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my second all nighter!
this one was bettet i’m heading to bed around 2 am this time and i have an event to go to tomorrow so i had to get enough notes to do and then conplete parts of the video☺️ ….btw i stopping with the 100 days of productivity i didnt have tine and forgot.

GREY AREA. (M) | 06

“And just like that, your fate was sealed - because Min Yoongi was absolutely going to destroy you. But hell, if you weren’t going to let him, or bask happily in the flames as he did so.

And sadly, at the time, you didn’t think that your thoughts would become so literal.


“I think that friendship is as powerful as true romantic love. And I think that friendship can save you, and heal the parts of you that you didn’t know were broken, and change your life.” - Sarah J Maas

 Pairing: Yoongi/Reader
 Word Count: 11,085
 Genre/Warnings: Soulmate AU, Angst

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ADDITIONAL WARNINGS FOR THIS CHAPTER: suicide is sort of insinuated.

You let out a low sigh at the vibration of your phone going off, this seeming to be the millionth time it had sounded and you were beginning to lose your patience.

You had rolled over from your side to where you laid flatly on your back, the never ending vibrations had ripped you from your slumber, something that not even Taehyung was brave enough to do.

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5- The Hierophant: Spell for Strength and Stress Relief ☕️🍋

The sixth spell in my tarot series. This spell is meant to provide strength to help you get through times of high stress. If you try it out, let us know! -Kalli 🐳

-Lemon rind
-Lemon juice (optional)
-Dried Lavender
-Pot or kettle
-Sigil for stress relief (feel free to use mine or make your own!)

Step 1: Boil water

Step 2: Take the pot/kettle off the heat. Add the lemon rind and lavender and let it steep

Step 3: Strain tea into a mug. Add lemon juice, if desired.

Step 4: Use the pendulum to cleanse the tea and recite the incantation

As I cleanse this tea, provide me strength
To make it through the year at length.
And as I drink, let me be free
Of all the stress that troubles me.

Step 5: Draw your sigil in the tea with honey. Stir and enjoy.

Beneath The Waves (part 4)

As always, art credit goes to my amazing bro/partner in this project, @ismill!

Part 1 | Part 2 | part 3 | part 4 

Chapter 4


Who the fuck is banging at our door at six in the morning?

I grumbled all the way, rubbing my eyes and pushing my spectacles on. The floor was cold, the air damp in the pre-dawn. In fact, frost was starting to seep along the sides of the door like spidery ivy.

“Coming, coming, by God—“

As soon as I undid the latch, Basil Pitch burst his way in.

Sputtering, I opened my mouth to scream at him (What do you think you’re doing in my house?), but then paused.

Something was off about him.

Basil usually composed, an antisocial wanker that stuck to his books and scowled at anyone who got close enough. Which suited me just fine, mind you. But now, his hair was mussed, falling in his face. His clothes looked rumpled, sand-covered, as though he’d slept on the surf.

At least he’d had the mind to leave his muddy boots outside.

“What’s the matter?” I asked. Logically, the only reason Basil would be here this early was some sort of emergency. We had that mutual understanding. As two of the most intelligent people in the village, and I loathed to say that, sometimes we had to rely on each other.

He just shook his head, brows furrowed. His red scarf was hanging loose around his neck, crusty with dried salt. Grey, manic eyes blinked owlishly at me.

Then he asked me a question I never thought I’d have to answer.

“Is Simon real?”

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Zimbits High School Teacher AU - Part 2 (1000th post!)

Hey y’all! I was going to leave this Zimbits High School Teacher AU as a one-shot, but then I hit 150+ followers and my 1000th post was approaching, so I thought “Why not?” 



A number of years had gone by since Eric first became a teacher, but early mornings were never going to be his thing. Ever. Not if they were part of the job requirement (they were), not if he had a reason to get up (he did), and not even if the universe had presented someone he was looking forward to seeing at the crack of dawn (it had).

He was buried beneath a pile of blankets, selfishly hoarding all the warmth he could take when the sound of the doorbell disturbed his slumber. At first, he thought he was dreaming. The sweet sounds of Queen Bey should have been his welcome to the new day, so this was downright offensive. The doorbell rang again, this time followed by knocking. “What the…” A mess of mussed blond hair followed by narrowed brown eyes and a frown poked out from underneath the sheets, and turned to the clock on his nightstand. Fuck. Eric sat up quickly. The doorbell was the wakeup call.

