muggle money

so harry was loaded in wizard money - but did he get left any muggle money that he has access to? do wizards have housing or would he have to pay rent in pounds that he may not have? is harry potter rich in one world and poor in the other?

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hey liz!! if you're taking prompts, can you write something with the prompt, "we order different drinks at the same bar"? im obsessed with green light rn! thank you sm liz lov ya!!!! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

All Draco had wanted to was a have a nice, gay night out.

He just wanted to order a nice and tooth-rotting sweet drink, the soft buzz of alcohol singing through his veins, the nice thrill of dancing with complete and devastatingly hot strangers. 

It seemed, however, that his evening was going to be ruined beyond repair.

Because the guy standing next to him, ordering a pint with an impossibly loud voice while waving his muggle money around, was Harry bloody Potter.

Why, God, Draco asked mentally, casting his eyes skyward, his fingers clutching around his pink cocktail, why must you torture me so?

It took a while for Potter to notice him.

(Draco wasn’t going to make himself known, after all, he wasn’t stupid enough to believe Potter would be happy with his company.) 

(He couldn’t get himself to leave, either. Apparently his infatuation with the golden boy hadn’t lessened over the years. Wasn’t a big surprise - just a big disappointment. Get it together, Draco.)

But when Potter did notice him, it wasn’t what Draco had expected.

He’d expected Potter to become angry, shout above the obnoxiously loud music - maybe Potter would even punch him right in his ex-Death Eaters face. (He had the right to do that, anyway. If someone had the right to hurt Draco for everything he’d done, it was Potter.)

What he hadn’t expected, however, was the happy squeal that left Potter’s lips before the golden boy - who was still shorter than he was, thank the gods - jumped up and wrapped his arms around Draco. “Malfoy!” Potter shouted, only understandable because he’d basically buried his head into Draco’s neck, “Hi!”

“Uh,” Draco felt as though something had punched him in the gut, “hi?”

“Hi,” Potter repeated, not letting go, his grip so tight it started to hurt.

Draco didn’t mind.

“What…” Draco looked around, trying to spot any of Potter’s friends - this had to be a joke, it had to be - but whipped his head back down soon enough to look at Potter again. 

(He never had been good at not looking at Potter.)

“What are you doing?” He finally asked.

“Hugging you,” Potter said to his neck, his fingers starting to play uneven rhythms on Draco’s back, “obviously.”

“Obviously.” Draco repeated, feeling as though he’d died and gone to heaven. He could smell Potter from this distance - he smelled like cinnamon and something smoky, something irresistible. “Are you going to let go any time soon?”

“Why?” Potter lifted his head to look up (and up and up) at him, and he even pouted, his eyes shining ridiculously bright under the disco lights.

“Because, you idiot,” Draco drawled, for the first time wrapping his arms around Potter to hold him close - his drink fell to the floor, but neither him nor Potter seemed to care much about that - “I can’t kiss you like that.”

Potter blushed so beautifully Draco wished he could look at it forever.

For now, however, he was perfectly happy to bend down and connect Potter’s soft lips against his own, cradling Potter’s head, taking as much as he could before the golden boy would realize who was kissing him, before he would sober up and kick Draco’s shins to fight him off.

(Potter didn’t fight him off. He kissed him with such an eagerness it left Draco breathless. He kissed him, again and again and again and -)

Draco: *to himself * told Granger we should just apparate there, but nOOO.

Hermione: *from the car* it’s a muggle town, Draco. A muggle wedding, with my muggle relatives. I told you this like a hundred times.

Draco: I know! *whispers* stupid muggle car with their stupid muggle gas, and I have to pay for it with oH- stupid muggle money!

Hermione: I can hear you, Malfoy.

Draco: About time, you should!

The Marauders Drunk

Peter: Peter doesn’t get drunk often. He doesn’t usually go to all the parties the others go to, preferring to stay home and watch TV. But the strangest thing occurs when he is drunk. There is no one as outlandishly funny as Peter when he is drunk. That boy is suddenly the most hilarious person to ever open their mouth. It’s a total opposite from his sober personality. The awkwardness is just *poof* gone. He’s the guy who knows everyone and can hook you up. And then he goes outside and falls asleep in the street. 

Remus: Remus goes out sometimes, but usually leaves the partying to Sirius and James. But he’s pretty interesting when he’s drunk. It’s almost like he’s embarrassed to be drunk. He will straight up refuse it, insisting that he is nOT FUCKING DRUNK, PADS, FUCK OFF! Meanwhile, he’s bumping into the coat rack and apologizing to it and telling everyone that they should go skinny dipping. This one time resulted in a half naked Remus running around the grounds of Hogwarts, drunk off his ass on firewhiskey while the other marauders chased frantically after him, tackling him before he could jump into the lake. He also has this fixation with karaoke, and his voice isn’t bad, but once he is up on the stage, he doesn’t come down for hours. He usually knows he was singing the night before because there are somehow dollar bills in his pants. Sirius often happens to be mysteriously broke the next day, with only a couple of dollars in his pocket. Remus pretends he doesn’t know that Sirius is the only one who keeps muggle money with him. 

James: Drunk James is a challenging creature. He has a habit of turning into his animagus form, scaring the shit out of everyone else at whatever party they’re at. He’s usually either angry or giggly, which means you’ll either have a stag running full speed at you with an angry glint in his eyes or a stag snorting in the corner. He also likes to use his invisibility cloak and wander around going “oooooOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo”. Its even funnier when he does it in animagus form, because all you see is four hooves stumbling around and a lot of things falling over. James likes making plans with strangers when he’s drunk. He invites everyone to his house and agrees to go on trips with people he met in the elevator. He also enjoys buying round after round for everyone in whatever setting they’re in, no matter the cost. 

