mugen r


 Honda Civic Type R selective history (production source in brackets)
1st generation (EK9 chassis) 22.08.1997 (Suzuka, Japan)
2nd generation (EP3 chassis) 18.10.2001 (Swindon, England)
2nd generation Enhanced Civic Type-R 2004 (Swindon, England)
3rd generation saloon (FD2 chassis) 29.03.2007 (Suzuka, Japan)
3rd generation  (FN2 chassis) European version 19.04.2010 (Swindon, England)
3rd generation  (FN2 chassis) Type R MUGEN 2.2 08.09.2011 (Swindon, England)
4th generation (FK2 chassis) 02.03.2015  (Swindon, England)

This does NOT represent every single variation of the Type R, or Type R Concepts, racing versions, special or limited editions of which there have been many