Rushing to the front door, Eric opened it with a huff, regretting at that moment the decision to forgo an attempt at getting dressed. Jack Zimmermann stood before him in all of his beauty, wearing jeans and a sweater that fit so perfectly it was sinful.

“Hey, are you… not… ready… to go?” Jack asked, his tone becoming more and more confused the lower his gaze traveled from Eric’s face to his t-shirt to his shorts to his socks.

Coffee had become their thing. Every school day, Jack would drive to his place, and then they would both ride over to Eric’s favorite near-home cafe for drinks and a small breakfast until it was time to head to campus. That had been the arrangement for the past four months without fail, so there wasn’t much excuse for the schedule to be knocked off course today of all days.

“So, funny story… that I will tell you inside,” Eric said, reaching for Jack’s hand and ushering him into the house. Turning on his heel, his crossed an arm over his middle, using the back of his hand to prop up his elbow thoughtfully. “I didn’t set my alarm.”

“Is that the story…?”

“That’s the story,” Eric said matter-of-factly, not missing the slight twitch of the corners of Jack’s mouth that signaled he was doing his best to control his smile. Or even worse, his laughter. “And before you–”

Jack shook his head. “I knew it–”

“Say ‘I told you so…’”

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Pick Me Up Potion

So I was feeling pretty crappy - one of those days where you’re just sad, feeling kind of icky because of it, with zero motivation for anything - so I decided to have a rummage in the cupboards and see if I could knock something up to make me feel better, and this is what I came up with:

1 Mug Apple Juice (love and healing properties)

Cinnamon, a good sprinkling (not only very tasty but healing, protection and love properties)

Mint, a few leaves (happen to have this fresh) (good for healing and strength)

A pinch each of basil (love and protection) and thyme (health, healing, sleep, love and courage) (these were dried from the shops not fresh)

Put all of them in a pan and simmer until the juice is hot and all the herbs have had a chance to infuse (it will smell great), stirring clockwise with hopes/the intent to feel better.

Strain into a mug and enjoy!

The Proposal Part 2

Originally posted by silverhammerchick

The Proposal Part 1

Contains: Fluff, angst, cancer, annoying family members, and awkward proposals.

Based on the movie One Small Hitch

Summary: Your sister’s getting married, and you thought the worst problem you had to deal with was the ugly maid of honor dress, not the fact that your father is dying. He doesn’t want you to worry, but he tells you that his one regret was that he couldn’t see both of his daughters married. You hate to see your father unhappy, so you ask your childhood best friend Spencer Reid to fake-propose to you, just to make your father happy, unfortunately now you have to deal with the guilt of lying to your family and the stress of planning a wedding that shouldn’t even be happening! To make matters worse, you may be falling for your ‘fiancé’.


“Dad, what’s going on? I thought everything was fine?” You felt a sick feeling in your stomach, and you reached for your father’s hand.

“We were going to wait until after the wedding. We haven’t even told your sister yet.” You noticed tears in your mothers eyes as your dad spoke. He shushed her gently, taking her hand in a comforting manner. He turned to you, his eyes full of sadness.

“Honey, the cancer is back. This time… the doctors are saying it’s not going away.”

The words were still ringing in your ears. You always knew your parents would die someday, everyone will, but you just didn’t expect the man who raised you wouldn’t exist anymore. “How long?” Your voice cracked and eyes watered.

“About six months.’ You couldn’t stop the sob that escaped your mouth. Your father scooted closer to you and wrapped his arms around you, letting you sob on his chest. 'Please don’t cry. I’ve lived a full life, met your mother, had you and your sister. Granted, before I go I would’ve like to see you as happy as your sister with someone special, but at this stage in my life I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

You felt slightly upset that you had never met a special someone, but you knew the words that came from your father’s heart and weren’t meant to hurt you. After a few more minutes of crying, you felt your mother’s hand rub your back affectionately.

“Honey, why don’t you go to bed? Just in your old room. I’m sure y/s/n can wait to move you into the guesthouse with everyone else tomorrow. Hmm? I’m sure-’ she took a deep breath. 'I’m sure everything will be fine in the morning.”