Sirius: There are stages that all the marauders are aware of. It’s very important that they know what stage he is at at all time, for his safety and their’s. The first stage is the clingy stage. He downright refuses to get out of Remus’ lap and whines when people walk away. The second stage is the advice stage. He walks up to people and gives them the advice he thinks they need but they don’t usually want. This includes telling them that they wear the wrong shade of foundation and it’s been throwing him off for ages and that their fingers are different lengths and they should fix it. This leads right into the angry stage. When people don’t like the advice he gives them, he tends to start shouting and raising his arms over his heads. “FIGHT ME THEN! COME ON YOU LITTLE SHIT! LET’S GO!” This stage ends with the other marauders dragging him outside before he can get punched. The last stage is the inquisitive stage. This stage means all hands on deck. Sirius does not sit still and will run everywhere to “invent the next big potion, guys come on the last ingredient is just at the top of the Whomping Willow lemme go,” or something else that includes him doing something dumb and dangerous. Then he crashes and falls asleep wherever he is and get’s dragged back to the dorm by the others. 


Lily: As nice as this girl is sober, she is straight up blunt when she is drunk. No matter how much it will offend someone or how useless the information is, she can’t help but open her mouth and give the honest truth about everyone around her. They’re eyes are too wide apart or they shouldn’t ever do that with their hair again. Then she just smiles and walks away. She is also the giggliest thing in existence. She could just be sitting there and break into laughter. Everything is funny. James’ nose (”Boop!”), Sirius’ eyelashes (”they just go, swoosh”), Remus’ hair (”I just wanna- *Runs hands messily through hair”), and Peter’s posture (”How does someone even sit like that!”). She dances with everyone, much to James’ despair, and the only really moves her torso when she dances drunk, looking almost like a half dead snake. The next day, she death threatens anyone who witnessed her as a drunken mess and burns all evidence. 

We Can’t ~ Sirius

Did you hear about the masquerade at the Black Manor?“ Your best friend or Meadows asked one morning.

“I did. Are you going?” You replied, sitting next to her on the sofa.

“Do you really think my family got invited.” Se scoffed.

“I don’t know,” You teased, “maybe Walburga was feeling generous.”

“Well! I may not have been invited, but it’s the event of the year, and I still want to go.” She laughed.

“We don’t, have invitations, so we can’t get in.” You told her.

“We could sneak in through the kitchens.” She mused. This finally sparked your interest.

“We could.” You sang, thinking of the possibilities.

“Just think of it, (Y/N)! Fancy dresses, the elaborate decorations, the mysterious boys.”

“Let’s do it!” You were sold.

After thinking for a few moments and fantasizing about the night you would have, you came up with a question.

“Where are we going to get the money to buy dresses?” You asked.

“Oh,” Dorcas’ face fell into deep thought, “We could borrow some money from my parents.”

“Yeah,” You scoffed, “because your parents would be perfectly fine if you snuck into a party wearing dresses we shouldn’t even have, using money from their bank account. Especially if the party is hosted by the richest and meanest family in the country.”

“They don’t have to know! I can just take some sickles from their account and transfer it to muggle money so we get more bang for our buck! It’s about two pounds to a sickle right now and that will get us great dresses at half the wizard price!” She theorized.

“Sounds good, but if we get caught, you take the blame.” You smirked, laughing at your friend’s mischievous look.


Your plan ran smoothly. A week before the masquerade, you two went shopping around muggle stores to find dresses. You were both buzzing on the night of the party.

Your hair as done up nice and your makeup was applied by Dorcas flawlessly. The dress you had picked out fit your figure perfectly and Dorcas had bought you both Venitian masks.

You mqade your way to the Black Manor and instead of sneaking into the house by the kitchens, you made your way into the house through the back door you two stumbled upon. You followed the music until you reached the ballroom
“Oh. My. God.” Dorcas breathed, taking in the view of the gilded room.

This has been your best idea yet.” You said in equal amazement.

The ballroom was bustling with moving people. They were all dancing in perfect timing with one another and the music guided them. The walls were decorated with the accent color green, representing their Slytherin pride. You two walked down the steps into the room.

Twirling around together and laughing was the first thing you and Dorcas did.

“I can’t believe this actually worked.” You muttered to yourself.

Looking around the room more, you backed up to get a better view but ran into someone. You lost your balance as your body collided with another and slowly turned around, hoping no one would recognize you as the muggleborn you were. But you had your mask and a dress, no one would suspect a thing, right?

“I am so sorry.” You said, looking at the figure you ran into.

“No problem.” It said.

It was a boy, who was a little taller than you and who wore dress robes. He had long black hair and his mask was formed specially for his face.

“NO, really, I didn’t mean to run into you, I was just looking at the beautiful ballroom and-“

“You don’t come here often do you?” The boy laughed.

You idiot! You gave yourself away.

Or that’s what you thought.

“This is my first time.” You admitted.

“Well, then, it is only natural for me to ask you to dance.” The boy smirked roguishly.

“Oh you don’t have to.” You tried to get yourself out of the situation, because, in truth, you didn’t know any fancy dances.

“Of course I do! You’re a beautiful girl without a partner.” He said, trying to convince you.
“I don’t really know how to dance well.” You confided in the stranger.
“Well, you’re lucky that you’re a girl, because all you have to do is follow me.”

He took your hand in his and led you out. After fumbling around a little bit, you actually found the rhythm with the music and started to dance like you knew what you were doing.  

“So,” He opened the air for conversation

“So.” You repeated, not sure what to say.

“Who are you?” He asked.
“It’s a masquerade, “You smiled, “You’re not supposed to know who everyone is.”

“But that’s no fun.” He flirted, “besides, I want to know who this pretty girl is.”

