly silent. He and Tonks had barely overlapped in Hogwarts, and he had never liked the twins. Cedric didn’t have much of a sense of humor. It made him a little difficult to talk to sometimes.

Eventually, they were called down, flushed and overheated and laughing, to the backyard, alit with candles and fairies in jars, where Mrs. Weasley had set up an enormous Golden Snitch cake. The entire Order, sans Severus and Professor Dumbledore, was there, beaming in the feylight. Lily looked a little teary. She was standing on the other side of the cake, away from his father. He walked to her. She half-hugged him. They sang happy birthday and then Harry had to endure everyone’s well wishes, various hugs from people he barely knew, hand-shakings, and intense questions on what he wanted to do with his future.

He didn’t know what he wanted. Voldemort was only just dead, but some of the Death Eaters were still at large, setting up Corban Yaxley as the new Dark Lord, and he knew he wanted a break from constantly being in danger. Eventually, he thought he might like to teach.For now, he wanted to survive his NEWTs.

“Ah, you’ll be an auror,” Professor McGonagall said. “Just like your dad was.”

James grinned and messed up his own hair. Lily conspicuously rolled her eyes.

Finally, Sirius came up to him, Peter as his heels as always. Harry stiffened. He’d always been a little intimidated by Sirius when he was younger, he’d been such a quiet kid and generally bullied for being weird at muggle school, and Sirius had always teased him for being silent and not wanting to answer questions. Of course, that had changed with Ron and Hermione, he’d come out of his shell, even thought he mostly stuck by them, but he never really knew what to say to him that he wouldn’t rather say to his own father. He glanced at his mother. She was outright scowling: the prank. Yeah.

“Hey, sport,” Sirius said, ruffling Harry’s hair. Harry tried not to scowl; nevermind the uncomfortable questions, this had always driven him insane. He patted his hair down, but it stayed as wild as always. “Been a good birthday with your dad?”

Suddenly, an absolutely evil idea crossed Harry’s mind. He grinned, looking at Peter’s pensive face, his father’s uncomfortable expression, his faintly murderous mother. He could make this worse. He could make this so much worse.

“Oh yeah. It’s been great. Didn’t you hear? Mum’s engaged!” Harry exclaimed happily. “She and Severus are getting married!”

James rounded on Lily. “You’re marrying Snivellus?”

“Don’t call him that! And no, Harry’s being a shit–”

“He’s a Death Eater, Lily!” James paused. “Don’t call my son a shit!”

“But I’m being a shit,” Harry said. “I’m starting shit. You’re a shit.”

“He’s got to have you imperiused,” Sirius said. He raised his wand. “Come on, we need to check for dark magic–”

“Put that fucking stick down before I punch your face in, Sirius, Harry’s being an ass.”

James grabbed her arm. “Lily, please, we need to talk about this–you can and should be doing so much better than that greasy weirdo–”

“He’s not that greasy,” Harry chimed in.

“You are such a little shit,” Lily said, “you have been spending far too much time with Severus–”

“Sirius, just cast the finite,” Peter urged.

“Lily, I thought you told me marriage was a bourgeois concept–is he forcing you into this–”

“Oh, you’re one to fucking talk, James. Will you just listen to me–”

“Finite incantatum!” Sirius shouted.

Nothing happened.

Lily looked at him flatly. “Are you done?”


She picked up the cake platter and tossed it into Sirius’ face. Peter yelped, “Expel-expelliarmus!” Lily’s eyes widened, but she couldn’t cancel the curse quickly enough. The cake, resting on plates across the backyard and nestled in Sirius’ hair, blew up.

Between the Marauders, Lily, and Harry, they managed to pin the blame on Fred and George, who actually were contemplating blowing up the cake. When the misunderstanding was cleared, Harry feeling defensively smug, Lily just irritated, Jame and Sirius agreed that it was a most excellent prank. Peter just grinned awkwardly.

“Yeah,” Harry said. “Exactly how pranks should go: harm to none, maximize slapstick.”

When Lily attempted complaining to Severus, when they finally got back, Severus laughed so hard he snorted. All in all, Harry thought: worst birthday ever. But the cake disaster was pretty fun.

End of “Birthdays”, a 10-part series from the Stepfather AU. Click the #birthdays tag below to read the entire series, and the #stepfather au to read more from this universe. For more of my Harry Potter fanfic, just click the #fanfic or #snily tag.

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(Hogwarts AU) Little muggleborn Grantaire on his way to his first year at Hogwarts. He’s so excited because now he won’t be the outcast at school, like he was at muggle school where people were scared of him for making weird things happen. His parents were a little wary about getting him an owl since that was a little too wizardy for them to handle but they gave him a tortie kitten at the train station. (suggestions for what to name the cat? Merlot the owl comes later when he’s older.) He’s got his wand out all ready for wizarding and he bought himself some candy off the trolly.