(Spencer’s POV)  

Spencer had no idea what was really going on although looking at the behavior, he knew it was serious. your father’s medical problems was something you didn’t tell anyone about, it was just something you wanted to keep private.

His cellphone startled him, the ringtone echoing throughout the room. He saw Morgan’s name on screen and relaxed. “Hi Morgan.”

“Hey pretty boy. I’m assuming you landed since you answered my call. How’s …y/n? Y/n right? The childhood crush? Are you at the hotel?” Spencer smiled at the way his friend was so protective, then again, being in the type of business they were, it wasn’t uncalled for to be worried.

“The flight was okay, y/n was asleep the entire time so I’m sure she had a satisfactory time. We shared a cab to her house, but before I could leave her mother forced the cab away and told me I could stay here.”

“Sounds like what my mother would do.” Morgan chuckled. “She’s overprotective but I love her. How’s the house like?”

“I kind of like it.” Spencer smiled to himself, thinking of his mother. “I’m staying in y/n’s sister’s room since the bride and her bridesmaids are in their guesthouse.”

“Her childhood bedroom? Wow, what is it like? Pink walls, sheets, carpet, a canopy bed, stuffed animals everywhere?” Morgan teased, recalling the old room of one of his sisters.

“Uh…yeah.” Spencer winced, gently placing the stuffed animals on the ground. He jumped in alarm when he stepped on one that squeaked. “That’s about 98% true.” He mumbled, looking at his suitcase worriedly, not knowing what he was supposed to do with his clothes. He wasn’t about to open the dressers.

“You still haven’t told us much about this y/n chick, which is strange seeing as she’s one of our best friends and we haven’t even heard of her until the other day when you asked Hotchner for sometime off.”

“Us? Is there someone else-”

“Hey Junior G-man!” Garcia yelled happily, and Spencer sighed. He was sort of hoping this information would just stay between the two guys. “Tell us about her? Tell us everything!?”

“Well, she grew up on the same street as me and was sort of my protector when bullies would pick on me.’ Spencer tried to suppress a smile as the memories from his childhood vividly appeared in his head. 'She never thought I was weird. Well, she probably did, but she never treated me differently.”

“Aw!’ Garcia cooed. "Like Jenny from Forest Gump, but nothing like Jenny from Forest Gump, because in no way was she good for Forrest at all!” she huffed, he reference going completely over Spencer’s head.

“Alright, well baby-girl and I are gonna let you go. Keep us updated! We’ll see you when you get back man.” Morgan hung up and Spencer sighed tiredly, laying on the pepto colored bed, getting slightly creeped out from the posters of boy bands when you all were teenagers staring at him.

Was it too late to sleep on the couch?
(The Next Day- Your POV)

“Alright gang, once more time, from the top!” The wedding planner, Stacy, called out, a little too cheerfully. This was the 4th time everyone had practiced the wedding ceremony. Well, everyone but the best man, who still hadn’t shown up, which was really stressing your sister out.

When all of you stepped out into the hallway to once again walk down an aisle and stand for a hour, your sister’s fiancé’s phone rang, and he excused himself. So now you had to wait even longer.

Along with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, your parents, the minister, Stacy, and Spencer were all in the hall. He didn’t have to come, but he also thought it would be a little creepy to just stay at your house all by himself.

“You okay?” You mouthed once you two met each other’s eyes. He nodded, gesturing to you. You made a slicing motion across your neck, wanting to just get this thing over with.

You and Spencer started silently conversing, caught up in it so much that you didn’t notice a worried groom walking over to your sister, giving her the bad news.

“What?!” You heard your sister shriek. “He’s not coming?!” Her fiancé tried to reason with her but you began to see the bridezilla appearing. “What? What? What’s going on baby?” Your mother beckoned over to her.

“The best man just informed us that he can’t make it to the wedding! I wanted everything to be perfect!” Your sister mumbled angrily. “Now who’s y/n going to walk down with?” She pinched her forehead, sitting down in one of the isle chairs.

“Honey..” Your mother tried calming her daughter down. Her eyes landed on Spencer and you practically saw the lightbulb light up above her forehead. “Why doesn’t Spencer just fill in? Just for now, until you can figure something out.” Your sister stopped her pouting, turning to stare at the aforementioned.