“You’ll never find out.” You said mischievously.

“That’s no fair.” He pouted.

“It’s the nature of the game.”

“I’ll just have to find you at another dance.” He said, spinning you around in time with everyone else.

You laughed to yourself at the irony.

“What’s so funny?” He asked.

“Nothing.” You replied, stifling your laughter.

“You wouldn’t laugh at nothing.” He smirked, catching you in your lie.

“Touche.” You narrowed your eyes through your mask, “truth is, kind sir, you seem absolutely smitten.”

“Is that a crime?” He asked as you continued dancing.

“Not necessarily.” You smiled up at the stranger.

For the rest of the dance the stranger kept asking you questions about your identity, which you brushed aside gracefully.

When the dance ended, the stranger pulled you to an alcove in the ballroom and blocked the view of the room.

“You take off your mask, I’ll take off mine.” He negotiated.

In all honesty, the spunk and confidence of the boy made you curious to see who he was, but you didn’t want to take of your mask.

“I can’t do that.” You told him softly.

“Why not?” He asked.

“Because, I shouldn’t be here.” You sighed, telling half of the truth.

“Is it your parents, because I won’t say a word.” He promised, taking your hand in his.

You laughed, “NO, it’s not like that.”

“Please.” He whined.

You thought about it for a while. It was silent, even the music and the chattering in the back seemed to quiet down.

You reached up to his face and pulled his mask off, revealing a familiar, handsome face.

“Sirius Black.” You scoffed, “just my luck.”

“What do you mean?” He asked, looking deep into your eyes, partially covered by your mask.

“You’re not going to like who I am.” You laughed lightly.

“I bet you I will.” He whispered, untying the string wraped around your head and removing the mask fro your face.

His face fell when your identity was revealed.

“Told you that you wouldn’t like the results.” You looked down, “Now, if I could please have my mask back, I’ll leave you to your party.”

As you moved to take your mask from his hand, he snatched it away, so you moved out from the wall to find Dorcas an leave, but Sirius blocked you from leaving.

“Sirius, this is embarrassing. I’m a muggleborn who snuck into the Black’s party! Of all houses, I chose yours, now let me be.”

But his kissed you instead of letting you pass. His lips like fire forced you to stay and you kissed him back slowly. Deciding the angle of the kiss, his nose brushed against your cheek and left a tingling sensation in its wake. He bit your lip softly and you forced yourself to stay quiet, pulling away from him.

“We can’t do this.” You said to him, “I have to go.”

There may be a part two if you guys like this so….

Muggleborns have the Internet
  • Muggleborn: Oh you need an Owl to send a message? Hahaha We have the Internet.
  • Muggleborn: Oh you need books and a library to research something? Hahaha We have the Internet.
  • Muggleborn: Oh you need a magical camera to make your photos move? Hahaha we have the Internet.
  • Muggleborn: Oh you need to physically travel to a bank to check on your funds, and to get money? Hahaha we have the Internet.
  • Muggleborn: Oh you need a Quill and Parchment that you need to measure out to write stuff and do homework? Hahahahaha we have a Computer for that, which is how you access the Internet.
  • Purebloods: What an "Internet"?
  • Muggleborns: -.-
  • Muggleborns:
  • Muggleborns:
  • Muggleborns: You don't know what the Internet it? We will need the Internet for this.
Thick as Thieves - Without the thieves part... ~ Pt. 2 || Newt Scamander x Reader

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Based on Anonymous’ Request: “Are you going to do a thick as thieves part 2? I really wanna see queenie make them blush lol they’re so adorable and cute”

“Newt look!” Y/N gasped as she looked over the edge of the boat, pointing down at a few fish swimming around below them. “Look at the fish!” She beamed over at the man sitting on a wooden bench behind her.

Newt smiled fondly at her, tightening his grip on his briefcase as he nervously approached the side of the boat, tilting his head curiously at the fish.             “They’re q-quite…unusual..” He said slowly. 

Y/N rolled her eyes, and was about to say something along the lines of ‘You can’t talk, with a case of magical beasts,’ but the ship’s horn sounded, indicating they were arriving in New York.

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For Richer, For Poorer

Anon Request: Hi! I just came across a fic search for when james takes lily to his vault and thought that you might write this. 


Lily Evans frowned at her less-than-eloquent boyfriend as he dug through his pockets looking for something. The woman in front of them in the line at the ice cream shop also frowned greatly at them. Lily smiled at the woman before shooting James another glance; he was running his hands up and down his robes as if searching for something on his person.

“What’s wrong with you?” she couldn’t help laughing at his ridiculous face as he dug his fingers deep into his pockets.

James pulled out the empty insides of his pockets, “I forgot my money!” he exclaimed.

Lily rolled her eyes and reached for her purse, “Then I’ll pay.”

“No!” James exclaimed, yanking her from the line and she groaned as they passed two women holding nice looking ice cream cones. 

Lily stomped her feet repeatedly, trying to get James to stop pulling her by the arm. It didn’t work. He was such a boy. He couldn’t go shopping on his own, he couldn’t let his girlfriend pay for a bit of ice cream, and he couldn’t hear her annoyance as they left the ice cream shop.

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Drarry and Teddy at the Zoo

Prompt: Harry gets Draco to help him babysit in the muggle world and Draco is adapting to the new muggle items around him.

Draco -

“Dray I promise it won’t be as bad as you’re making it out to be,” Harry begs giving me these big, sad eyes.

“But why do we have to do this? Why can’t someone else watch that mut,” Harry gasp giving em a glare.

“Oh hush your mouth. That’s my godson you talking about.”

I roll my eyes turning back to the Daily Prophet. I can feel Harry’s eyes on me, but I refuse to break.

“Dragon,” he says sweetly wrapping his arms around my shoulders pulling me back into his chest.

