mug eyeshadows

Z Palette

*From the top left going down* 

Mac Nylon, Mac Wedge, Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie, Mac Aqua

Mac Orb, Makeup Geek Creme Brulee, Makeup Geek Chickadee, Mac Naval

Mac Yogurt, Mac Concrete, Mac All that Glitters, Mac Contrast 

Mac Haux, Mac Red Brick, Mac Amber Lights, Mac Corduroy 

Mac Quarry, Mac Blackberry, Mac Expensive Pink, Mac Carbon

Makeup Geek Cupcake, Mac Deep Damson, Makeup Geek Mango Tango, Buxom Lingerie Lover

Buxom Silk Sheets, Buxom Mink Magnet, Buxom Glitz Factor, Buxom Famous Flirt, Buxom Filthy Rich 

Makeup n Things: 19 Coastal Scents Hot Pot SALE--Review and Swatches!!

Hello everyone, it has been a while since I did a review but I am back and I am here to tell everyone about the 19 hot pot shadows I picked up from Coastal Scents when they ran their $1 Hot Pot sale! As someone who owns a lot of coastal scents shadows, I think it was my very duty for me to take advantage of this sale, after all, they were only $1 a piece! So if you want the full scoop of what I think about the new shades I picked up then keep reading!

Like I said, I picked up 19 shades, with tax and shipping the total was almost $26! Everything arrived in a small box that contained an invoice and a cute sticker that said “I (Heart) Makeup, along with the shadows I purchased. Each shadow came individually packaged a plastic protective packaging, none of them were broken (thank God). I wanted more fall colors so I picked up some purples and some reds and dark pinks, along with some random colors because I thought they were pretty.

Names and swatches in order by row (I used my ELF eyeshadow C brush for swatching as I wanted to swatch the colors how I apply them on the eyes in which I use a brush) :

First Row: Violetta, Fireside, Watermelon, Lava, Indigo Dream, Cherry Chocolate, Redstone

The colors that did not swatch very well were Fireside and Watermelon, I had to build those two colors up, as well as Violetta because it was a bit patchy when I swatched them. Indigo dream surprisingly swatched well, and was one of the colors that had great pigmentation.

Second Row: American Rose, Vampy, Victorian Ruby, Raisin Berry, Tyrian Purple, Fine Wine, Canyon Coral

The colors that did not swatch well were American Rose, Campy, Tyrian Purple, and Canyon Coral. I do not know what the issue with the formulation of these pinky shades but they were very patchy and like the ones I mentioned earlier, I had to dig my brush in the pan for maximum color payoff

Last Row: Barista, Fire Glow, Laguna Green, Pomegranate Red, Vibrant Red

Laguna Green is a pretty color however when swatched, it was patchy, so was Fire Glow. Pomegranate Red and Vibrant Red are damn near the same color, you do not need both.


I would rank these new  colors that I picked up at a 2.75 out of 5 stars, like I said earlier, most of them swatched very patchy and I had to keep digging my brush in there but for a $1??? I did not really lose much. One thing that I do wish is that Coastal Scents would do a better job at differentiating their shades online because a lot of the colors I have picked up from them look too much a like for my liking and by me having a deeper skin tone, I really can’t tell the difference between some of the colors for them to make a HUGE difference in my makeup look. Will I order from them again? Y’all know I will, I probably will not order from them until they run this sale again, but that wraps up my thoughts with these new shadows. CS Shadows are a hit and miss and at the end of the day you get what you pay for! 

If you guys want to see me do a Top Coastal Scents Hot Pots you must have review I will be happy to do one because I like some of my Coastal Scents shadows more than my MUG and Colourpop Shadows so, Just LET ME KNOW!!!!!


Peridot x Emerald Glitter Lids - Urban Decay Vice 4 and Make Up Geek Sparklers

A fun, quick look using lotsa rich green shadows and 2 green glitters. Vice 4 may no longer be available for sale where you are but you can use any green shadows you want. I blended about 3 different shades together for the green in the center of my lid but it’s only really there as a base for the glitter. Use any cool deep green you can find.

As for the MUG Sparklers, I quite enjoy the things but I loathe the packaging. But I got mine some time back and I did hear they were working on better packaging so hopefully that’s sorted out now.

Mixing medium: Lit Cosmetics Clearly Liquid Glitter Base

Eyeliner: MAC Shade

Mascara: Too Faced Better Than Sex 

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Swatches!

1st Row:

Corrupt, Drama Queen, Envy, Galaxy, Graphic, Mercury & Stealth

2nd Row:

Poolside, Ocean Breeze, Nautica, Boo Berry, Neptune, Unicorn & Wisteria

3rd Row:

Unexpected, Twilight, Fairytale, Purple Rain, Sensuous, Duchess & Unicorn

4th Row:

Cosmopolitian, Mango Tango, Simply Marlena, Chickadee, Peach Smoothies, Cupcake & Chinderella

5th Row:

Bada Bling, Mocha, Brown Sugar, Cocoa Bear, Country Girl, Goddess & Glamorous

* i am not sure if these are all the colors, these are just the swatches I found *

finally got my Makeup Geek and MannyMUA733 palette! I ordered a little less than a month ago but it was so worth wait!! I only got a chance to swatch two shades so far but hot damn are they pigmented!! Mars (the red one) stained my arm for 10 hours until I showered!! Can’t wait to play with this! In my order I also got two of the contour powders which are soooooo buttery and pigmented they can probably last me the rest of my life because I’ll only need a teeny little bit they are THAT pigmented and soft. I’ll do some more thorough reviews once I get the chance to actually use the products on my face.