“Oh! uh…yeah! Sure, anything to help y/s/n.” His eyes widened, and he popped out of his seat, running up beside you. “You don’t mind right? I mean I wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable in anyway.”

“Nonsense. Anything to make the bride happy, besides, I would feel more comfortable standing next to you then some random guy I don’t even know. Calm down, you know I trust you.” Spencer’s cheeks pinked softly.

You started walking with him down the aisle and your father’s words echoed throughout your ears. It was killing you inside that you wouldn’t be able to make your father as happy as your sister made him by finding her perfect match.


The next day it was like something out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, your entire family was getting ready at your parent’s place. All the men were getting ready in the house, the ladies in the guest house. Although it was really difficult to get ready when your mother was stopping you every 2 seconds for a photo opportunity.

You finally snuck out when your mother was looking the other way in order to grab some coffee from the house. It was 10:30 at the moment, but the wedding started at 1. You frantically searched for the coffee grounds before someone noticed you had gone missing.

“Oh, Princess, you look amazing.” Your father smiled, wheeling up behind you. “The coffee grounds are above the coffee maker.” He sat at the table, grabbing the newspaper. “Make me some while you’re at it.”

“Thanks for lying, I know I look like bait for a crocodile, and I’m not as beautiful as y/s/n. It is her wedding after all.” The coffee maker started heating up and you grabbed two mugs. “It’s like World War 3 over there.” You pointed your thumb at the guest house, shaking your head.

“This isn’t coffee.” Your father grumbled when you placed a mug of orange juice in front of him, which was better for his health. He took a sip and puckered his lips slightly. “There are doughnuts hidden in the soup cabinet, at least let me have those.” He mumbled, grabbing the newspaper.

“Bless the lord! They have nothing over there! They’re all 'we can’t eat anything because we have to fit in our dresses’. It’s ridiculous, I’m growing girl! I need something more then those disgusting candy-coated almonds for tonight.” You set down the doughnuts on the table and shoved one in your mouth.

“Wow y/n.” Shit. Of course when you shoved food in your mouth that’s when Spencer decides to come down. You forced the food down your throat, almost choking in the process. “You look beautiful.” You blushed, taking a large sip of your coffee to conceal it. In a complete suit Spencer didn’t look so bad. He looked, well he looked very dashing.

“Y/f/n! Is Y/n with you!” Your mom yelled, her high hells clinking on the wooden floors of the hallway. Your eyes widened and you bolted, mouthing a quiet, “I was never here.”

“She was just using the bathroom, she left a few minutes ago!” You heard your father yell back as you escaped out the front door. It’s too bad your father wouldn’t always be around to cover for you.


The wedding was lovely after all, even though the man who you actually had to walk down the aisle with smelled like cheese, but the vows were beautiful. Even though you gave your sister a rough time, you were glad to see her so happy.

But anyone who said you cried would get punched in the face. Because that totally didn’t happen.

Even though the wedding was held at a banquet hall, the reception was thrown in your very own backyard. The trees were decorated with yellow lights, and a wooden dance floor was in the center of the grass. The wedding cake and other various desserts rested on a table over by your wooden fence.

After realizing that you just really couldn’t dance, you decided to pig out at the dessert table, glad for the great baking skills all your aunts inherited. Cream puffs cupcakes, cookies, and the wedding cake, the top tier of which was smeared as your sister and her husband smashed into each others faces.

“How does it feel to know that the girl who once swore to love only Zack from Saved by the Bell and wore pigtails everyday is now married and about to start a family?” Spencer came up from behind you. Thank goodness you hadn’t shoved any food down your throat yet.

“It’s overwhelming.” You chuckled bitterly, tears threatening to pour down your cheeks. “Now my mother’s going to try a start setting me up.” You teased to fool yourself into calming down. Once your father was gone… your mother would be all alone, your sister probably starting to try for a child.

Spencer took your hand. “It’s not uncommon for people to get sad at weddings, usually though it’s because you’re feeling sad about being single, you’re afraid of the marriage failing, or you’re scared of losing someone you love.” You nodded, not really sure of what too say. Your eyes scanned the party, looking at everyone’s happy expressions.