“Lion,” I reply harshly trying to not let the small smile forming on my lips show.

“Will you please come with to watch Teddy with me?”

“Only if I get some cuddles later,” I sigh.

His face breaks into an ear to ear grin before plopping on my lap and wrapping me in a hug.

“Now let’s so get into get into our muggle clothes. I told Remus we would be there for 9,” I turn and look at the clock seeing it is already 8:30.

“Thanks for the heads up. It is ever so deeply appreciated,” I tease before getting up and walking to our bedroom.

I hear 8uio0p plrt5oltgptlggbehind me before Harry finally speaks up, “You know you’re going to have to wear muggle clothes, right?”

“No Harry, I just thought I was going to waltz around the muggle world in my robes and be completely casually about the whole thing. Yes you buffon, of course I know to wear muggle clothes,” Harry’s cluelessness never seems to fail him.

I do not own much muggle clothing, but out of the stuff I do own looks pretty damn amazing on me. I slip on a pair of black “skinny jeans” followed by a green “T-Shirt.” If I am going to go muggle I might as well stick to my old school colors. School ended almost a year ago, but eh green suits me. I make my way into our bathroom grabbing a comb to flatten out my hair before I gel it back.

“Draco we have to leave,” I hear Harry call from the living room.

I finish doing my hair before walking over to him. He reaches his arm out to me, which I graciously accept before we apparate to 12 Grimmauld Place.

“Uncle Hawwy! Uncle Dwaco!” Teddy exclaims.

Harry rushes over to his godson wrapping him into a tight hug. I smile at the two looking up to see Remus giving them the same affectionate look.

“Sirius hurry your lazy arse up! Harry and Draco are here,” Remus screams as a frantic Sirius comes bolting down the stairs.  

“Thank you guys for watching him. We should be back sometime in the late afternoon,” Sirius says giving me a pat on the shoulder and a small smile.

They two turn to their son who is only a little older than two years old to bid their goodbyes. They soon floo out of the house leaving the three of us in the large home all alone.

“So what do you want to do today?” Harry ask Teddy.

“Can we go to the zoo?” he responds.

“What the hell is a zoo?” I question at the two before they burst out into a fit of giggles.

“It’s where you get to see a bunch of wild muggle animals,” Harry says casually.

“What is the purpose?”

“For visitors to see these animals first-hand and to help animals that may die off,” he explains.

I still do not see the full purpose, but I find it better if I stop with the questions.

“Why don’t we take the muggle bus?” Harry suggest with a buzzing Teddy in his arms.

Muggle busses are disgusting. They are filled with absolutely filthy people who smell like they were raised by a bunch of hippogriffs. Do not get me wrong, all muggles are not horrible. Just the majority of them lack any sort of common sense and act like children.

We make our way out of the house to the stop across the street. I sit on the abandoned bench, Teddy takes this opportunity to crawl onto my lap. Despite my constant cold shoulder act, I do truly care about the kid. The bus shortly pulls in front of us and I snatch Teddy into my arms while Harry gives the driver muggle money.  We make our way to the back of the bus pushing through the rows or crowded people.

Teddy wiggles out of my grasp sitting in between Harry and I. Almost everyone on the train cannot keep their eyes off of Teddy. His personality is captivating. When he was younger we would worry about him changing his hair or eye color in front of the muggles, but we finally found a glamour strong enough to stop it from happening when in public.

Old ladies continue to wave at him while he giggles loving the attention. Harry on the other hand looks slightly annoyed. I  guess being the savior and constantly having people looking at you, expecting things from you, you tend to become annoyed.

The bus comes to a halt and Teddy waves goodbye to everyone causing them to coo before we make our exit. Harry takes my hand into his while I hold Teddy lightly on my hip. In front of me is a tan building with several giggling kids bouncing around waiting to go inside. Teddy’s excitement matches the others as he tries to get out of my grasp. Harry leads the way going through the gates and I can feel my eyes widen at the sight in front of me. We begin making towards these pink birds walking around in a light pit of water. As we get closer I the air begins to fill with the most appalling oder. My nose scrunches and I turn to Harry who burst into a fit of giggles. He grabs my arm pulling me away from the disgusting beast walking down a jungle like path.

“Hawwy can we go see the giwaffes?” Teddy ask giving his godfather his best puppy dog eyes.

I have to say they are quite convincing considering who his parents are.

“Of course they are my favorite,” Harry exclaims.

“Hm I would have guessed the lions would be your favorite,” I tease sending him a sloppy grin.

“Close second,” he pipes back.

We turn down several pathways stopping and looking at all kinds of animals from tortoises to elephants. I have never seen a giraffe up close before. I know I read about one in one of my muggle studies books, but honestly they seem terrifying. I stop walking seeing me are now on a little bridge in front of the large creatures walking around eating leaves out of the toy trees.

“Do you want to feed him?” Harry ask me with a small smirk.

He puts some strange cord like substance into my hand gesturing for me to outstretch it to the animals. I reach my shaky arm out with an open palm look at the to giraffes who are suddenly extremely aware of our presence.  They stalk over to us in what seems like slow motion before stopping directly in front of me. He dips his head down letting his obnoxiously long tongue swipe down taking the food into his mouth. My body cringes feeling the rough, wet texture trying not to pull away. Teddy and Harry are doubling over in laughter watching my uncomfortable state. The giraffe then unexpectedly rubs it face on the side of mine before walking back to his original place.

After a few more moments Teddy begins to whine that he is hungry so we start head in the direction of the the center of the zoo where there are is a gift shop and food carts. On the way there Harry spots the reptile exhibit and begs to go in. Despite his hungry state, Teddy cannot argue at the site of Harry’s own version of the puppy dog eyes.

