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How to Print and Price your Stuff

The main example used here is posters (and other print items for simplicity sake), but I do mention other items and what I talk about here applies to pretty much all produced products (posters, mugs, key chains, bookmarks, comic books, etc.)

Here’s some advice based on my own experiences and research.

General Pricing:

8″x10″ posters are usually at least $10 and up. Posters Larger than that are usually at least $15 or $20 and up. 

For a larger poster $45 can be perfectly acceptable especially if the content is particularly fantastic or detailed.

The exact amount really depends on you, art level, size of poster, printing costs, printing method, etc. Don’t under price your art, but don’t expect to sell a lot of and 8″x10″ print for $50 a piece unless your art is really frickin’ spectacular.

[Original art (not a print, an original, like a physical painting or sculpture) are a different story. Original paintings and the like can go for larger amounts, but your only selling the individual painting once. This will focus more on production of multiple prints and copies.]

Selling Factors:

How do you plan on selling these? For physical copies, if you’re not going to be at a convention or booth, online there’s

Shipping cost

to consider. Will shipping be an added on cost or will the poster price be higher and shipping free? (If you’re doing free shipping make sure to put that where it’s well visible. People always like free.) Also make sure to account for overseas shipping which can be way pricier.

Also consider deals.
Buy 2 get 3rd 50% off can help encourage people to buy more and raise your sales, but you have to willing to sell your product for that price. Other deals that are common are Buy $X or more and get free shipping, Buy X# of products and get free commission doodle or bookmark or other little trinket (doodles can be requests that you post on your blog rather than physically ship), Buy full set for $50 (instead of the $60 it would cost to buy them all separately), and other things in this vein.


Are you going through a site where you never actually touch the product (ie. RedBubble) or are you handling all the printing and shipping yourself?

Online Sites and 3rd Party Vendors:
If your going through a site that handles all the production and shipping it can be good since it’s very hands off. On the payment side though here are some question you need to check:

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Yes, the bottoms should get some attention too!
From @stephenrosinipottery - Trimming and decorating the bottom of a mug. #edinboroceramics #pottery #ceramics #clay #potteryvideos #trimming #mug #stamping #texture

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From @royce_hilderbrand_pottery - Mugs this morning. #mugshotmonday #pottery #porcelain #pattern #instapottery #potteryprocess #potteryvideos #videowhore #idonthavefun #mugs #cups #stamped #stampedpots #lotstodo #wip

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Textured mug tutorial!

From @dmpottery - Making a mug from a slab of clay and a wheel. This is my tall Flannel Flower mug and you will find them available for purchase in my Etsy shop (link in profile). #australianceramics #handmademug #potteryvideos #potterytechniques #potterystudio #sydneymade #sydneyceramics #etsymade #etsyshop #clayworks #flannelflower #stoneware

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Based on the caption this appears to be a ceramic mug containing real fossils

Cafe Hylia

Some quick Hylian Cafe head canons because I need these two jams of mine to intertwine~


Is a sweet tooth. Lactose- free Mochas are his go to. (I HC he is lactose intolerant) Always brings his own mug, which he crafted himself. Also frequently uses his own french press.


Coffee is too acidic for his liking so he sticks to tea. Akkala style Chamomile is his favourite. Prefers loose leaf. 


Loves tea lattes, doesn’t really care for the taste of coffee, but can get down with a peppermint mocha. <Link introduced this, much to Paya’s delight. She enjoys a peppermint tea with the whole leaves she grew herself. 


A low-fat, half-caf cappuccino. She gets too riled up on caffeine so Link tells her to cut back. She has long nights researching and her dependance on caffeine has gotten out of hand. She eventually phases out with London Kakariko fogs.


Americano on ice, with a splash of cream.
She is trying to be a purist so she won’t add any sweetener but still craves a bit of creamy finish.


Black eye. (two espresso shots in a cup of brewed coffee.) This guy is no joke.  


Literally just eats the coffee beans whole. Prefers light roast.