You saw your father gaze at your sister with love and you felt like you were just punched in the gut. You turned back to Spencer, the heat from his hand on yours  increasing.

An idea popped in your head, and before you could think about it for another second and realize how completely and absolutely insane it was, the words, “Get down on your knees quick!” escaped from your mouth.

“W-what?” Spencer asked, surprised when your free hand shoved him down by the shoulder, making him fall in the exact position you needed him to be in. “Y/n!” He exclaimed, not knowing what was going on.

“Oh my gosh!” Your mother shrieked throughout the entire yard, making everyone turn towards you two. Spencer’s eyes bulged out of his head, and you already felt regret seeping in.

“O-oh my god!” You sounded so fake. No one would believe this. Shit. “Yes! Spencer I will marry you!” You pulled him up, drawing in him for a kiss as your family cheered in excitement.

“My friends!’ your father shouted when you two pulled apart. "I’m excited to announce that we have another wedding to plan!”


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i love coffee bc its like… of those Things. those ubiquitous things in life that are symbolic and feel eternal through cultures and lifestyles and time but we can touch and consume ourselves.
and also because it’s full of Screaming Juice. mugs are cool too

Cold banishing tea spell

It’s now fall/autumn, and thus comes the season of sniffles and sore throats. So using a basic tea recipe and a bit of magic, I have a spell which will alleviate those symptoms!

You will need;

hot water



lemon juice

Fresh ginger is often called for, so slice into rounds first. Place the ginger in boiling water for no more than 10 minutes and then strain into a mug with the lemon juice and honey. Let that steep for around 5 minutes. 

With a spoon, stir the tea slowly and gently breathe in the steam, allowing your body and mind to relax.

You can then either say out loud or under your breath; “with my mind clear, so is my body, warm from my head to my toes” or anything you want.

Drink the tea slowly and repeat if necessary. For an added touch, you could create cold banishing sigils in the honey or swirl them into the tea with your spoon!


Summary: You and JB have been married for 6 years. Your 7 year anniversary is coming up and you have a surprise for JB.

Length: 1,380

Genre: Fluff
( My first scenario ever so please give me feedback! I can become better with your help. Fighting!)

Your husband was everything you dreamed for in a man. His name is Im Jae Bum, but he goes by JB. He had silky red hair, cute chinky eyes, and a smile that could bring light to the darkest places in the world. He is 5’11, silky smooth vanilla skin, strong arms, intimidating muscles, and a nice raspy deep voice. He is the leader of a K-pop group under JYP Entertainment, Got7. When you met him, it was just outside of JYPE building. You were rushing to work at a nearby coffee shop and bumped into him as he was leaving. You both looked into each other’s eyes and just fell for each other. You dated for 3 years and now you are Mrs. Im Jae Bum. He loved you unconditionally and you loved him just as much. You both spent every second you could together. Nothing could separate you and that made your relationship as strong as ever.

You’ve been married to JB for 6 years now and it’s coming along to your 7 year anniversary. You want to surprise him with an amazing wedding anniversary gift. For the past 5 months JB has been having “baby fever”. Every time you guys are at the mall or grocery store, if he sees a baby he would fanboy and starts talking and playing with them. You would watch and think about bringing a baby into your life. Its hard work and you want to make sure you are more than prepared to raise a child. After playing with a baby he would come back to you and say, “Jagi ~ do you think you are ready to have a baby too?” He looked at you with pleading eyes and that would melt your heart. But you weren’t ready for a baby. “Umm… I think we should give it another year…” you would answer. That has been your answer for 5 years. You didn’t know if you were just waiting to make sure you were prepared or if you were just scared. He would stand there with a frown over his beautiful face and droop his shoulders. “Okay, take your time.” He would always answer back to you.