He pulls us into the deep filled room seeing dozens of animals from lizards to snakes. I see a beautiful green tree python relaxing in a small tree. I walk over to the glass with Teddy in my arms seeing the snakes head slightly perking up at the sight of us. Before I can even say anything to Teddy, a voice cuts me off causing me to jump.

“Seethaaasssshathehhhhathehhhayaeeh,” Harry speaks in a low voive trying to ensure none of the muggles hear him.

Teddy and I both watch in awe as the two begin to have a conversation as if they are old friends. Harry turns back to the two of us and we both stare waiting for him to explain.

“Her name is Kendra and she told me about her past and I told her about you two. By they may, she mention how your looks are quite captivating Draco,” I blush slightly at the compliment shooting a wink to the snake.

Harry counties to make small talk with the snakes we see on the way out until we reach the end of the hall. We exit the building only to be meet with the blinding light from the outside.  Teddy walks slightly in front of Harry and I giving me the opportunity to lock our hands together while we walk in a comfortable silence.

“Teddy what do you want to eat?” I ask him and he stops in his tracks putting on a very concentrated face.

“Animal Crackers and hmmm…” his eyes suddenly shouts, “A JUICE BOX.”

Harry and I both chuckle at his outburst, but my laughter soon turns to confusion as I realize I do not know what either of those foods are. Harry obviously does because he walks over to a guy not much older than us getting what I would assume to be whatever Teddy asked for. Teddy and I sit at an empty table that was an umbrella connected to the top. Harry walks back over with three square boxes along with 3 plastic bags.

Teddy immediately takes one of each from Harry’s hands saying a quick thank you. He places a set in front me we and I just stare at the two not know how to approach them.

“Draco,have you never had a juice box?” I sheepishly shake my head back at him in response.

He grabs the small yellow box ripping some plastic contraption off the front. I soon realize it was a straw that he pops right into the top of the box before pushing it back over in my direction.

“Drink” he simply says turning to his own juice.

I take the box in more both hands bringing it to my lips. I slowly begin to drink it watching Harry for approval the whole time and he keeps nodding with encouragement.

“Can you open my animal crackers?” Teddy ask Harry handing him his bag.

Without a response Harry does the task turning back to me bursting to a fit of giggles.

“Awh you drink it with two hands, you’re so cute.”

“Shut up,” I mumble putting the straw back into my mouth.

Harry continues to tease me endlessly about the damn juice box as we get up walking towards the exit of the zoo. I would love to spend a few more hours here, but somewhere along the way we lost track of time seeing that the sun is starting to set. Teddy is now extremely tired struggling to keep his eyes open while Harry is holding him close to his chest. The afternoon bus just so happens to arrive as we get to the stop. We settle in with a now sleeping Teddy as all sorts of people with just as tired children join us leaving the zoo.

After several stops we arrive in front of Sirius and Remus’ place thanking the driver before entering the quiet home. Harry goes to lay Teddy down into his room while I cuddle into the arm of the couch. Harry returns plopping down onto my lap causing a low groan to leave my lips. I shift getting comfortable wrapping my arms around his waist.

“Today was amazing” I mumble into his hair before kissing his head.

“Yeah, it was,” he says turning his head pulling me into a soft kiss.


This was a quick one shot, but there will be more on my wattpad (@/faitheeere).

Fugientibus-Part 5

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Characters: Y/n, Draco

Pairing: Draco x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL)

Warnings: Fluff, kinda angst, little drama!!

Word Count: 824

Summary: Y/n and Draco realize they need to find a way to make Muggle money.

A/N: Ok, fifth part!! I told y’all there won’t be much drama for the next few parts, and I meant it!! It’s gon be basically all fluff for a while, just so that when we go back to the sadness and hopelessness, it’s gon be so much worse. Hope u like it!!

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Fugientibus Masterlist

“Y/n, I’m starving”.

You rolled your eyes, sick of Draco’s complaining.

“I know, but there’s nothing we can do. We have no Muggle money and I don’t think there’s any food that grows around here”.

You knew you had to do something.

There was only so long the two of you could go without any food.

“I…I think we’ll have to find a job”.

Draco shot up, staring widely at you.

“A job? What do you mean?”

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Hey dads! I'm feeling dysphoric and could really use a pick me up. Could you please rant about anything?

okay this has been bugging me all week. I went outside to the city and saw this machine SPITTING OUT MUGGLE MONEY WHAT THE HELL DO THEY JUST GIVE IT AWAY??? I thought that stuff was worth something? And yet they’re giving it out for free? Why don’t they do that for wizard money? I don’t understand.

I’m not saying that broke muggleborns in Slytherin would be the ones most likely to sit there and go “so are there rules against selling wizard money to muggles for what its worth in metal and then exchanging that money back into wizard money and just keep doing that for infinite money considering gold is on the up right now and you get more galleons for muggle money than the reverse.”

But i am saying that after the Weasley twins make exactly like, 5 friends in Slytherin, Gringotts probably put a charm on the money so it couldn’t be melted down. 

Draco x Reader Smut- Coincidence (Requested)

Writer’s Note:
smut, practically one swear word, public sex
-Word Count: 2,081 words
-Requested by: @godrics
-Playlist listened to during writing:  x

.          .          .          .          .          .         .          .          .          .          .          . 

(Y/N) POV:

It was your final year at Hogwarts this year and everything had to be done correctly, just as a good luck ritual. Therefore, you arrived at the train station an hour early so that you wouldn’t be late. Seats were always rapidly occupied by students. You said your goodbyes with your parents, took the loaded trolley under your control and rolled it in the direction towards platforms nine and ten. Deliberately, you stood near a wall to look as Muggle as possible. It was considered sinful to expose your true self in the Muggle world.

