Jacob: Hey, Mr. English guy! I think your egg is hatching.

Newt looks up between Jacob and the shutting elevator doors before making a decision: He points his wand at Jacob. Jacob and the egg are pulled magically across the bank atrium towards Newt. In a split second, they Dispparate 

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I can’t get over how cute this little pen is! ✨
12/100 days of productivity… kinda slacking on the challenge! But today I’m doing lots of exam questions and some essays! Hopefully I’ll study for my History exam it was moved to Monday so I have longer to study for it! 📖 I have an English essay on the book Perks Of Being A Wallflower and the movie Juno to do! Wish me luck 😉💕


28.09.16 Two hour study session in the library! Making sure I’ve got all the books I need in a list so I can go get them later, but I’ve already picked up Marx’s theory of history. This library gives me chills and also I feel like I’m at hogwarts. I hope it never wears off. I played quidditch today for the first time too! Really fun - I scored a goal and tackled two people to the ground! Bake off tonight and then to the pub! Xxxxx emily

  • Harry: *has earphones in*
  • Draco: you're honestly the reason I live and breathe
  • Draco: sometimes it scares me how much I love you
  • Draco: I honestly wish you returned the feelings
  • Draco: you make my heart go wild
  • Harry: i can hear you, you know
  • Draco: wtF HOW
  • Harry: You see, just because these play music doesn't mean it'll block out someone shouting love confessions to my face.