pancake funeral :P

 me veronica & vanellpe- good morning once-ler

ONCE-LER- well good morning girls!

me- ha yeah it is a good morning for you waking up to all your women! XD

ONCE-LER- oh please you guys asked to live here remember! :)

me- i know once-ler i m just kidding! :)

ONCE-LER- but i must admit waking up to you girls are a treat! veronica! my little beautiful schöne wunderbare liebevolle unglaubliche……….

ME- O.O um…. okay once-ler!

ONCE-LER- right! sorry so who is is up for some breakfast!


vanellpe- well yeah once-ler! your breakfast is always the best!

veronica-um YES! come on honey you know me! ;) ♥♥♥

(34 min later)

ONCE-LER O.O NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! OH nooo! :( my pancakes my beautiful pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!

veronica- what? what is it sweetie what happened!

ONCE-LER- oh my pancakes my beautiful pancakes! there burnt all of them noo it not fair i never burn pancakes i make them perfect every time! ohh :(

veronica-oh honey!!!! its okay its just pancakes you can make new ones!

ME- yeah! just throw those ones away and make new ones! :)

ONCE-LER wha… hu… i WHAT! you mean O>O NO


ONCE-LER- no! i have never ever mess up pancakes before i cant just throw them away!!! i mean well i (loud construction noises) Ö= >;)     i got an idea!

ME- WHAT THE________ once-ler what the bloody freak are you doing!

ONCE-LER well with all this new construction in the truffla forest i thought i could put some of it to good use!

ME- yeah soo. your pole dancing on construction tools while holding a pile of brunt pancakes? yeah that’s putting it to good use!

ONCE-LER >:( NOO! i am planing to have a nice funeral for my poor burnt  pancakes they need something better because they cant be eaten!

ONCE-LER ahem pancakes you were support to be a great meal for three beautiful women but you were brunt so i must put you to rest good bye pancakes! VVV look out below!!




ONCE-LER O.o =D Pfffaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! ahhh haaa haaa haaa pfaaa XD



vanellpe- O.O pfhaaaaaa HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

ONCE-LER- ghaaa ahh ha ah….man that was great! i mean i O.O

ME- O.O “its the police”!

ONCE-LER oh um hi lorax hehehe

LORAX- beanpole! what were you just doing?

ONCE-LER- um nothing…

LORAX- (raising one eye brow) nothing? did you throw pancakes off the building!

ONCE-LER um ahh umm nooooo…..

LORAX- no?


LORAX- humm…. alright!

every one - *O* O.O

ONCE-LER- =D well alright then! XD


ONCE-LER- WHAT? XD oh come on i know Evey one is hungry lets go make some more pancakes! :)


Song: Ek Lo Ek Muft
Movie: Guru (2007) - wikipedia
Starring: Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Arya Babbar
Music: A.R. Rahman, Lyrics: Gulzar
Singers: Bappi Lahiri & K.S. Chitra

– Ek Lo Ek Muft - Guru | Aishwarya Rai Bachchan | Abhishek Bachchan (via SonyMusicSouthVEVO)


                                        barbaloot adoption!

ONCE-LER well honey were here a pet barbaloot just like i promised!

ONCE-LER-lets look at the selection!

ONCE-LER- hummm……….

ONCE-LER- well there is a nice pear they look like they dance good!

ONCE-LER- and look at those ones they cant stop staring ay us! :)

ONCE-LER- and look at oooooh


ONCE-LER ok that once looks a bit sticky Heehee 


me- ummm well to tell you the truth i like all of them!

veronica- yeah there all so cute!


ONCE-LER okay sweetie if that’s what you want  i guess we could just let them say for a little wile! :)

veronica- oh yeah this is going to be great! think of of the singing competitions we could have and all the  barbaloot hugs! :)

ONCE-LER- (next morning) (5:13am) okay who is up for ninths?

something quick i came up with before bed hope you like barbaloots in your house Veronica! :)

pareshanzil LMAOOO no i was looking at like village shaadi baraat videos on youtube and i remembered how in rajasthan my cousins and i used to crash weddings to pick up the money and eat muft ka food and in uttar pradesh i used to crash the baraats and dance and make all my nephews and nieces pick up the money and then wed go buy chocolates and cricket bats and balls and stuff :))))

like isnt that who u truly are my bihari bhikari isnt that ur tru self


Normalmente no soy fan de Kareena Kapoor, pero en este video me impresionó muchisimo.

Dil Mera Muft Ka from Agent Vinod


                                           talking with my self

ONCE-LER- hey evil once-ler or i mean bad once-ler or um corrupt….

GREEN SUIT ONCE-LER-  green suit once-ler just call me green suit once-ler

ONCE-LER right green suit okay well green suit you look really bummed but you see i am very sad myself!

ONCE-LER- don’t get me wrong i have the most wonderful friends and the most beautiful girlfriend i mean every time i think of her i my heart skips a beat!

ONCE-LER- but life has been so hard lately! the lorax every day hes at my house being so annoying! hes driving me crazy i mean i spend all day with my friend dreefreedree then all night with Veronica then the lorax wakes me up so early just so i can make him pancakes!!! :(

ONCE-LER- AND my mother oh i miss her so much! but ever scene i gave up on my thneeds she wont talk to me! i don’t know why she said i let her down and she knew i would fail! :(

ONCE-LER and money hasn’t been so swell ether! i only ever made one thneed and i gave it to Veronica i never made another thneed after that! i  was scared i would be evil just like derfreedree said but i am so broke now! i have been making ends meat by singing in the town square but its not fun every body makes fun of me because of what i wear they throw tomato’s at me! oh i just don’t know what to do help me green suit if you will!?!


Rakhi is here. With very shadow of Garima all over. “Rush To”, “funny faces” + muft chawal ;) …. Thank-you (at Yamuna Expressway, Agra.)