Danger. Rebellion. Adrenaline. Rush.

Everything that you didn’t believe in was considered sinful in the Magic world. Just as well, you never wished to break the law in any shape or form but some people have a different view on this topic. People like the Malfoys believed in danger, rebellion, adrenaline, and rush. Danger of being caught as a worker for the Dark Lord simply excited them. It was the type of drug that they mainly used. With danger came all of the other aspects- rebellion, adrenaline and rush.

Rebellion- not following the ‘good Wizard’ guidelines that most people follow.

Adrenaline- the feeling of owning immense power over innocent Wizards who are afraid of the Dark Lord.

Rush- the continuity of the quick pace of your life once you declare your support for the Dark Lord.

There was something strangely attractive in this lifestyle that you couldn’t yet figure out. Was it the sharpness of their attire? The coldness in their harsh voices? You couldn’t fathom out the reason behind these lingering questions. Most of them were based on the Malfoys as everyone knew of them so judgments were easy to make. Although they were bad family to communicate with, you noticed over the many years at Hogwarts that Draco Malfoy was exceptionally smart, right behind Hermione Granger. To your surprise, Draco knew a lot of vital information when it came to the class environment and many times you pondered of asking him to tutor you. That was a crazy thought. Why would Draco Malfoy, the son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, want to tutor you? You were way below his level of intelligence and social hierarchy; Draco would never in a million years even consider you as his ‘student’.

You took out your copy of ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley. You dived into the book straight away and begun your wait until 10:45am, when some familiar faces begin to appear at the station. At that specific time you have planned to go make your way to the other platform and take your seat on the train. Better early than never. Your posture slackened as your back rested against a brick wall next to the ticket shop. 

.          .          .          .          .          .         .          .          .          .          .          .     Draco’s POV:

This metal bench was really getting on your nerves now- it’s uncomfortable, cold, and stiff. Muggles have weird ideas when it comes to a comfortable wait for a train. You came an hour too early for the train and now you’re stuck here for an eternity until someone with a bit of sense appears. No Slytherin has come yet. Fucking useless so-called friends. Why does no one understand a prompt of coming an hour early to the train station in order to get a good cabin reserved? Lucky for you, this train station has a coffee shop which only tempted you to buy an espresso after espresso. Your father gave you some Muggle money to buy things with before you left for the train. Apparently a £20 can go a far way.

You just sat there, plastered to your seat as you noticed an overflowing trolley with a cage on top with a barn owl resting inside of it. Next to the trolley stood the girl you recognised from the party at the Three Broomsticks which took place just two weeks ago. Only for seventh-years; a social gathering where they could all have a good time before the finals. The girl who was currently standing against the brick wall was the girl that you personally couldn’t take your eyes off during the party. She was the girl that caught your eye while you were dancing with Pansy Parkinson, not exactly paying attention to the way you were moving. This mysterious girl was sat in the corner of the room with a journal on the table and a Muggle pen in her hand. She stayed like that the whole night no matter how many of her friends pleaded for her to come and dance with them all.

Right now she was holding a Muggle book in her hands, clearly fully engaged in the words on the pages. You corrected your posture on the bench, took a sip of your coffee every now and then, and continued to take in the whole of her. She was simply mesmerising. There was a certain beauty to her that intrigued you and attracted you to her. For the past two weeks she was on the back of your mind, and finally, here she was, easily viewed.

.          .          .          .          .          .         .          .          .          .          .          .   (Y/N) POV:

Your stomach rumbled ever so slightly with every minute that passed. You needed food to fill your stomach before you set off on the train. You had another 25 minutes of waiting and you were sure that you wouldn’t be able to take it any longer. Obediently, your feet carried you towards the little shop a few steps away from where you were standing previously. No one would bother to steal your trolley so you left it where it was just for a little while. As soon as you made it to the shop, you felt an inner craving for chocolate. In consequence, you picked up two snickers bars and made your way to the till.

“That will be £1.50, please.” The worker said as he finished scanning the two chocolate bars. Your hands hastily searched for Muggle money in all of your pockets but it was nowhere to be found. Embarrassed, you check your backpack for any Muggle money that will be sufficient enough to pay for the goods you picked out. Another bundle of embarrassing seconds have passed and nothing. Nothing at all. You were about to apologise to the worker, but all of a sudden, an anonymous voice came from behind you.

“Here, I’ll pay” said the disembodied voice with a slight coldness in his voice. It was definitely male- it was deep but not too deep. Completely shocked, you swiftly turned around to see no other than Draco Malfoy standing right before your eyes, smirking at you. He grabbed your chocolate bars and passed them to you as if he just saved the day. Well, he practically did.

“Thanks.” You whispered to him as you proceeded to return to your previous spot. Just as you returned to your trolley and started reading your book again, Draco pushed down your book so your attention would be set on him. He smirked at you again as your eyes met his.

“I noticed you were at the party two weeks ago. You didn’t seem to have enjoyed yourself, did you?” Draco asked while leaning against the wall right next to you so that your shoulders touched. You felt uneasy. You always thought Draco Malfoy was handsome, even if it meant being mocked by all of your friends and practically the whole school. No one wanted to admit that Draco could be attractive in the slightest. You stiffened at the touch of his shoulder on yours. It felt unlawful to be standing here with a Malfoy and conversing with one.

“Um, yeah, parties aren’t really my thing. I’d rather do something productive-”

“Like reading?”

The tall boy took you by surprise. He seemed so sweet and charming, you couldn’t help but smile at him. He returned the gesture and took hold of your book.