You are visiting you r best friend’s house for a movie night. “Momo!” you call out to your friend. “Ne my love?” “I have something important to tell you before the movie start so pali!” She runs to you and jumps on the sofa with a blanket and a stuffed animal. “Where is the popcorn? The wings, fries, soda?” you ask. “You seem like you have something important to tell me so I’ll get it later. Don’t be so fat. What is it Y/N?” she grabs you r hand and holds it softly. You squeeze her hand and take a deep breathe. “I’m… I’m… I’m pregnant!” you blurt out in anxiety. Her jaw dropped and squeezed your hand unbearably hard. “YAHH! That hurts!” She released her grip with apologies flowing out. “OH MY GOD Y/N! How far are you?” “I’m 8 weeks.” She hugs you immediately and pauses for a second. “Does JB know yet?” You smile and sigh, “Not yet. I’m telling him tomorrow. On our 7 year anniversary.” “Aww, Y/N! I’m going to be an auntie! I’m going to have him or her call me Auntie Mo!” You smile and hop up to go get the food. “Sit down Y/N, you are pregnant with my child! Let me handle it.” You sit back sown and laugh at your silly friend.


“Today is the day” you thought as you took your shower. You were excited, slightly anxious and scared, but more than anything, you were happy. You are finally giving JB what he strongly desires and honestly, you want a baby as well. You get out the shower and begin to dry off. “Babe, you’ve been looking very pretty lately. You sort of glow.” JB says as he enters the bathroom. He wraps his arms around your waist and lays a soft kiss on your forehead. “ I’ve gained weight though. Still think I’m pretty?” He kisses your lips this time. “You will always be beautiful to me. No matter what.” You smile and nod as he turned to take a shower. You wanted to tell him the news so bad. You knew it would make him so happy. “No you have to wait till this afternoon Y/N.” You brushed your teeth aggressively. “What did you say jagi?” he called out from the shower. “Nothing…I… nothing.” You finished brushing and went to your room. You put on your clothes and hurried to make breakfast before JB left for work. As you were cooking, you had an idea. As you were finishing he walked into the kitchen with his hair still wet. “Here you are my love.” You placed his food on the table as he sat down and gazed at all the food you prepared for him. You stood at the opposite end of the table and smiled as he began to eat. “It’s delicious Y/N. Oh my, you are the best wife ever.” “Glad to hear. I think I can become an even better wife in the future.” He paused and looked at you for a second. “Uhh, I guess you can. You’re already perfect though. “ he smiled at you with his mouth full of food and his chinky little eyes smiling at you too. “You thirsty?” you ask. “Yes, very thirsty.” He said as he stuffed his face with pancakes. You bring him a mug of orange juice with cute little pictures on it and “World’s Best Dad” written on it. He stopped chewing and dropped his fork on the ground. “Y/N…” was all he could mutter. “Yes?” “What is this? Did the mug store run out of other mugs?” he asked as his eyed grew wider. “ I wrote that on the mug myself. So no. “ you chuckled. He stood up and stared down at you. “Y/N, explain this mug to me please.” “Well, while I was cooking, I got bored for a second and decided to doodle on your mug, then.. “ You were cut off by JB when he says “No! What does ‘World’s Best Dad’ mean?” he asked with hope in his eyes. You smile and say “ I’m pregnant.” JB stands in shock after hearing what you just said to him. “Happy Anniversary!” you smiled brightly and clapped. He pushes everything off the table startling you as he picks you up and sits your on top the table. He gets in between your legs and holds your face in between his hands. “Baby, please stop playing and tell me… this is true?!” he has the biggest smile on his face he has ever had. “ Im Jae Bum, I Mrs. Im Y/N, am 8 weeks pregnant with your child.” You look at him chuckling a little. He starts tearing up and you look worried. “What… are you okay babe?” you hold his face and stare into his eyes. He says nothing and hugs you with everything in him. You hug back and rest your head on his shoulder. “I’m so happy. I love you so much Y/N. You are my best friend, my only one, my wife, and now the mother of my child.” He holds you tighter. “ You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I won’t let go of you for anything.” You smile but gasp for air for he is squeezing you really tight. “ I.. I love you… you too.” You manage to get out. He notices and let’s go quickly. “I’m so sorry yeobo! I’m sorry to you too baby.” He says as he rubs your stomach. “Now what about this mess you’ve made?” you both look down at the food and broken glass on the ground from JB’s excitement earlier. He awkwardly chuckles. “I’ve got it. You go sit and let my baby grow.” He escorts you to the sofa as he fluffs a pillow for you to lay on. “I’ll clean this up and then Ill be right back!” he rushes to the kitchen to clean. “ Yeah you do that.” You say as you relax.