“I think you have read enough over the summer. Let’s do something a bit more, shall we say… social?” He marked the page you were interrupted at, put the book in your backpack, and took hold of your hand before putting a protective charm over your trolley so no one would steal it. He walked confidently, making each stride as graceful as possible. The two of you made your way to what seemed like the male toilet. To your luck, the toilet could only serve one person at a time, but could fit in at least four people inside of it. Draco let you walk in first and followed you right after, locking the door so as to not be disturbed.

“Are you okay with this?” he asked you while looking straight into your eyes. He was truly beautiful. You really did want this. After all of the nights you spent fantasizing about Draco,  you simply couldn’t say no to him right now. You nodded in agreement, and Draco moved his soft hands towards your delicate face. He began to kiss your lips gently, making sure that he doesn’t start off to quickly. You returned the action and quickly, the both of you picked up pace as your lips got to adjust to each other more. His hands darted down to the hem of your top, taking it off in one swift move. Your fingers fiddled with his zipper as he knowingly dropped your jeans to the floor, allowing you to step out of them easily. Your fingers worked chaotically together and simply couldn’t unzip Draco’s pants.

“Here, let me.” He managed to mumble through occupied lips. He gently pushed your hands to one side so that he could undo his own pants. Immediately, as you heard the zip being undone, your hands rushed towards Draco’s pants and pulled them down to his knees, so that he would have it easier. Out of nowhere, you felt a pair of strong hands on the back of your thighs pulling your whole body up and against the cold tiled wall. Without a single warning, Draco put his member inside of you, filling you in deeply. His breath was broken and hasty, desperate. At first, you tangled your fingers on the back of his neck, however you slid them down to his toned shoulder blades, gripping your fingers into the fabric of his shirt.

“I always thought- you- were inter-esting, (y/n).” Draco breathed out as his thrusts filled you up every time his hips moved up. Breathless, you could only manage an approving moan as a response to Draco’s confession. If only he knew what you thought of his lean, muscular body and impressive knowledge of the dark arts. Both of your bodies moved in unison, getting the best out of each other’s climax. You moaned more than previously as Draco sped up the pace of his thrusts and found your g-spot. He hit your g-spot a few times before resting his clammy forehead in the nook of your neck for support. Both of your bodies went weak, resting on each other for support. You were both out of breath, trying to get back to your normal state.

After a few minutes, Draco at last returned your feet back to the cold tiles and enabled you to get yourself together. As you were putting your clothes back on your body, you noticed Draco staring at you adoringly, as if you just gave him the best gift in his entire life. Using your initiative, you figured out that you had to leave the toilet first as it was in fact a male toilet. Before letting you go, Draco grabbed your wrist, turned you around and kissed your lips lightly as a short farewell. Automatically, your cheeks turned rosy from his gesture. You walked out of the toilet slightly light headed, unable to organise your thoughts from what just happened.

15 minutes left until the train departed.

.          .          .          .          .          .         .          .          .          .          .          .   You were sitting in your cabin reading over the pages of ‘Frankenstein’, enjoying every word written on the page. A light knock could be heard on the window of the sliding doors to your cabin- Draco. He smiled at you and slid a note under the doors and left. Suspicious, you trotted over to the note, smiled at it unknowingly as you read the smooth handwriting that belonged to Draco:

‘See you in the Great Hall at dinner tonight. We’ll go for a walk near the lake afterwards.

                                                                                                                          Love Draco.
P.S. don’t forget to eat your chocolate bars.’

1987. A very crafty Ravenclaw eventually realizes that the market for gold in the muggle world is far higher than the rate at which they exchange muggle money for galleons. They start selling galleons to gold smiths, exchange the muggle money for more galleons, and repeat. They are making a killing by the time they graduate, and some other Ravenclaws and Slytherin muggleborns want in.

He had been planning, agonizing for months. Then it was here, in the blink of an eye.

Remus was taking Sirius out to his favorite place for lunch then after, a trip to his favorite vinyl record store just down the road. He would hint that Sirius should check out the new record he’s been dying to see and when he picked it up, carefully magicked to fit in the ring inside the record will be a small dark silver ring.

They headed down the street, it was a cool day, small snowflakes danced in the air around them. Remus watched as they landed softly in Sirius’ dark hair. Around them people ran from store front to store front, arms full of bags and parcels. Christmas was coming quickly and people were picking up last minute things. Through the chaos and hustle around them the two men held hands and took it slow, enjoying the beautiful December day. 

The restaurant they loved was a small rock and roll style diner. Where the waitresses roller skated and the food was hot. They sat in their regular booth and Remus sunk into the black leather, he let out a long shaky breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding. They ordered their regular meals and Remus gave Sirius some muggle money to play the jukebox he found so intriguing.

This was their rhythm, their routine. They chatted and sat longer then they needed too, just before they left Remus excused himself to pay the bill he borrowed the small phone in the diner and called the man at the record shop to let him know they were coming. Then hand in hand they left, they made their way down the street, Sirius stopped occasionally to gaze in a window or point something out, Remus however was feeling much more nervous and eager now that they were less than a block from the record store.


He was being so sweet, taking him to his favourite places, putting up with the jukebox, Sirius was feeling good, happy. He had been carrying around this small weight in his pocket all week and was thinking maybe today would be the perfect time to unload it.


They approached the record store, Remus could see it, just on the other side of the small courtyard. Remus always liked the courtyard and sometimes would sneak out and sit on the benches reading while Sirius got lost among the vinyl. He felt Sirius slow down and come to almost a stop, pulling Remus closer. Remus was so impatient and in a hurry to get to the record store he nearly snapped, but then….


Sirius has a feeling wash over him, this is it, the moment, everything is right. He pulls Remus close, kisses him quickly on the lips and goes down on one knee in front of the startled boy. 

“Remus, I have loved you for so long, we are meant to be together and I will cherish you every day, if you will be my…”


His head spun NO this wasn’t right. He felt himself form the word, 



“No?” Sirius felt his world crash.

“Wait, just-” he tugged Sirius up and pulled him across the courtyard and into the music store. Sirius got pulled along his head swimming in confusion and then a record was shoved into his arms, he opened it at Remus’ insistence. 


“No….that’s my line, Sirius Black, will you marry me?”

  • It’s 1977
  • The Maraduers are in their final year at Hogwarts
  • Remus decides to take Sirius to a muggle record store for his birthday
  • Sirius is so excited
  • He doesn’t know too many muggle musicians but he likes Queen
  • Remus finds Sirius’ eagerness endearing 
  • It’s at the record store that things really pick up though
  • Low and behold after no more than five minutes of perusing the stacks, a bright yellow and pink cover in the new releases section immediately catches Sirius’ eye
  • Never Mind the Bullocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols
  • Sirius practically drools all over the floor he wants it so bad
  • But he doesn’t have any muggle money
  • So he begs Remus
  • And Remus buys it for him
  • How bad can it be right?
  • Pretty bad
  • Over the next few weeks Sirius Does. Not. Stop. Playing. The Sex Pistols Vinyl.
  • At first it’s okay
  • Remus doesn’t really like the sound that much (he prefers music that makes him feel good, happy; not so…jarring)
  •  But Sirius loves it
  • He pretends he knows all about the muggle monarchy after listening to God Save the Queen
  • And asks Remus about the Berlin Wall after listening to Holiday in the Sun
  • And he calls himself an anarchist now
  • And Remus just laughs and rolls his eyes
  • But eventually weeks turn into months 
  • And Remus starts to dread coming back to the common room, because you can bet Sirius will be there playing his vinyl loud enough so that everyone in Gryffindor can hear it  
  • And now Remus can say for certain that he hates the Sex Pistols
  • There’s only so many times you can listen to the same 12 songs, after all
  • Until one day Remus comes to the common room and its unusually quiet
  • He enjoys briefly the lack of punk rock
  • Until he walks into his dorm to find Sirius Black standing wide-eyed with one half of a broken record in each hand
  • And Sirius explains that the record wouldn’t play (It finally wore out), so he snapped it in half and also busted the record player out of frustration
  • At first Remus breathes a sigh of relief 
  • But Sirius is genuinely mopey for the next couple of days
  • The Sex Pistols made him happy  
  • They helped him forget about his family and let him dream about a different future for himself
  • And suddenly, Remus Lupin doesn’t hate The Sex Pistols anymore,because–well damn,
  • The Sex Pistols made Sirius happy
  • So Remus goes back to the muggle record store
  • And he spends the absolute last of his muggle money on a brand new record player and a brand new Never Mind the Bullocks… vinyl for Sirius 

A Few of My Faves + Money

Hermione budgets almost obsessively, disapproving of spontaneity in money, and keep track of every penny. Part of it comes from her organized brain, but another part comes from having to change everything she spent from Muggle money into Wizarding money. The numbers are just automatically present in her head. 

Neville never had to think about money until he began living on his own. On a teaching salary. Of course, he has a place to live and three meals a day in the castle, but he stops buying imported rare orchids, that’s for damn sure.

Rita Skeeter spends her life trying to appear as more than she is. She rarely succeeds, but when she does, it’s due to her manicures.  

Percy’s Ministry salary was so exciting to him, he immediately began living beyond his means, trying to separate himself from his poor beginnings. 

Harry is the kind of person who sleeps on 1500 thread count sheets, but never replaces his toothbrush.

After Draco’s trust fund was confiscated by the Ministry of Magic following the Battle of Hogwarts, he had some hard lessons to learn about his place in society. He figured it out, but not without a few hard knocks. 

Ron never quite gets past his shame from childhood. He makes sure his children don’t feel the way he did. 

Remus’s stipend from Dumbledore between the Potters’ death and his own covered his expenses, but it was hard-earned. The missions were long, dangerous, and complicated, but Remus diligently performed work for the Order of the Phoenix even while it was dormant. 

One of the reasons Narcissa didn’t connect back with her sister even after their parents were long dead was the thought of Andromeda as a working mother. How could she take care of her child that way, half-blood though she was? 

The moment Bill began receiving a regular paycheck from his Gringrott’s job, he struck up a deal with the Ministry employee in charge of salary. He gave a cut of his own salary every month, to be tacked onto his father’s earnings under the guise of a raise. It helped a lot, although Molly and Arthur never figured out what the raise was for, or why no one else in neighboring departments received one. 

Colin Creevey’s camera was the most expensive thing he ever owned, and he was aware of this when his parents let him take it to Hogwarts. He took near obsessive care of it, too. 

Sirius resented the fact that he had his parents’ “blood money” - a double entendre coined by Peter - and tried never to use it, living as simply as possible on the Order stipend after leaving Hogwarts. 


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Lily revealing her magical self to muggle!James after they’ve been dating for some time

((so i tweaked a lot of this, lily’s a pureblood and james is a bibliophile. also, this became very tenuously linked to the prompt which is not what i planned, but she does actual reveal the magic about three thousand words in, i swear…. this became a lot about books, i’m sorry.))

Lily had never had much faith in love or in soul mates or in finding someone who could put up with you for the rest of your life. And she had certainly never considered the possibility that she would find such things with a Muggle. It went against every rational argument her brain came up with; she knew that her parents, pureblood to the core, wouldn’t approve or agree or allow it for that matter. She knew it would never work. She knew that she would be hiding a part of herself away from a Muggle. That one day, the whole thing would go up in smoke when the can of flobberworms eventually toppled open. And she was a smart girl, and she knew better than to willingly place herself in a situation that would inevitably end in heartbreak. She didn’t have much time for heartbreak.

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